Thursday, February 18, 2016

B.'s  RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Sat. Feb. 13th

Locked and Loaded 2:
Every match in a cage!!
  The night started with a 10 Bell Salute to Wrestling Legend Axle Rotten. Next T. Streets comes out and says "it's great to be back .Bishop put me on the shelf for 3 weeks. He wants me out of the game, but not tonight. Let me make it clear. I'm back. I'm goin in!" Next we hear Soultaker's voice over the P.A. " you have not been cleared by the doctor. You will not be in the 3-way main event for the belt tonight. I'm bringing out an opponent now. " If Streets wins he gets to be in the main event.

  Match 1: Shawn X vs. T. Streets
X jumps Streets to start the match. He tries to throw Streets but Streets blocks it. X slaps Streets in the face. X shoulder blocks Streets hard . X the splashes Streets in the corner. After 2 clotheslines by X , Streets delivers a spine buster from out of the blue. X rakes Streets' eyes. He puts Streets in a headlock.He throws Streets into the cage.1,2...kick out . Twists Streets arm. 1,2....Shawn X fuses with C-Lo . This gives him a chance to hit Shawn X with a homicide from out of no where for the 1,2, 3!!!

Match 2: The Iceman Chris Austin vs Johnny Thunder
Thunder pushes Austin down twice to start the match. Thunder hip tosses Iceman and then gives him a body slam. Iceman comes back with a swinging neck breaker. He hits Thunder in the leg.  He puts a keg twist lock on Thunder that he turns into a weird pretzel hold. Then he does a falling knee breaker  followed by a fist drop. He gives a splash to Thunder and finishes him off with a Stunner for the Win.

Match 3: J. A. Fair vs Jeff Gant

Gant starts out by stripping right near Marco Rose. Soon as he hits the ring Fair gives a snap-mare to Gant. He punches Gant and spine busters him. 1,2...Gant slams Fairs head to turnbuckle and then steps on him. He rubs Fair's face into the cage and stomps on his chest . 1,2.... Gant hits Fair with a forearm. Fair counters with a body press sit down powerbomb. He clotheslines Gant. 1,2....they have a punch out . Fair misses a frog splash off the top rope and Gant drops down on his neck. With his feet on the ropes, Gant gets the 1,2,3!!!!!

Match 4: Kazuma Miyamoto vs DJ Brown for the RSWF United States Championship

DJ starts off with a flying , spinning , head scissor take down. Kaz punches DJ. He throws DJ into the cage. Kaz chokes DJ hard and throws him into the cage again. Kaz Rams DJ's head into the cage over and over . DJ fights back by drop kicking Kazuma in his big boodie.  DJ stomps and clothesline . He throws DJ into the cage twice. DJ delivers a missile dropkick to Kaz. 1,2....from out of nowhere Kaz hits DJ with a spinning sit down powerbomb. 1,2....Kaz delivers a discus clothesline. 1,2....Kaz goes for a vertical suplex but DJ reverses it into a falling DDT. DJ misses a flip off the top. Kaz drops on him with a Japanese Earthquake. Kaz climbs to the 2nd rope. Kaz fights back with a suplex-powerbomb but It doesn't stop DJ. He climbs to the top with a flipping neck breaker for the win and becomes the new RSWF United States Champion!!!!

Match 5: your Semi Main Event
RSWF Tag Team Champs Pure vs Pretty Dangerous (Kevin Bless and ColdBlood Mike)
4 Men in the ring at once. Blood fights V. Bless fights Charles. Pretty Dangerous really takes control in the early moments of this match. Bless stomps on Charles. Bless does a flipping splash on V. Blood locks Charles in a prison yard camel clutch. Bless gives Charles a running knee to the face. Blood stomps on Charles. V finally starts the rally . He kicks Bless. C throws Bless into the cage twice. Charles slams Coldblood's head into the turnbuckle.Bless forearms  V and steps on his face. Charles splashes Blood. V suplexes Bless. Charles chain chokes Blood. Charles and V double shoulder tackle ColdBlood. Bless knees V-Man. Bless flip kicks Charles twice .V Man powerbomb a ColdBlood. Charles clubs Bless with his big arm. V-Man punches Blood. Charles clotheslines Bless. Blood chain chokes V hard. Charles punches Blood but Bloos fights back. V gives Bless a big belly to belly suplex. Blood tries to scale the cage. V grabs blood and slams him off the cage to the mat hard. Charles clubs Bless again . Charles gorilla presses Bless high above his head and drops him like a bad habit. V hits Bless hard in the family jewels. Bless grabs a chain and beats Charles. Bless super kicks V in the head. Blood two foot kicks Charles in the corner. Bless covers 1,2....Blood kicks Charles. V gets super kicked by Bless again. Charles throws Blood hard to the mat. Bless climbs to top rope but Charles stops him. V and Charles grab Bless by the throat and double choke slam him hard for the 1,2,3!!!!!

Main Event: for the RSWF Heavyweight Belt
3-Man Tussle
Champion Alan Steel vs Bishop Kage vs T. Streets

Bishop tries to climb out the cage immediately. He is stopped and punched by Steel and Streets. Bishop elbows back. He corner spit slaps T. Streets hard. Street shakes it off and suplexes Bishop. Streets punches Steel. Alan slaps the butt if Bishop Kage hard. Alan throws Kage into Streets. 1,2....kick out 1,2...kick out Kage hits Steels nuts. Kage slaps Streets chest and body slams him. Steel slaps Kage and Streets. Kage rakes Alan's eyes. Kage holds the cage and stands on Steel.. Streets gives Kage a gut wrenching suplex and a couple of falling fists.Streets slams Kage again. Streets belly to back suplexes Steel. Kage slaps streets and tries him in the ropes. Slap , chop.... Streets  comes back with a clothesline. 1,2....1,2....Alan lunges towards Streets and hits the steel cage. Bishop and Streets have a punch out. Streets chops Bishop's chest hard. Streets snap suplexes Kage. Streets knees Kage hard. He gives Kage an arm breaker. Steel sweeps the leg of Streets. He does a leg flip breaker  to Street. Steel pulls his leg and falls hard to the mat with it. Street wraps Steel in a small package 1,2....Steel Rams Bishop's head into the cage. He knee breaks Bishop's arm. Streets kicks Steel. 1,2 Kage breaks up the pin. Alan sliding kicks Bishop into the cage. Steel hits Streets leg hard again.  Steel twists Kage arm in the ropes .Steel gives the other 2 a double noggin knocker . Steel tries to go out the cage door. Bishop climbs to the top but Streets powerbombs Kage into the cage and then to the ground. Bishop gets up and pulls his straps down. He gives Streets a fall away slam into the cage. Kage heads to the door but Steel grabs him. Alan takes Kage's eyes and bites him . Streets hits Steel back and body slams him. Streets goes to the top rope.. Kage hits Streets in the nuts. Streets falls but gets up and double clotheslines Steel and Kage.. Streets flying head butts Steel off the top rope .Charles comes out and cashes in his money in the bank briefcase to enter the match. Charles whoops streets in the corner. He belly to belly suplexes street. Kage slaps Steel . Charles whoops on Streets. Alan punches Kage and Charles. Charles choke slams Steel. Charles tries to hit Streets but hits Kage. He spears Charlea by mistake. Streets slams Kage head hard . He sneakily crawls out the cage door to become your new RSWF Heavyweight Champ.

Afterwards Pure Power jumps Kage and V puts him in a figure 4. Alan strata to leave the ring but goes back and saves Kage. Kage spears Charkes. Kage and Steel whip Pute Power hard with a rope ball.Steel Kage tag team???? V Man says" Steel you are marked for death. I might be hiding in   Yo closet!"



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