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RSWF Weekly Rundown December 5th

RSWF Weekly Rundown

                                          Dec.5th 2015

 This week featured the return of Memphis Commentating Legend Jason Hall and Chris Fleming. Hall talked about last week's title fight where Alan Steele got a controversial win over Bishop Kage for the title. Hall also promoted RSWF's next big show on Dec. 26th: Road to Resolution.

The first match of the evening was a 3 Way Tussle between Edrick Hines, Kevin Bless , and Big Johnny Thunder. Bless and Hines jump Thunder and back him to the corner . Then they double team splash Thunder in the corner.Thunder kicks his way out and Splashes Hines, Body Slams him, and gives him a leg drop. Hines falls near the ropes and Bless kicks him in the face from the floor. Bless comes back in and Frog Splashes Hines from the top rope for the victory.  

Match 2 was a rematch between The Soviet Saint Norman Meklakov and The Iceman Chis Austin. Norman starts off by jumping Austin and stepping on his throat. He then goes to town with a series of punches and a hard head-butt. Norman kicks Austin hard in the calf. He goes to grab Austin and gets taken down with a big arm drag .Austin goes H.A.M. on the big Russian with a scoop body slam,a clothesline, and a Russian hip toss. Stunned but not out , The Soviet Saint clothesline a Austin Back , punches him, clothesline a him again. He goes for the cover but gets only 2. Next The Russian snap suplexes The Iceman. Austin comes back with a reverse chin drop. Both men go down. They both get up and punch back and forth. The Russian falls to the floor and stuffs something in his glove. He comes back in and knocks Austin out cold for the 1,2,3. A young RSWF fan named Cayden cries for the Iceman.

  Next out comes former champ Bishop Kage with his thugs, Pure Power to talk about last week's loss. " that match was supposed to be all wrestlers barred from the ring. Alan Steele came up with that rule himself. Soultaker .Last week Soultaker was walking around back stage with his mask off scaring people. Fat boy T.Street came in and helped Steele to Steal my belt. I need Alan Steele to come out and bring me my belt back." The smoke rises and the song Full Time Beast comes on. Out comes RSWF Champ Alan Steele with some words of his own. "My Momma didn't raise no fool. She is sitting right over there if you wanna ask her. I see you came out here with your 2 boyfriends again. You been practicing typing on Facebook all week what you wanted to say to me . You had to backspace a lot because you don't know how to spell. You say last week was a fluke but I have beat you twice in the last month. Now what? This 10 lbs of gold, I Nick named her Bell. She is a true Southern Bell. So I will treat her with dignity and class, like a Queen. I was born and bred to be a champion. I was trained by Superstar Bill Dundee and I came to RSWF to fight. You 3 are bigger, stronger, and hit harder than anyone else here but I am the one who put Kage through a wooden door. I should have thrown him into the trash when we fought into the parking lot last week. Be your own man Kage. Unlike the weights you lift I fight back. Fans like me , Soultaker, and DJ Brown. Not you."
Next the instrumental for Tupac's Hail Mary comes on and out walks Charles Ray. His opponent was one half of The Pink and Black Attack, Kidd Nova. Starts off with a collar and elbow tie up.Nova locks in a vicious side headlock on Charles.Nova bites Charles hard like The Amazon off Nintendo Pro Wrestling. Charles comes back with a textbook back suplex.He chokes Nova, slams him, and jumps way up in the air for a Hogan leg drop. Charles gives Nova a back breaker and stands on his throat . Charles goes to give Nova a splash in the corner but Nova gives him the big boot to the face.Nova flies of the ropes with an old school Lou Thesz press. Pure Power runs out and the ref calls for the bell. Soultaker and Alan Steele come out and clear the ring for the save. Since it turned 3 on 3 Soultaker says make it a 6 man Tag. Nova is getting jumped already in the corner before the bell rings. V-Man elbow Nova on the back of the neck and puts on an arm bar. Kage tags in. He punches Nova in the corner and gives him a couple of Thunderous chest slaps . Kage tags in Charles. Charles clothesline Nova, gives him 2 hard shoulder blocks, and then another killer clothesline. Nova tries to fight back but is knocked back into the corner. V-Man puts a camel-clutch on Nova and holds it for about a minute . Charles tags in and back breaks Nova again. He follow up with a power slam and a horrible fall away slam . Kage and Charles double team shoulder tackle Nova. They hold Nova up with the ropes and Kage gives him a leapfrog splash . Nova rolls outside the ring.Nova gets slammed head first into the ring pole.Nova gets thrown back in the ring and fights back with a clothesline out of nowhere. Nova and Kage are both down. Kage gets up and tries to go for the pin but Alan holds Kage back by grabbing his Singlet straps. Kage gets away and tags V-Man in. He elbow drops Nova and goes for the pin. 1, 2...Nova puts leg on rope. Again 1,2, Nova puts leg on rope. One more time 1, 2, Nova puts leg on rope. Now everyone rushed into the ring. The ref loses control . Taker and V are fighting. Nova and Charles are fighting. Kage hits Steele with a chain and the ref calls for the bell. Kage says" you want this belt, take it ." Then Kage lays the belt out across Alan's "family jewels" and stomps down hard. 

The action returns this coming Saturday at 8:00PM at the RSWF Arena. Be there for old school wrestling with a new twist.

Reported by Brandon Owen Harber 

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