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B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Jan. 9th 2016

B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Jan. 9th 2016

 The night started with the rowdy group The Renegades coming out. Jimmy Starr comes to the ring to interview them. ColdBlood Mike takes the mic "If you are so big and bad Soultaker, why don't you come on out? What you got?" Takers music comes on . The crowd goes nuts. Taker tells some lady in the audience he is gonna spank her ass. I got something planned for you guys.Bless and Kaziman are going 2 on 1 with DJ Brown but your legs will be tied together. ColdBlood, you are going 1 on 1 with "The Iceman " Chris Austin but with one arm tied around your back. Shawn X you are gonna fight me blind folded and with no DQ. Let's get a ref out here and a blindfold.

So here we have it, Soultaker vs Shawn X. Blindfolded. Shawn X stumbles around trying to gain his balance. Soultaker whoops the hell out of him 4 times with "Mr. Kendo". X gets up. Soultaker hits him again multiple times with the Kendo. Taker stomps on Shawn X, clothes-lines him, backdrops him, punches him in the corner, and beats him with "Mr. Kendo" till it breaks. SoulTaker then chokes slams Shawn X. through the ring down into the fiery depths of Hell. 1,2,3!!!!! 

  Referee Ponytail comes out for the next match. It's Mike ColdBlood with one arm tied up vs "The Iceman" Chris Austin. Iceman starts of match with a headlock to ColdBlood.Then he kicks him in the back and applies a front face lock. Blood fights back and shoulder Rams Iceman 4 times in the corner.Austin escapes and pulls off a DDT out of nowhere.He knees ColdBlood in the face and puts a knee to the back chin lock on him.Coldblood escapes and drops 3 bows on IceMan's chest. ColdBlood then lands a fist drop that morphs into an illegal choke.Blood takes Ice's eyes but Iceman shakes it off and punches ColdBlood in the face.1,2...kick out. ColdBlood tries to punch Austin with his one good arm but Austin ducks and throws Blood in a Stunner for the WIN.

 Then the song Full Time Beast starts playing . Out walks RSWF Heavyweight Champion "The Real Deal " Alan Steel. Steel takes the mic " I see the family is back together. Even if you ain't got nothin else you always got family unless a family member has hidden jealousy and is trying to hold the family down.yeah I'm talking about you Bishop Kage. When you were Champ , how many times did V or Charles get a title shot ?"

  Kage replies " back in the Chicago Bulls Dynasty, there was Jordan and Pippen. Steel jokes "so who's Rodman?" Kage says " I'm Jordan. Charles knows his role."

 Steel responds "so Charles is a B+ supporting character. Last week you punched him. You hit him on purpose. Kage says " Charles it was your fault . You had too much baby oil on." Charles hollers "if you wasn't blind you wouldn't have hit me!" Steel chimes in "calm down, I thought everything was ok. Charles you fight me tonight, with Bishops permission." Kage screams " hell no I don't give him permission." Charles responds "I ain't asked fo yo permission. You got me messed up. I'm gone show you who the real Michael Jordan is!"

  The next handicapped match featured Kaziman and Bless with legs tied together vs. DJ Brown. Kaz-Bless runs toward DJ but he moves out of the way . This happens like 5 times straight. DJ pounds on their backs and faces over and over. Kaz-Bless 3-Leg fights back and double suplexes DJ. DJ pulls both their hair and double kicks them in their backs. Shawn X walks over to the announce table. Kaz-Bless steps on DJ's neck in the corner. It tosses DJ across the ring. DJ kicks both their backs and does a double flipping neck breaker to them. 1,2....They punch DJ and stomp him and give him a delayed suplex. They double team him in the corner and step on his face.DJ DDT's both of them and everyone is knocked down. DJ climbs to the top rope and lands a double flipping neck-breaker on Kaz-Bless 3Leg for the victory. 

  Duwanna won the 100 Walmart gift card for bringing the most paid adults.

  The next match featured "The Soviet Saint" Norman Meklakov vs Big Johnny Thunder. Thunder comes out wearing an almost see through blue singlet. Meklakov is waving a big Russian Flag. They tie up to start it off . Meklakov headlocks Thunder. They run into each other off the ropes twice but it's a stand still. Thunder clotheslines the Russian. 1,2...Thunder punches the Russian and gives him a big boot to the face. Meklakov throat jabs Thunder twice , knees him, and chokes him. He slaps Thunder's face and Johnny returns the favor with a giant drop kick.Thunder splashes Meklakov in the corner. He goes for another splash but Meklakov slides to the side and gets the 1,2,3 with a school boy wrap up. 

  Your Semi-Main Event featured Pretty Dangerous (Kevin Bless and Mike ColdBlood vs V-Man and Bishop Kage. V-Man jumps ColdBlood and throws Bless out of the ring . V gives ColdBlood a giant boot to the face. Kage tags in. He does a spitting slap to ColdBloods chest and punches him twice. He slaps Bless in the corner. ColdBlood does a flying elbow to Kage and tags Bless.. They double elbow Kage. Bless tags in. He kicks Kage and then kicks him in the face. Bless splashes Kage in the corner. Kage kicks bless , spit slaps him , and clotheslines him. Kage tags V-Man. V-Man kicks Bless, tosses him , and suplexes him. Kage in . They double backdrop Bless. Bless kicks Kage. Kage slaps Bless like a bad step child. Kage lands a devastating fall away slam on Bless. V clotheslines Bless and gives him a reverse headlock falling elbow. V clubs Bless in his chest twice. Kage tags in. They double team shoulder tackle Bless . Kage clotheslines Bless. 1,2....ColdBlood saves the day. V gives Bless a top rope clothesline. Kage tags in. Kage goes for a Powerbomb bit Bless kicks him in the chest. ColdBlood tags on and jumps everyone . V Man kicks Bless in the face . V picks Bless up by his throat in a choke slam formation and Kage flies across the ring and spears the living crap out of young. Bless. 1,2,3!!!!! V and Kage Win.

  The next match was your Main Event of the night. Featuring The RSWF Heavyweight Champion "The Memphis Mauler, Mississippi Brawler, The Real Deal, All That " Alan Steel vs Charles Ray (Scotty Pippen). Charles pushes Alan to the corner then across the ring. Alan puts Ray in a reverse bear hug. Ray backs him in the corner hard. Charles Ray punches Akan 4 times, spears him, and throws him to the ropes.Steek punches Ray and clotheslines him twice. Charles throws Alan out of the ring and V and Kage jump him. Steel punches and kicks Charles back in the ring. Charles picks up Alan and sidewalk slams the heck out of him .1,2....kick out. Charles shoulder tackles Steel twice but Steel punches back . Charles kicks Steel in the mouth . Charles distracts referee Ponytail and V and Jage attack. 1,2...The savvy ring veteran Steel puts his leg on the rope . Charles throws Steel in a camel clutch. He jumps up and slams down on Steek's back. Charles belly to belly suplexes Alan Steel hard. He gives Steel a brutal leg drop from way in the air. 1,2....kick out. Charles chokes Steel with his foot. Charles next headlock chokes Steel. Steel fights back by elbowing Charles Ray in his stomach over and over. Charles backs Steel to the corner and tries to elbow but Steel ducks out of the way and throws Charles into a DDT. They have a punch out. Alan slaps the living day lights out of Charles. He throws a stunner on big Charles next. Kage holds Alan on the apron . Charles goes to hit Alan but Alan shakes free at the last second and and Charles hits Kage. Steel puts Charles in a schoolboy wrap up and seals the victory . There is a scrap on the ring between Charles and Kage . V finally gets them separated. Join in next week as I reveal more of this ever evolving saga.

Report by Brandon Owen Harber

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