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RSWF November 29th Report by Brandon Harber

RSWF Sat. Nov 29th 2015

This had to be one of the most fun wrestling shows I've ever been too. It started on a somber note with a 10 bell salute to another fallen Memphis Wrestling Legend, Tommy Gilbert. Thanks for the memories Tommy. A Real Wrestler.

 The first match featured The New Flava Flave Edrick Hines vs Big Johnny Thunder. Hines came out wearing a University of Memphis Hoodie and never took it off. Thunder slams Hines hard then throws him into the ropes and gives him a big boot. Thunder then gives Hines a tilt-a-whirl slam and a thunderous body slam. Thunder then goes to the 2nd rope and finishes Hines off with a Thuder-Splash for the 1, 2, 3!

The next match was a rematch of The Soviet Saint Norman Meklakov vs The Iceman Chris Austin. James Jimmy Starr starts off by saying "I speak Russian Dressing." This match starts off with a stare down then a lock-up then a break then another lock up then another break. Norman puts the Iceman in a killer headlock. Then the chant from the crowd starts "Russia sucks Russia sucks." The two competitors lock up again. Chris Austin then throws Norman to the ground hard. Alston takes Norman down with a vicious arm bar then gives him a fireman's carry drop. Austin then drop kicks Norman out of the ring. After a time out they lock up again in the ring. The big Russian chokes Chris Austin on the middle rope. The Russian then chokes Austin with his leg, gives him a powerful slam, and drops the big leg on his throat. Next the Russian gives the iceman none other than a Russian leg sweep. Norman then takes Austin down with a super clothesline from hell. He then throws Austin into the corner. Austin is then the beneficiary of a killer sidewalk slam. The two competitors duke it out back and forth. In the middle of all this action the ref Lenso gets knocked down. While the referee is down the big Russian chokes Chris Austin with a smelly red towel. The Russian follows up this cheating with a full Nelson slam that takes out the Iceman for the count.

 This next matchup featured newcomer Will Kaution vs T. Street. They started out by locking up and T. Grabs a handful of Will's hair. Will throws T. Street into a headlock . T. Throws T. Into the ropes and lands a textbook dropkick. T. Street takes this opportunity to take a breather on the floor. T. gets back in the ring gets choked with a leg from Will. Then Will backs T. Into the corner and kicks him and steps on his throat. T fights back and slams Will to the mat hard, punches him, and gives him a rough suplex. Amazingly Will gets up and punches his way back. He backs T. Street into the corner. He runs to the center of the ring and then flys back across to deliver a dropkick in the corner.Will goes onto the apron and using the ropes , he flips over and delivers a falling head butt to Street. Will lands s monster super kick but then misses with an elbow. T . Hits Will with a Street Stunner out of no where for the pin-fall.

 Next out comes Pure Power with their no-count manager, Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock. He goes on a spiel about how you gotta love yourself. "I love myself. Pure Power loves themselves." Then he goes off on the fans again. He talks about Old Joe not having teeth, he calls me Brandon Harber a homeless man , asking the question how could I love my nasty homeless self .Je calls another lady a fat hag. Jimmy goes on about How Soultaker was laid out looking up at the lights after being jumped last week. DJ Brown is an idiot for turning us down. We will take on anybody in the back for the belts. Out runs The Pink and Black Attack to jump Pire Power . BoneCrusher and Nova pinch away on V and Charles. Kidd gets thrown out of the ring and Charles Ray Punches him. Blaylock interferes again and B hits Nova with a chair . Finally things settle down and Bonecrusher takes the Mike. "I'm tired of your fat ass cheating your way to the top. We accept your challenge for the belts tonight." It looked like a brawl was gonna break out again then.

The next match featured Gemini vs Kaziman Miyamoto w Kevin Bless . Gemini comes out talkin saying stuff like "I'm a prodigy. I'm a TCW Wrestler. I'm a Texas Wrestler. I have talent." Next thing you know , Kaziman and Bless bum-rush Gemini and beat him like a bad step child. All of a sudden A guy in a white mask that looked liked Mr. B. Came to save the day. He takes off the mask and low and behold , it's Chi Town's Finest Mr. B. He takes the Mike and says to Bless " who are you supposed to be, Prince and the Revolution?" Then he starts speaking indiscernible fake Japanese gibberish to Kaziman. Kaz looked mad as heck. Mr B. Said "If y'all didn't know already , Gemini is my real son. Now let's bring out my step son. C-Lo, come to the ring."
 All of a sudden this is a Tag Team match . Mr. B and Bless start it off. Bless throws Mr. B. In a textbook head lock. Mr. B. Reverses in an arm bar take down and into a headlock. Bless shrugs Mr. B. Off into the ropes but Mr. B. puts him right back in a headlock. Bless arm twists but Mr. B reverses and flips. Bless grabs Mr.B and throws him in the corner where he delivers a series of four shoulder tackles. Mr.B reverses it and shoulder blocks Bless back. Then Mr.B. Delivered a Chi Town Backbreaker to Bless.He holds Bless in the Backbreaker on his knee and Gemini leaps from the top rope with a leg drop that takes Bless out. Bless tries to get up but Gemini dropkick a him. He punches and kicks the crap out of Bless then gives him a gut wrench suplex. He goes for the pin but Bless kicks out. Then Gemini catches Bless off guard with a DDT. Gemini throws Bless in the corner and gives him a flying knee smash to the chest. Then he gives a snap mare to Bless and grabs him by his wet hair. Gemini bless slaps Mr.B. In the corner and gives him a head butt. Mr. B. Falls to the floor.Bless tags Kaziman. Kaz snap mares him, kicks him in the back and face and finally puts him in a sleeper.Bless comes in and kicks Gemini and gives him a running knee to the face. Then he clothesline a Gemini and tags in Kaz. Kaziman throws Gemini in a bear hug and turns it into a belly to belly suplex.He tags Bless. Bless suplexes Gemini and goes in for a choke. Gemini fights out and both men go down for about a 7 count. Mr.B.and Kaz go at it Mr.B. Dropkick a Kaziman then kicks the mess out of Bless. Kaz stops Mr.B and chop blocks him.Kaz charges at Mr.B but he sucks and Kaziman flips over the top rope onto the floor.Mr. B. Gives a hell of a super kick to Bless and then Gemini gives Bless a killer DDT .Mr. B goes for the cover. 1,2,33333!!!!

Right before intermission Mr. B. Takes the Mike and says "Thanks to Soultaker for your friendship and helping me with a place to stay when I come in town. I've wrestled a lot of places but RSWF has the damn best fans ever . " after that we sang happy birthday to him and he got a big pie to his face. Intermission: C/Lo dance party

The next match was action packed wrestling fans. It featured the return of Mike Coldblood vs DJ Brown. They lock up and DJ immediately locks up ColdBloods arm and twists it 3 times. ColdBlood reverses it and twists DJs arm. They break and DJ goes to work by punching and dropkicking ColdBlood out of the ring. He walks around and catches his breath outside. He comes back in gives DJ a neckbreaker. DJ comes back and punches ColdBlood but Cold blood fights him off, throws him into the ropes and power slams him. He headlocks DJ and throws him into the ropes and delivers a hard elbow . ColdBlood executes a very delayed suplex to DJ . Cold Blood goes to town with a clothesline, uppercut punch , body slam, and a Macho Man elbow drop off the top rope. He takes DJ corner to corner and gives him a sidewalk slam . 1,2... Kick out. Cold Blood misses a leg drop DJ delivers a flying neckbreaker to ColdBlood . He climbs to the top. Bless comes out and distracts the ref . Kaziman comes out and pushes DJ off the top . ColdBlood covers him for the victory.

This next match was a semi main event for the tag belts between Pure Power and The Pink and Black Attack. Both teams are staring each other down in the beginning . Bonecrusher and Charles Ray start it out . Bone backs Charles into the corner . He elbows Charles and gives him a falling fist. He tags in Kidd Novs but Nova is assaulted by Charles and put into a Backbreaker. Charles holds him in the Backbreaker position and then throws Nova out of the ring. V-Man Spears Nova outside onto the metal corner pole.They throw him back in and Charles gives Nova 2 Backbreakers , a bear hug, and a corner smash. V-Man tags in an puts a textbook Camel clutch . He lets go and stomps on Nova but then puts him in a painful Boston Crab. Charles tags in gives him a belly to back suplex followed by a series of cell block shoulder tackles. V tags in and puts Nova in a Dragon sleeper then release it after a minute and clubs him in the chest . V lands a falling head butt . Ray tags in and slams Nova. Somehow out of nowhere Kidd fights back and clothesline Charles Ray. Both men tag. Bone punches everybody like a wild man but Pure Power fights him off and double team shoulder tackles him. All of a sudden with their backs turned , DJ Brown comes out of nowhere with a flipping double neckbreaker off the top rope. The ref says ring the bell. Pure Power jumps DJ and Bone tries to help but gets whooped off. Blaylock takes the Mike and says " you see what happens when you stick your nose where it don't belong."

 Let me start by saying this Main Event between RSWF Heavyweight Champion Bishop Kage and challenger "All That" Alan Steele was the coolest , most fun to watch, exciting match I have seen in a long time . It was a no DQ, anything goes, falls count anywhere title match. The match started with Kage pushing Steele hard in the chest 3 straight time. Steele responds by slapping Kage in the face hard like a pimp. Then Steele unloads a series of 5 closed fists on Kage, clothes lines him and slaps the hell out of him.Kage reverses Steele into the corner and slaps the fire out of him twice. Kage throws Steele out of the ring and grabs his head a X slams it I go the ring apron. Kage grabs his thug chain and chokes the living heck out of Steele. He starts beating the life out of Steele over and over with an old school metal chair. Kage goes for the cover on the concrete floor. 1,2,.... Kick out. Steele punches Kage near the concession area. The whole crowd is on their feet now following the wrestlers around the RSWF arena. Steele throws a DDT on Kage. With Kage stunned Steele tries to eliminate Kage with a Piledriver but Kage blocks it and flips Steele over his back onto the hard floor. Kage Rams Steele into a Steele pole and kicks him in the head. Steele grabs an old ladies cane and comes up behind Bishop and with the hook end Rams it up into Kage's Family Jewels .Kage recovers and gets Steele back with a series of punches. Steele grabs a chair and smacks Bishop in the face hard.They keep punching it out past the women's restroom and almost go in there but they must have seen someone or smelt something cause they both made a face and went on past it. Steele grabs the broom and jabs it into Bishops nuts .Next Steele grabs a wet , black, umbrella and whoops Bishop with it.Kage slams a chair hard into Steele's head and goes for a spear but Steele moves and Bishop spears the wall. Steele picks up Kage, spreads his legs and slams his balls into a red metal support pole. They fight over to the announce table and destroy it. Bishop misses another spear . Next Steele super kicks Bishop and knock a him out. Steele goes and gets a wooden door and places it with one end on the ring and one end on a set of portable Steele stairs that he positioned about 4 feet from the ringside . Steele attempts to Piledriver Kage again but it is a no go. Kage slaps Steele hard in the chest. Back in the ring they go. Steele slams Kage hard . 1,2, ....kick out. Steele sets Kage on the corner top rope and picks him up. Sit down powerbomb time! Before he goes for the cover Pure Power starts to come out and the ref looks toward them and stops the count. Soultaker and Chris Austin fight Pure Power back into the dressing room. In the mean time T Street comes from out of no where and jumps Kage. He drags cage onto the disowned door . The ref is outside at this point. Steele climbs to the top. With the crowd in a frenzy he leaps off with a full body splash , landing on Bishop and breaking the door into. Steele goes for the pin. 1,2,333333!!!!! And there we have it RSWF fans. A new RSWF Heavyweight Champion, The Full Time Beast, "All That" Alan Steele.

 Tune in next week for more exciting RSWF coverage . And remember. Support Live Memphis Wrestling events.

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