Wednesday, January 27, 2016

RSWF Report from Saturday Night!


Announcers Marco and Jason Hall start the night with their picks on the Battle Royale winner. Marco names Kevin Bless, Charles Ray, Shawn X. Jason Hall says D.J. Brown or The Soultaker. 

 Match 1: ColdBlood Mike vs "The Iceman" Chris Austin The RSWF faithful for crazy for Austin and boo the hell out of ColdBlood. They tie up and ColdBlood arm drags Austin. Another tie up and ColdBlood slams Austin. Austin gets up and gives ColdBlood a hip-toss, a body-slam and another hop-top. ColdBlood escapes to the floor. Both men jump in the ring and ColdBlood starts stomping him. ColdBlood chokes him on the ropes. ColdBlood does a punch attack and stomps repeatedly . ColdBlood does a running knee to Austin in the corner.Coldblood snap-mares Iceman and puts on a reverse chin lock . ColdBlood stretches Austin's arm , head-locks him and takes him down. Austin gives ColdBlood some rib shots and a big spine-buster. The Renegades come out. With the ref distracted Kazuma rope-choke-drops Austin . ColdBlood front-face-suplex-slams Austin and gets the 1,2,3!!!!! 

The Next Match featured "The Soviet Saint" Norman Meklakov vs. Johnny Thunder. Meklakov refuses to come out of the corner. Finally he does and Thunder hip-tosses him. Meklakov elbows Thunder in the back. He tries to suplex Thunder but Thunder reverses it. Meklakov does a rope-neck drop to Thunder. He elbow drops Thunder's leg. Norman leg-sweeps Thunder. Norman elbow leg drops Thunder X 2 and knees his legs twice. Meklakov punches Thunder and pushes him down. Meklakov twists his legs in the ropes and does a knee to knee. He head it's Thunder but Thunder head -butts back . Thunder does a belly to face and neck suplex to Meklakov.Thunder small packages Meklakov and gets the win. 

 Match 3: Kevin Bless vs DJ Brown "You beat every Renegade one on one except me"--Kevin Bless They tie up. Bless gives DJ an arm-drag.Bless kicks DJ hard and body slams him. DJ comes back with a slam of his own followed by a text-book drop-kick. DJ starts stomping . Bless comes back with some punches. DJ says hell no and gives The Three Amigos to Bless. 1,2,....Kick Out. Bless kicks DJ in the face. He Stinger Splashes DJ in the corner. He clotheslines DJ. 1,2... Again 1,2....Bless twists DJ's arm and gives him a back elbow.?He steps on DJs head. He leg chokes DJ on the rope. Bless suplexes DJ.Bless does a sunset flip and a round-house kick to the face. 1,2....Bless delivers a running knee to the face. Next Bless does a Standing Moon-Sault. 1,2,.....Bless lands a crescent kick. DJ gets up and they double clothesline each other. They are up. DJ Clotheslines Bless 3 times. He gives Bless a backdrop. 1,2.... DJ goes to the top rope.Bless goes over to the corner and kicks DJ in the head. DJ stumbles of the ropes. He whoops Bless and goes back up to deliver a top rope stunner for the win. 

Match 4: (Non-Title) RSWF U.S. Champ Kazuma Miyamoto vs "The Human Juggernaut" Bishop Kage. This was the first meeting between these 2 RSWF Superstars. Kage says " you're lucky this ain't fo yo belt." C-Lo sends Pure Power and The Rendgades to the back . Kazuma jumps Kage. He forearms Kage's back. Kage comes back with a killer clothesline. Kage spit-slaps Kazuma's chest in the corner. He clotheslines Kazuma and and body slams him. 1,2....Outside the ring, Kazuma Rams Kage's head into a steel pole. Back in ring, Kazuman lands a double-axle handle on Kage's back. He chokes Kage and steps on his face. Kazuma goes wild kicking Kage , arm twisting him, standing in him, and finally suplexing him. 1,2....Kazuma puts a reverse chin lock on Kage. Kazuma belly to belly suplexes The Human Juggernaut 1,2...Kazuma knees Kage's face. 1,2....Kazuma chest slaps Kage 3 times. Kage chops Kazuma's chest 2 times hard as heck . Kage goes for the spear but hits the pole when Kazuma moves. Kage stumbles to the center of the ring . Kazuma swings at Kage but misses . Kage rears back and soon as Kazuma turns around he delivers a spear for the 1,2,3!!!!!? 

Match 5: (Non Title) Charles Ray vs RSWF Heavyweight Champ "The Real Deal " Alan Steel. The crowd cheers for a 3 on 3 but not tonight . Charles jumps Alan. They are tied up . Charles throws Alan hard to the corner twice. Alan elbows Charles and and punches him old school style. He tries to roll up Charles but can't. Alan twists Charles' arm . He slams Charles 'hand into the turnbuckle . Alan kicks and stomps on Charles' hand. Alan head-butts Charles' hand hard and drops his arm across the rope. Charles comes back with a clothesline.He corner splashes Alan. Next Charles gives Steel a hard belly- to -belly suplex. Big Charles body slams Steel twice.Charles goes nuts. He leg drops him, chokes him, punches him, stomps him, steps on his neck , and shoulder-blocks hm twice. Alan fights back with a forearm to the face. Alan punches Charles 5 times. Charles throws Akan hard to the corner and rips off his own shirt. Charles goes for his finisher but Alan blocks it and turns it kicks in a crucifix that he rolls into a pin for the 1,2, 3!!!!! 

The next match was your Main Event: "Money in The Bank Battle Royal" To win you have to use the ladder to get the brief case hanging from the ceiling . Then both feet must touch the floor outside the ring to win. The winner can use the briefcase to get a title shot whenever they want. Your competitors Norman Meklakov, Chris Austin, Johnny Thunder, Shawn X. , Kazuma Miyamoto, Cold Blood Mike, Kevin Bless, D.J. Brown, V-Man, Charles Ray, Bishop Kage, and The Soultaker. Everyone starts attacking each other and brawling. Shaun X is eliminated first. Taker slides through the middle ropes . Alan Steel comes out to watch.Pure Power eliminates Chris Austin.Kage slaps Bless. Kage brings the ladder into the ring. Kage hits Bless with the ladder . Kage gets kneed in the face. Kazuma gets thrown over the top. DJ attacks V Man. ColdBlood is eliminated . Pure Power throws DJ out. V man gets eliminated. Kage and Charles are left. Kage climbs the ladder and gets the briefcase. He starts to walk out the ring to claim the victory but Charles Ray grabs his arm. Charles clotheslines Kage , grabs the briefcase and steps to the floor for the victory. Join me next week for highlights of a women's match.

Credit: Brandon Owen Harber

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