Tuesday, December 15, 2015

RSWF's Weekly Run-Down by Brandon Harber


B.'s RSWF Weekly Wrestling Run-Down for Saturday December 12th, 2015

The night started with a rematch between "The New Flava Flave" former USWA jobber , Edrick Hines vs Big Johnny Thunder. Hines grabs the Mike and talks about how he will be in N.Y.C. Jan 7th Thunders' music plays . Hines jumps out the ring and grabs the Mike again and says "The MPD said my car was at the impound and I need 300dollars ."Back In the ring Thunder backs Hines into the corner. He slings Hines into the other corner and gives him the big boot to the face. Thunder next clothesline the hell out of Hines boney body. Thunder surprises everyone with a 400lb drop kick from out of nowhere. Hines steps on Thunders' hand and kicks his knee to take the big behemoth off his feet. He does a running , flying stomach kick to Thunder. Hines says "What about him now!" Hines chokes Thunder but Thunder throws Hines into the ropes and grabs him into a power slam , followed by a regular body slam, and then a second rope Yokozuna style butt splash. Thunder takes the 1,2,33333!!

  Referee C -Lo , the most entertaining ref in the game ,comes out next to cheers from the RSWF fans. This match was another grudge match between The Soviet Saint Norman Meklakov Vs "The Iceman" Chris Austin. Austin starts off by sitting in a nonchalant pose in the corner ropes with his legs spread . You can hear chants from RSWF fan Renee Easterwood and Cayden Eugene of "Nobody likes you!" Towards Meklakov. Meklakov pushes Iceman into the corner. Austin climbs to the top and gives s middle drop kick . Meklakov fights back with a knee drop , followed by a chin Lock.Austin pulls out a classic swinging neckbreaker . Austin climbs onto the apron does a sunset flip to Norman for the 1,2,....Austin flies forward with a hard clothesline that stuns Neklakov. The Soviet fights back choking Iceman with his leg on the rope . He gives Austin a chin lock, takes it to the Matt, takes his eyes, throws him in the corner , and does a roll flip clothesline. Norman picks up Austin and sidewalk slams the living crap out him.a punch out ensues . Norman head butts the be-Jesus out Austin and throws him into a terrible full Nelson.He lives Austin up and full Nelson slam for the 1,2,3!!!!! 

  Next scene featured the Renegades, Bless,ColdBlood,Kaziman , and Shawn X.Cold Blood starts by saying "We are to take over RSWF. Get in the ring , we will destroy you." Kaziman US Champ asks the question "How can both of you lose to DJ Brown. Tonight I will see for myself. Next Kevin Bless adds" you disrespectful inbreds. The Renegades are taking over." You can then hear Soultaker talking from the back."If you want a match with DJ Brown, you will get it and it will be tonight and for the U.S. Belt.

  Match 3 featured US Champ Kaziman Miyamoto vs DJ Brown. Kaz raises his hand for a power display . DJ drops to the ground and dies some push-ups. Kaz raises his arm again . DJ kicks Kaz in the stomach and throws an arm bar on him.Dj drops Kaz with a chin breaker . Kaz misses a splash in the corner.DJ gangsta stops Kaz in the corner about 10 times .DJ does s flying low dropkick to Kaz. He climbs to the top and twists backwards in the air only to be caught in mid air by Kaziman.he takes DJ down with a killer reverse DDT and into a chin lock.he throws DJ out the ring.He follows DJ out and gives him an iron claw.He lets go and walks across DJ's back. DJ tries to kicks but is thrown to the corner. Kaz stinger splashes DJ in the corner and gives a belly to belly suplex.K chokes DJ on the ropes . While the ref is distracted ,ColdBlood interferes. DJ super kicks everyone the jumps from the top for a flipping neck breaker. Cold blood comes in the ring and the ref calls for the DQ.

  This next matchup featured the boastful young buck from the Renegades, Kevin Bless vs. The Human Juggernaut Bishop Kage .Bishop comes out talking "Are me and you even in the same weight class? I 'll go ahead and fight you cause I could use an extra victory in the record books. Why don't you lay down and Let me pin you and you can avoid a butt kicking. I win , you win." Bless then tries to jump Kage and eye rakes him. Bishop beats Bless into the corner and slaps his chest hard twice . Then he grabs Bless by his dripping wet hair and backs him in to the corner for two more horrible cheat slaps. Kage then picks Bless up over his head with a gorilla press and drops him like a bad habit. Then he picks up Bless and slams his back down hard to the Matt. Next Kage Belly to Belly Suplexes Bless into hell. Bless punches Kage in the nuts and steps on his throat. They start brawling outside the ring. Bless runs Kage into a metal support pole. They go back to the ring and Kage throws Bless into the corner.Bless goes for a spear but Bless moves and trips him making Kage's face hit the turnbuckle. Kage punches Bless in the balks and gives him a face first suplex into the Matt hard for the 1,2,3!!!!

The next fifth was the Main Event featuring RSWF Tag Team Champs Charles Ray and V-Man vs T. Street and RSWF Heavyweight Champ "All That" Alan Steel. Charles and Steel start it off with Steele getting thrown into the corner. He comes back and lands a dropkick a on Charles.1,2....Steel tags Street. He comes in an gives Charles a textbook swinging neck breaker followed by a second rope elbow drop.Street tags Steel.Charles Ray beats Steel into the corner. He throws Steel into the ropes and gives him a back elbow . Charles tags V in and they double team shoulder tackle. Steel punches Charles in the stomach. Ray seems unaffected and slams Alan down hard. Charles gives him a jail-yard leg drop.1,2....Ray sidewalk slams Alan then tags in V-Man . V Slaps on an old school figure-four leg-lock. After a minute or so Alan fights loose and tries to tag.V stops him, throws him to the ropes and gives him a high backdrop. V then grabs Alan's head and twists it. Next he locks Alan in a Sgt. Slaughter style Cobra-Clutch. Alan is down but not out. After somehow wiggling his way out V puts him in a bear hug. Alan slaps 3 times with both hands on V's ears and he gets loose again. He tags Streets I . Ray and Streets are fighting outside. With the ref distracted Kage runs in from the back with a chair. He goes to hit Alan but Alan blocks it and grabs the chair. By this time everyone is back in the ring. Alan swings the chair to hit V-Man but he sucks and Knocks out Streets instead. V goes for the cover . The ref turns around for the 1,2,3!!!!

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