Sunday, February 21, 2016

B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling Run-Down for Saturday Feb 20, 2016

 Match 1 :Johnny Thunder vs Kevin Bless

Before the match can even start Bless hits Johnny in the leg with a chair. He rolls Thunder into the ring and continues to whoop him with the chair. The ref disqualifies Bless. All of a sudden "the Iceman" Chris Austin runs out to save Thunder. Austin grabs the Mic " it's one thing to be a dirty player. It's another thing to kick a man while he's down. It's a whole other thing to take advantage of an injured man. Since I don't have an opponent why don't you fight me.?" And so it's set.
  Match 2: Kevin Bless vs "The Iceman" Chris Austin
This one starts off with a lot of posturing and appealing to the fans.Ice punches Bless and Bless flees to the outside. He comes back in. Bless racks IceMan's nuts on the ropes. He steps on Ice's throat ,knees his face, steps on face in the corner, and finishes with a running knee-to-the -face in the corner.1,2....Bless chokes Ice on the ropes.he kicks Austin in the boodie twice and splashes him near the corner. 1,2....Bless puts him in a chin lock.Bless knees him again. Ice gives Bless a flying high body cross. 1,2.....Bless kicks Ice's chest and snap mares him. Ice kicks back and gives a falling fist drop. 1,2....Ice delivers a swinging neck breaker. Shawn X comes out and distracts the ref and Iceman. When Ice
turns around he kicks a super kick and Bless gets the 1,2,3!!!!!

Match 3: Kazuma Miyamoto vs Duke Warfield

Duke starts by slapping is bear hug on Kaz.Kaz elbows out.They lock up.Kaz twists Duke's arm and rakes his eyes. He misses a clothesline.Kazuma head-butts Duke but Duke trips Kaz with a leg sweep. He twists Kaz's arm . Kaz rakes Duke's eyes. Kaz stands on Duke, rope chokes him, kicks his chest, stands on his throat, and belly to belly suplexes him.Next Kaz snap mares Duke.he puts a chin lock on him. Duke elbows his way out. Kazuma hits a discus clothesline on Duke. He puts an Abdulah nerve hold on Duke. He forearms Duke's neck and bites his head. Kaz misses and attempted butt splash. Duke clotheslines Kaz and slams Kaz down. He delivers a spine buster to Kaz. Both men fight to get up. Once up Kazuma hits Duke with a deadly finishing move called the Katana and gets the win.

 Next RSWF Tag Champs Pure Power comes out. Charles speaks "Bishop you ain't no Jordan, well maybe the Washington Wizards Jordan. I want the belt. I want all gold everything. " next T Steetz comes out. " you wasn't expecting me to walk out of that cage with the belt last week. Look at me now. The Beast is right here. Whoever's feeling froggy, let's jump. " so The match was set for later. T. Streets vs Charles Ray.
Match 4:  non title match
RSWF US Champ DJ Brown vs Moe Segal

DJ punches Moe i the face. They tie up. DJ punches again. Moe pushes DJ's chest. DJ punches his face again. Moe gives an arm drag and a hip toss to DJ. Moe slams DJ. DJ slams Moe. DJ dropkicks Mor hard.Moe tries to offer a handshake . DJ reluctantly sticks out his hand but ends up the victim of a vicious eye rake.he chin locks DJ. DJ fights out. He clotheslines Moe hard. 1,2....Moe chokes DJ on the ropes and splashes him.Moe punches DJ. DJ kicks Moe in  the face. Moe gives a high back drop to DJ. He throws DJ out of the ring .DJ fights back.DJ gives Moe a swinging neck-breaker.Mor wraps DJ in a small package but can't get the 1,2,3. DJ reverses it and gets the wIN !!!

Match 5: Semi Main Event
Your RSWF Heavyweight Chamion T. Streetz vs Big Charles Ray
Streetz pushes Charles to the corner and punches him about 4 times.Streetz gets thrown out the ring. Charles comes over and punches Streetz and slams his head to a metal pole.streets hits Charles with a flurry of arms and elbows. Charles corner Rams Streetz hard.He clotheslines Steetz. 1,2....1,2....Charles chokes Streetz with leg.streetz fights put. He clotheslines Charles hard and body slams him. Streetz lands two forearm blows and another one from the second rope.1,2...Charles twists Streetz arm over and over.Charles  fights back . He gives a  leg drop to T Streetz. 1,2....Streets gives a hard German release suplex to Charles  and a spinebuster. V interferes and the ref rings the bell. Bishop runs out and cleans house.

Match 6: RSWF Main Event

T.Streetz and Bishop Kage

Pure Power
Bishop and V Man stray it off. V pushes Bishop twice. V swings again but misses and gets hit with two hard ass Juger-chops. He punches V. Bishop tags Streetz.they double team V . V tags in Charles. Charles side walk slams Streetz hard. Charles shoulder blocks 2 times and clotheslines Streetz.1,2 he tags in V. He chin locks Streetz.Streetz gets to his Knees and drops down with a chin breaker to V-Man. a Streetz starts punching. V kicks Steets in the face.
Charles twists Bishop head. Bishop fights back and starts cleaning house.he slaps V. He slaps Charles . He chest slaps them.he does a spinebuster to V. V hits Bishop in the balls. V grabs his dog chain and hits Bishop with it.  The ref disqualifies Pure Power for interference.

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