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B's RSWF Weekly Rundown Feb. 27th 2016

B's  RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Saturday Feb.27th 2016:

I just wanted to start off this week from a wrestling fan's perspective and say thank you to the SoulTaker and the whole Real South Wrestling Federation family for putting together exciting cards that are fun and writing good story lines that keep us coming back to find out what happens.
  This week started off with Shawn X coming out and taking the mic : " Week after week I feel like the deck is stacked against me. Why does SoulTaker  have such bitter feelings? I'm calling out the big dog."  Well big is what he got. Johnny Thunder vs Shawn X. X backs Thunder into the corner and punches away. Thunder storms out of the corner and clotheslines the doo doo out of X. Then he gives X a big side-walk slam. 1,2....X tries to suplex Thunder but he is too fat. So X rakes his eyes. He kicks Thunder in the face, forearms him twice, and chokes him. 1,2....He forearms Thunder's back. X tries to bear-hug Thunder but Thunder turns it into a belly to belly suplex.He punches X, splashes him, slams him, and super-splashes him off the 2nd rope for the 1,2,3!!!!

Next, The Full Time Beast, All That Alan Steel takes the mic. " Pure Power is the reason I wasn't here last week. I am not here to wrestle tonight. I came to fight! V-Man is the head and Charles Ray is the rump of the jack ass they call Pure Power. V-Man , walk through that curtain."  V-Man runs out and all hell breaks loose outside the ring. He punches Steel several times and Rams his head into a steel pole. He forearms Steel's back but Steel fights his way back into the match.He punches V about 4 times until V hits him in the nuts. Next V kicks his ribs, punches his back, chokes, and finally bites his face. They punch back and forth . V's head gets slammed into the pole. V fights back and throws Alan into the seats near his own parents. They looked very worried. They go back into the ring. Steel is thrown into the corner and misses a splash.Steel super kicks V out of nowhere. 1,2.....Charles Ray runs out and and attacks Steel. The ref calls for the bell. RSWF Champ T. Streetz runs out to save Steel. Steel takes the mic "don't go anywhere fast. Streetz , thanks for having my back. Tonight my official tag team partner Bishop and I will reform the team Steel Kage and take on Pure Power and we plan on kickin ass!!!!

 Match 3 featured Kazuman Miyamoto  ( Shawn X) vs "The Iceman" Chris Austin.  Ice bows laughingly at Kaz. The crowd hollers out Toe Jam Miyamoto and start chanting "Toe Jam" over and over. He backs Ice to the corner. He pushes Ice's chest. He bows mockingly to Kaz again. Ice twists Kaz's arm and punches it. Then he arm breakers him twice. He twists it again and punches it. Kaz headbutts Ice and snap mares him. They do a test of strength but Kaz kicks Ice , forearm attacks him , head butts him, and throws Ice out the ring. Kaz distracts the ref and Shawn X attacks Ice on the floor . He throws Iceman into the ring. Kaz chokes Iceman, steps on his face, kicks his stomach, snap mares him and chin locks him.Austin drops down with a chin breaker and Kaz lets go. Ice punches Kaz. Ice pushes him to corner. X tosses Kaz a chain but Iceman takes it away .the ref sees Ice with the chain and disqualifies him, giving the win to Kazuma.

Match 4: Jeff Gant vs RSWF US Champion DJ Brown for the title.
They start off punching back and forth. Gant trips DJ. Gant locks in a deadly leg lock. DJ reverses it. Gant grabs the ropes. He jumps out the ring and tries to call a time out. He goes back into the ring. DJ puts on a wrist lock, and a side headlock. He throws Gant into the ropes , leap frogs, arm drags, dropkicks, and clotheslines Gant over the top rope . Back in the ring he pushes Gant into the corner. DJ climbs to the top. Gant kicks him off and twists DJ 's leg in the rope. He stomps on DJ's knee. Next Gant Rams DJ's leg on the pole. He does a falling leg breaker to DJ. DJ fights back. He does knee breaker to Gant, drop kicks him, side leg locks him, clotheslines him, and backdrops him. 1,2....He kicks Gants knee a Spurs him in a half crab. They break. DJ head butts Gant and climbs to the top rope. He finishes Gant with a flipping neck breaker to keep the US Title.

Match 5 : RSWF Heavyweight Champ T. Streetz vs  "The Natural" J.A. Fair. They lock up. Steetz breaks . Streetz put Fair in a side headlock. Streetz pushes him off into the ropes. Fair tries a shoulder block but bounces off. Fair says " I got this man!" He tries two more shoulder blocks but can't move the stocky Streetz. Streetz goes to work first with a power slam, then a body slam, then two forearms, then an elbow off the 2nd rope. 1,2.....Fair fights back with a Russian leg sweep and a leg drop . 1,2....He delivers a hangman neckbreaker to Streetz.1,2....Fair throws Streetz to the corner. He charges at Streetz but gets a big elbow. Fair counters with a clothesline. Out of nowhere Streetz gives Fair a spinebuster.  Fair comes back with2 clotheslines. He tries to pick up Streetz in a fireman's carry but he is too heavy. Streetz lands a powerful forearm and hits Fair with a modified code breaker. Fair's runs into a pole. 1,2....Fair spears Streetz from out of the blue. 1,2.....Streetz sticks his foot on the rope . All of a sudden Streetz gives Fair a homicide from hell for the 1,2,3!!!!!
 Main Event:
Steel-Kage vs Pure Power
What a match! 4 of the baddest players in the game. Charles and Kage start it off. Kage slaps Charles' face and punches him about 8 times . Kage lands a prison yard clothesline and tags Steel. He punches Charles, double ace handle hits him, elbows him off the ropes , kicks him, and knee lifts him hard. 1,2....he tags Kage. He punches Charles stomach, slaps his chest , and then misses another attack hitting his own face on the pole. V-Man hits Bishop. Charles tags V. V punches Kage, chokes him, and steps on his throat. V knocks Kage out the ring. Charles attacks him. V punches his face twice. Kage tries to tag but V blocks it. Charles tags in. Pure Power double shoulder blocks. Charles shoulder blocks 2 times and clotheslines him. 1,2.....Steel saves. Charles gives Kage a fall away slam. Steel tags in. He punches Charles 10 times. He charges the corner but Charles moves and Steel hits the pole and falls to the floor. V whoops and beats Steel in front of Steel's parents. He throws Steel back in the ring. V puts Steel Ina camel clutch. Steel escapes and tags Kage. He slaps V in the corner and clotheslines him. Then he picks Big V up and slams him hard to the mat.1,2....Charles saves. Steel pushes Charles out the ring. V tries a clothesline but hits C-Lo and knocks him out. They keep beating each other. Once C -Lo regains his senses he calls for the bell and a no contest verdict . The fans scream for the match to continue and for it to be no DQ. C-Lo calls for the match to restart. Everyone punches and beats each other. Charles throws steel into a pole. Charles hits a pole. Alan beats him with a chair. V hits Kage with a chair. Steel and V clash chairs . V DDT's Steel onto a chair. Charles throws Kage almost through the wall. Kage hits Charles nuts. Kage tries to spear Charles but Charles catches him mid air and twist slams him. 1,2 ... He kicks out. Steel slams V into a steel ladder, bending it. Kage spears Charles1,2...V saves. The time runs out. Pure Power remains champs.


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