Tuesday, March 15, 2016

B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown March 14th, 2016

The night started with a 10 bell salute to another fallen wrestling hero, Moondog Rex.

First out, The Renegades , Kazuma Miyamoto  , Kevin Bless, and Chris Fleming. Kaz takes the mic " supposed to be T. Streetz, my chance. Warrior wannabe. Patience is a virtue." Next Bless adds " Kazuma is the greatest U.S. Champ ever. The Renegades have returned.
Match 1: Duke Warfield  vs Kevin Bless . The tie up and break . Bless jumps out the ring. Back in, Duke gives Bless a side headlock takedown. Bless tries to throw Duke into the ropes but he keeps the headlock on. Bless punches his stomach then misses a clothesline.
Duke clotheslines Bless, headlocks , and shoulder blocks. Warfield does a press off the top rope. 1,2...Duke puts the headlock back on.Bless elbows 3 times and punches. Duke lands a power slam out of nowhere.1,2.....Eye gouge by Bless. Then he hits Duke with a Superkick. 1,2.....Bless dropkicks but Warfield counters with a clothesline and a suplex. Another eye rake from Bless . Bless does a snap-mare then a knee to the face. He lands a standing moonsault.1,2.....He does another knee to Duke's face in the corner. Bless misses a flip off the top. Warfield lands 2 clotheslines and a huge , spinning, sidewalk slam. 1,2...bless rolls Duke over holding his tights and gets the 1,2,3!!!!!

Match 2: Kazuma Miyamoto vs Hawk. Hawk starts off with 4 kicks. Kaz pulses him by the hair and throws him out the ring but he holds onto the ropes. Hawk flies in the air toward Kaz but Kaz catches him and slams him to the pole. Kaz slams Hawk's back into the apron . 1,2....Kaz chokes Hawk with his knee, chokes him on the rope , kicks his chest, elbow drops , then applies a reverse chin lock. Hawk runs towards Kazuma but gets turned into a brutal belly to belly suplex. 1,2, rope break. Kaz steps on Hawk and sits on him. 1,2....Hawk kicks Kaz in the chest 3 times. Kaz comes back with a clothesline and a leg drop.Hawk does a spinning DDT, 2 tomahawk chops , and a top-rope tomahawk chop. Kaz kicks Hawk in the face. 1,2.....He knees Hawk in the head and gives Hawk a face first suplex. 1,2....Hawk tries a pin 1,2...Kaz punches Hawk in the nuts and gets DQ'd.  The Renegades come out and start Tripple teaming Hawk. Mr.  B comes out for the save. "I see Prince and the Revolution got a new haircut. Last time I was here you attacked my son. I am waiting if you got the balls." Bless counters " next time you are here we will take you on. Mr. B . Retorts " Big Japanese, Prince , and The Stick Figure, we will take you on and in the next morning you can make us pancakes. "
Match 3: Anything goes "The Iceman" Chris Austin  and Soultaker vs Johnny Thunder and ??? Johnny says " everyone saw what happened. Austin and Taker are friends. I'm gonna do better. Taker grabs the mic " before you take the mic, learn how to talk. You are taking both of us on at the same time? You are the biggest idiot I have ever seen in my life. " next Shawn X comes out. "Why you smiling. I got a bone to pick." Austin replies "you are nothing but bones." Fleming and Ice start off. Ice does a waist-lock takedown. He applies a front face lock. X punches but Ice flips him.he tags in SoulTaker. Taker gives X two big back drops. He lands a clothesline then tags Iceman. Ice punches Shawn X's face. He gives X a body slam . X gets up and eye-gauges Ice. Thunder tags in. Thunder chokes Iceman. Thunder slams ice. He tags X. X kicks Ice in the face. 1,2.....X kicks Ice but misses a leg drop . Iceman gives X a chin drop. Taker throws a steel ladder in the ring. Taker grabs "Mr. Kendo".Ice places the ladder in the corner. X punches Iceman in the corner. Taker hits X with Mr. Kendo. Taker Suplexes Shawn X onto the ladder. Next he Choke slams X onto the ladder for the victory. After the match he suplexes Big Johnny Thunder onto the ladder.

Match 3: RSWF U.S. Champ DJ Brown vs Moe Segal. DJ says" I'm not 100% but I am ready. Moe Segal cheated the last two weeks. I am challenging him tonight ." Moe responds "When Trump gets in office some of your asses are in trouble. " Moe backs DJ to the corner and slaps him. They lock up. DJ punches Moe's face.DJ slings Moe Back with the ropes. Moe offers a hand in friendship. DJ shakes hands then kicks Moe, punches him, and throws him out the ring. Back in the ring , Moe kicks DJ's face, snap mares him, steps on his face, leg chokes him, punches again , and suplexes him. 1,2....Brown lands a sunset flip. 1,2....Segal clotheslines DJ 1,2....Moe chokes again. He slams DJ but misses off the second rope. DJ nails Moe with the 3 Amigos suplex. 1,2...DJ lands a flipping, top-rope neck breaker . Before he can cover Moe the Renegades come out. With the ref's back turned Moe Knocks DJ out with a chain. He covers for the victory.
 Match 4: RSWF Heavyweight Match "The Beast" T. Streetz vs "Chi-Town's Finest" Mr. B. Collar and elbow tie up starts it off. B puts Streetz in a headlock. T throws B into the ropes and gives him a shoulder block. B grabs the ropes and Streetz flies out of the ring. Mr. B. does a suicide dive out of the ring onto Streetz. Back in the ring Streetz slams B , gives hm a forearm drop and and a second rope elbow. 1,2 .... A suplex by T. Streetz. 1,2.... B delivers a chin drop and a spinning kick. B kicks T in the back of the leg then the face. He drops his elbow onto Streetz leg. B stands on leg. B slaps the fig 4 on Streetz. Streetz reverses and but Mr. B. Grabs the ropes. B kicks the back of Streetz's leg again. He does a pelvic dance and the a leg drop. B hits Steetz leg on the apron twice.he pulls Streetz knee pad down and Rams his bad leg on the pole twice.  1,2....Streetz hits Mr. B with a tilt a whirl slam. 1,2.....Streetz misses a head butt off the top  . There is a punch out. B clotheslines and dropkicks . He nails Streetz with a top rope missle dropkick. 1,2.....almost. Streetz lands a homicidw out of nowhere for the Victory.
 The Main Event: Fans bring a weapon match . RSWF Tag Team Champs Pure Power vs Steel Kage. Some of the weapons the fans brought includes a wheel lock, a piece of wood with barbed wire sticking out, a crutch, a shovel, chains, a tennis racquet , and a bat.  Charles attacks Kage. V Man attacks Steel. Steel hits V with a bat. Kage attacks Charles with a tennis racquet . Alan grabs the wheel lock but Charles nails him with a shovel. Kage hits Charles in the nuts.  Charles gets hit with a Sprite can. Steel hits V with a sander.Kage hits V with a chair. Steel hits Charles with a shovel. Steel tries to hit V with barbed wire but misses . V hits Bishop with a bat. Charles hits Kage with a chair. Steel hands Charles over the ropes with the chord from a hairdryer. V kicks steel and runs his head into a pole. Steel hits both men with a bat. Steel attacks both with a shovel. V and Steel fight near announcing table. V hits Steel in head with a chair. Kage hits Charles with a spine buster. Charles slams Alan into the ring stairs. Kage spears Charles. Charles hits Alan with a yardstick  10 times . Kage hits V with a chair. 1,2,3!!!! Steel Kage wins. After the match DJ Brown and Duke Warfield come out. Warfield is attacked by by Steel . Bishop spears Warfield. DJ gets jumped and choke slam double teamed . Steel takes the mic. " How long do i have to shake hands and kiss babies.? I can't stand any of you. I am a world wide superstar. Pure Power and Steel Kage are united. We are gonna take out your heroes one by one. Moe Segal comes out but gets choke slammed. Streetz comes out but gets hit in the nuts.  Wild Wrestling action again at RSWF.

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