Monday, March 21, 2016

B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Sat. March 19th , 2016

Match 1: Johnny Thunder vs C.J. Shine :  they lock up and break. Shine kicks Thunder about 8 times in his big thighs. Thunder retaliates with monster splash. Shine Clotheslines Thunder twice but Johnny comes back with a clothesline, a head butt, and a big boot to the face. Thunder lands a suplex on Shine and follows with a big leg drop. Shine punches and elbows Thunder in the face. Thunder head-butts, chokes , headlocks, and beats and punches Shine's back. Shine kicks Thunder in his fat face and nails a springboard dropkick. Thunder says no way and Slams Shine hard to the mat. Thunder hits a Splash on Shine for the 1,2,3!!!!
    Match 2: Moe Stegal vs "The Iceman" Chris Austin. They tie up and break clean. They tie up again and Moe tries to punch but Ice blocks and punches Moe. Moe looks like he is gonna cry. Moe calls for a test of strength . Austin laughs. Moe tries to kick but Austin catches his punk leg and trips him. Austin grabs Moe's nose and makes Moe scream like a little girl and cry. He walks Moe by holding his nose and slams him into 3 different turn buckles. Moe chokes Ice on the ropes . He lands a dropkick. Moe snap-mares Ice. 1,2....Eye gauge from Moe followed by a knee to the face. 1,2,....Moe punches Ice in the face and gives him a boot. Moe hits Ice with  a flying forearm 1,2....Next Moe does a neck-breaker to Ice. Ice gets up and hits Moe with a Stunner from out of nowhere for the 1,2,3!!!!
  Next Kevin Bless comes out and takes the mic. "I'm not happy DJ. We scheduled to wrestle. I get no shot at the US Title. I turn down my shot for Kazuma. So you step up. I am still the number one contender. DJ takes the mic "I wasn't expecting this. So you think you're man enough. You saying it or thinking it. I'll put the title on the line against you and my contract. I know I can beat you." Bless retorts "Yo contract?" SoulTaker can be heard over the P.A. " yo contract? Are you sure?" So we have it.
 Match 3: DJ Brown vs Kevin Bless (Do or Die Match for The RSWF United States Title wDJ Brown's contract on the line. ) tie up. Bless backs DJ to the corner-break again, break. Bless arms tags DJ then hip tosses him. Then he knees DJ twice and throws him to the ropes and backdrops him. DJ puts a wrist lock and turns it into a hammerlock . Then he turns it in a side headlock . Bless changes it to a headlock. DJ hip tosses Bless. He arm drops him , kicks, and backdrops him. DJ stuffs Blesses Renegades shirt in his crotch and throws it a Bless' face. Bless punches DJ about 8 times and chokes him on the ropes. Bless punches, clotheslines, kicks, and goes for the cover 1,2.....Bless puts DJ in a headlock . DJ elbows out and does an old school sunset flip. Bless escapes and kicks DJ in the face. 1,2....Bless punches DJ twice but misses a clotheslines . DJ nails Bless with a back suplex. DJ punches , kicks, and beats Bless's back. 1,2.....Brown charges towards Bless in the corner but misses and hits the pole. Bless follows him out the ring and obliterates him with a Million Dollar Knee Lift. Back in the ring Bless goes for the cover. 1,2....DJ pulls a DDT out of the blue. 1,2....Bless kicks DJ's face and hits a standing Moon-sault. 1,2....Bless tries a vertical suplex but DJ turns it into a hangman style neck-breaker. 1,2....DJ hits another DDT. 1,2.....DJ goes to the top ropes but misses. Bless knees DJ in the face. Bless goes to the top and crushes DJ with a Senton Bomb. 1,2,3!!!!! Bless is your new United States Champ and DJ loses his contract. Bless takes the mic " I admire you. Sorry Took your belt but it was on my agenda. Steel and Kage runs out and jumps Bless and DJ. Moe Stegal and Chris Lexx come out and start punching. Pure Power comes out and cleans house. Steel takes the mic "  in case you thought last week was a fluke, we've formed an alliance that is legendary, The Mercenaries . We are taking names and taking people straight to the hospital. We ain't playing second fiddle to no DJ Brown's, Chris Lexx, or Chris Austin's. We will need some body bags when we get through.  We are here to stay not play. RSWF you have been warned.
Next up: Kazuma Miyamoto vs Matt Kenway. Matt starts off fast hip tossing the huge Kazuma and throwing him out the ring. Back in, Matt elbows Kaz 3 Times. Kaz comes back choking, stomping, and finally pummeling Matt with a double axe handle blow.Kaz slaps his chest twice.Kaz slams Matts arm hard twice. 1,2....Kelly nails a belly to belly suplex. He choke slams Matt Hard.1,2....Kaz climbs up top for a big booty drop but misses. Matt punches Kaz twice and hits a flying forearm. Kaz grabs Matt and finishes him with a twisting-neck-breaker-face slam for the 1,2,3!!!!!!
Next : your Semi Main Event
 Pure Power (V-Man and Big Charles Ray) vs Duke Warfield and Brandon Espinoza. Charles throws Espinoza . Espinoza does some push-ups . They lock up, he throws Espinoza again. Esp. Kicks Charles 4 times and throws him into the corner. He drop-kicks Charles twice then punches. He flys and locks a head scissors with a twist on Charles that sends him flying. He tags in Duke. Duke knee lifts Charles twice. He puts Charles in a headlock but he backs into the corner and tags in V-Man. He kicks Duke, punches him, and one-arm slams him. V clubs Duke on the back 4 times with his big arm. He stomps on Duke and tags Charles. Charles twists Duke's arm , shoulder blocks him twice and clotheslines him. 1,2....he tags in V. V kicks Duke in the face.he tags Charles. Charles power slams Duke.1,2.....Charles runs to the corner but Duke ducks and Charles hits V. Espinoza tags in. He drop kicks Charles and  face kicks him. V tags in. Espinoza puts V-Man in a reverse bear hug. V reverses that into a full-Nelson. Charles grabs a chain and wraps it around his hand. He goes to hit Espinoza but hits V by accident.  Duke and Espinoza double team Hot-Shot Charles. Espinoza covers V. 1 ....before a two count Steel-Kage runs out and interferes . The result is a DQ. Steel gives Espinoza a knock out punch. Moe Stegal and Chris Lexx run out to save.
 The Main Event: Moe Stegal and Chris Lexx vs Pure Power. Moe and Steel start out. Moe puts a headlock on Steel. Steel shoulder tackles Moe. He headlocks Steel again. Steel shoulder tackles again. Moe dropkicks Steel twice. He stomps on Steels foot and tags Lexx. Lexx twists Steel's. Arm.Steel tags Kage. Lexx hip tosses him.1,2...he tags Moe. Steel punches Moe and he falls hard. Steel head butts Moe's arm twice. Steel almost knocks Moe out with a double under-hook-over-head suplex. Steel tags Kage. Kage slaps Moe in the chest with a jugga-chop X 2. He tags Steel.1,2....Lexx saves. Steel slams Moe. 1,2...Lexx saves again. Kage tags in and hits a fall away slam on Moe. He throws Moe out. Outside Steel slams Moe into a pole. Kage presses Moe over his head and throws him over the ropes into the ring. Steel grabs Moe's arms and rides his back like a surfboard. Moe escapes and elbows Steel.  He tags Kage. Kage throws Moe to the ropes . Moe hits a sunset flip on Kage. 1,2...Steel saves. Kage hits a Spine Buster. 1,2...Lexx saves. Moe wraps Kage in a small package. 1,2....Steel tags Kage. Steel top rope stomps Moe.Steel and Kage double shoulder blocks Moe. Moe and Kage slap back and forth.Steel hits Moe hard. He chops Moe, snap -mares, knees his back, and reverse chin locks him. Steel super kicks Moe. 1,2....Lexx saves. Steel charges the corner but misses and racks his nuts on the tags in Lexx. Lexx whoops and punches Steel and Kage. He body drops Steel and corner clotheslines Kage. He elbows Kage off the rope and punches Kage. Steel gets tied up in the ropes. Lexx chips Steel's chest hard. Lexx chops Kage 3 times. Steel kicks Lexx   . He tags in Moe. Moe gets speared by Kage. Steel throws Lexx out. Steel Kage grabs Moe and double Alabama Slams Moe for the 1,2,3!!!!! After the match Pure Power comes out and jumps Lexx and Moe and they whoop them up horribly 4 on 2. In the end Lexx and Moe lay semi -conscious on the floor. Looks like The Mercenaries are here to stay.

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