Friday, January 22, 2016

RSWF Report from Jan. 15th 2016


B's Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Jan. 15, 2016 My write up is condensed this week due to my illness. Next week will be a full length extravaganza . 

The night starts with the announcement of WNC's Referee of the Year C-Lo and WNC's fan of the year Mr. Kevin Conlee. Congrats to 2 awesome dudes . I personally can say they deserved it. 

Match 1: Shawn X barely puts up a fight and is destroyed by big Charles Ray. 

Match 2: The Soviet Saint Norman Meklakov holds off Johnny Thunder and gets the victory.
 Match 3: Tag Match feat Mike ColdBlood and RSWF US Champ Kaziman Miyamoto vs DJ Brown and "The Iceman Chris Austin. DJ wraps up Kaziman and gets the 1,2,3!!!!

 Match 4: Curt Stallion returns and fights a hard battle with young Kevin Bless but Stallion is to tough for Bless and takes him out. 

 Match 5: Your Semi-Main Event Pure Power takes on The Pink and Black Attack. This one is a street fight as always . Also as always , Bishop Kage interferes and the Pink and Black get the win by DQ. 

Match 6: Your Main Event Your RSWF Heavyweight Champ The Full Time Beast, The Real Deal Alan Steel takes on Bishop Kage in a non-title bout.Kage gets the win with the cheating aid of Pure Power and so Bishop Kage vs Alan Steele for the belt is now official at RSWF's Locked and Loaded in Feb. Join me next week for an in depth look at all the action at RSWF arena.

Credit  Brandon Owen Harbor 

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