Thursday, February 11, 2016

Jim Ross comments on his new commentary position with AXS

Jim Ross said the following about his new commentary gig during a recent interview with Ring Rust Radio:

"I never retired from the wrestling play-by-play. I never found a place that was overly comfortable for hanging my hat, so wrote that off and I moved on and found other things. It's just that the right opportunity that I felt most comfortable with hadn't come along. In November we started talking to AXS about doing the Friday night New Japan show. I had done Wrestle Kingdom 9, and I have been watching a lot of New Japan Wrestling, I felt like my style would pair up favorably with their in-ring presentation. The travel was very conducive because I have no desire to get back into weekly travel. I tapped on that deal long ago. Going to LA eight or ten times a year, those can be fun trips. The fact we're doing three shows a day over a couple day period makes the travel very friendly. I like the fact that Adam Swift and AXS TV are very committed to building this brand much bigger than it is now on their network."

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