Monday, March 28, 2016

B's Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Sat March 26th.- An Easter Celebration. 

Match 1: Kazuma Miyamoto vs. Johnny Thunder. After a couple tie ups and breaks Kazuma takes control . After an illegal eye take he chops Thunder several times in the chest and face . Then Kaz stands on Thunder's throat. Next Kaz chokes Thunder on the ropes with his knee then puts him in a reverse chin-lock . Thunder escapes and sidewalk slams Kaz. Thunder punches Kazuma and kicks him in the face. Thunder climbs to the 2nd rope for a big booty splash but The Renegades come out and jump Thunder. Thunder gets the win by DQ. What a bunch of punks.

Bless takes the Mic "Johnny boy , Johnny boy. I don't like you . I. Damn sure don't like you. But we got bigger problems, The Mercenaries. I'm starting with the biggest one. Charles Ray, that's you. We hear Charles entrance music. He comes out but says nothing and goes back. 
Match 2: Shawn X (The Stick Figure) vs "The Iceman" Chris Austin . Ice backs X into the corner but they break. Ice puts the frail X in a side headlock. Ice throws X into the ropes and creams him with a cell block shoulder tackle. Ice throws him into the ropes again and hip tosses him. Ice scoop slams X , dropkicks him and throws him out the ring. Ice goes to pull Shawn back  in but X drops IceMan's throat down on the rope.  1,2.....X puts a headlock on Iceman. X chokes Ice on the ropes , punches, the corner clotheslines. 1,2....He kicks Ice but Ice shakes it off and pulls  a face -first  -spinning -stunner out of nowhere for the 1,2,3!!!!
 Next The King of "POW" Chris Lexx comes out . "The Mercenaries come out last week and pick on a 125 lb kid? Alan Steel just happens to be  conveniently sick with "the flu." He knows how the game goes. Bishop Kage, I ain't looking for no handshake or howdy do. I'm askin for a straight up fight. Come on out. Let's get it poppin like Orville Redenbacher .
Match 3: Chris Lexx vs Bishop Kage. Kage jumps Lexx and juggachops him twice. Lexx comes back with 3 Tojo chops to Kage's chest. Lexx nails Kage with a brutal back-elbow and a flying elbow. 1,2....Kage leaves the ring. He tries to climb back in but Lexx racks his jewels with the ropes. Lexx splashes Kage.1,2....Kage catches Lexx with a sneaky Jaw-drop ,a clothesline, a chest slap, and a punch to the mid-section.He hurls Lexx hard into the corner and Lexx falls.1,2....Kage punches Lexx's stomach, clotheslines him, and back breaks him.1,2... He pulls Lexx hair.he gives Lexx a hard back neck drop. He crushes Lexx with a spinebuster.1,2....he throws lex into the corner . Kage charges the corner but Lexx turns it into a sunset -flip cover.1.2...Lexx nails Kage with a DDT.kage pushes out at the last second and misses a spear and hits the pole.lexx goes for cover 1,2...V-Man comes out and cheats resulting in a DQ win for Lexx. T Streetz runs out with a piece of wood and runs V off. 
Match 4: Charles Ray vs RSWF United States Champ , Kevin Bless. 
Soultaker's music plays before the match starts. SoulTaker comes over the PA "Kevin Bless I know you want Charles Ray bad, but this ain't no fair match. I'm sending somebody out. Out comes Shawn X. This still ain't fair. I'm sending another man out. Kazuma Miyamoto walks out. It still ain't fair. DJ Brown's music comes on. The crowd goes nuts. Hold on, no DJ ain't here but These 3 Renegades should be enough to handle Charles. Kaz and Charles start out with a lock up.Kaz eye takes Charles and beats him in the corner. He clubs Charles with his big fat arm and belly to belly suplexes him hard. 1,2....Kaz choke slams him hard then twists his arm and tags Bless.Bless twists his arm more.bless knees Charles chest 2wice and one more for good measure.He tags Shawn X. He splashes Charles in the corner. Charles clotheslines X hard 1,2....He chokes X hard 1,2,3,4..... He nails X with a fall-away slam.Charles suplexes X,leg drops him, beats his back,spine-buster's him , chokes him, and punches his face. Bless comes back in an hits a hal Nelson slam on Charles but before he can cover V and Kage come in and it result in a good ole DQ. Lexx and Streetz run out to clear the ring. Kage grabs the mic. "You boy, have the audacity to strike Antonio  Banderas reject ."V-Man takes the mic "It's all fun and games when you on the mic. Well I'm done with talking." 
 V-Man jumps Streetz.' Lexx punches out with Kage. V but punches Lexx. Kage kicks Lexx in Kage gomm balls. Kage kicks x face. V throws Lexx out. They double team shoulder tackle T. Streetz's. NV slams Streetz he clubs Streetz Hard in the back 3 times. He mafia kicks Streetz '  T fights back with an elbow.Kage slaps T's chest twice. He punches, chops, and slaps T. Kage Does shot shot to T on the rope.  V flies off rope with a big clubbing arm.V suplexes T. They do a double team leap frog Backbreaker. Kage 1,2....Lexx saves. Kage pics V up off the top and throws him onto T Streetz.1.2.....V buts a figure 4 on T. T reverses it. V elbows his shoulder. Kage comes in with a bicycle kick to T. He tags Lexx.,Lexx punches and chops about 10 times and then gives V and Kage a double noggin knocker.  Lexx punches both men again. Streetz tries a homicide to V but gets speared right at the last second and V falls on to on him.1,2,3!!!! Afterwards an all out brawl takes place that leaves the whole crowd riled up and hollering.

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