Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Results From Championship Wrestling's "Christmas With The Legends" At The Isle Of Capri Casino In Lula, MS-December 12, 2015


Announcers "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and "T-Bone" Terrence Ward, welcomed everyone to "Christmas With The Legends" inside the Isle of Capri Casino in Lula, Mississippi.  JD McKay served as the official referee for the night.

Opening Match-"Xtreme" Brett Michaels managed by Dirty defeated Mitch Toretta after Dirty pulled Mitch's leg causing a distraction so Brett could hit Mitch low and then follow with a superkick

Lee and Rip from WBLE Country 101 entered the ring and introduced Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor and Barry Wolf managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock.  The Hollywood Clique traded insults with the radio duo before their opponents The All-New Bruise Brothers came to the ring to the classic Blues Brothers' theme dressed in masks, sunglasses, hats and carrying a briefcase.

2nd Match-The Bruise Brothers defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor & Barry Wolf accompanied by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock when one of The Bruise Brothers blasted Barry Wolf with their briefcase.

"The Mayor" Oscar Barlow introduced his hero and the "Dean" of all wrestling announcers, the legendary Lance Russell for a very special presentation.  Bill "Superstar" Dundee and Jerry "The King" Lawler both came down to greet Lance in a reunion of  Memphis Wrestling icons.  Lawler credited Russell for giving him his start back when he was a teenager sending in drawings of all the wrestlers.  Next, I had the incredible honor of presenting Lance Russell with the 2015 Wrestling News Center Lifetime Achievement Award for his esteemed body of work as "The Voice of Memphis Wrestling" all these years.  As a lifelong wrestling fan that grew up watching Memphis Wrestling every Saturday morning it's still quite surreal that I actually got to present an award to the greatest wrestling announcer of all time.  I would like thank everyone that made that dream a reality.  Be sure and head over to Lance Russell: The Voice of Memphis Wrestling on Facebook and give it a Like.

3rd Match-First Ever Christmas Presents Weapons Match-Chris Rocker vs The Star of WGN's Wrestling With Death, Derrick "By God Greater Than Great" King-This match was a lot of fun!  Rocker opened up the first present and it was one of those streamers that the band dancers have.  The look on Rocker's face was priceless.  Derrick King used the Christmas tree as a weapon and then some silly string.  Next was a nerf sword duel in which Rocker tried to stab Derrick in the stomach, but Derrick punched him in the mouth.  Derrick then opened up a present and seemed to be a little jittery.  And when I say jittery, I mean scared to death because there was a plastic snake in the box and when Rocker put it on Derrick in the corner, he bolted out of the ring in a flash.  Hilarious!  Rocker got payback by spraying Derrick with some silly string and breaking some candy canes over his head.  Rocker also choked Derrick with the Christmas lights.  Rocker flew off the top with a frog splash.  Rocker opened another gift, but Derrick kicked it into Rocker's face with powder flying everywhere.  Derrick would follow it up by piledriving Rocker into the mat.  Derrick grabbed a plastic baseball bat and swung it low on Rocker.  Foul ball!  Referee JD McKay took a bump in the corner when Rocker collided into him.  Both men took out chains, but it was Rocker that struck first to get the win.  Your winner, Chris Rocker!!!  You should have been there to witness this one.  It was Christmas Chaos!

4th Match-Studd defeated Dustin "Five" Starr accompanied by Maria with a sunset flip after Referee JD McKay kicked Dustin and Maria's hands apart.  Following the match, Maria was so frustrated in Dustin for losing that she had a complete meltdown by kicking and screaming in the middle of ring.  However, The Power Couple managed to kiss and make up in the end.

Here's video of this intense battle, thanks to Fred Cotto & the

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