Thursday, December 10, 2015

New effort to challenge constitutionality of Missouri Office of Athletics

There is a new Facebook page that is dedicated to challenge the constitutionality of the operation of the Missouri Office of Athletics. Check it out here:

A quote from the Missouri Office of Athletics statutes and rules:

“The promoter must have an approved permit before any advertisement, publicity, or other public announcement is issued for the contest. Violation of this provision shall be grounds for discipline.”
This rule is extremely troubling. Let's explore the key ways in which shows are advertised. 1. Word of mouth. basically this rule prohibits your First Amendment rights and states that no, you cannot tell anyone in the public of your next show unless you pay the state for a permit. 2. Posters placed in the windows of local privately owned businesses. The state Office of Athletics basically takes the power out of the hands of all private business owners. If I as a promoter ask a business owner to hang an advertisement and they agree to, then the decision to hang my advertisement is completely theirs. Their right to do so is guaranteed by the Constitution. There is absolutely nothing the Office of Athletics can do to stop this, they simply do not have the power. 3. Internet advertising, such as private websites, Facebook, online community calendars, etc. All of these avenues are again protected by the First Amendment. It doesn't matter who you are, promoter or not, the Office of Athletics is again powerless to prohibit or stop this in any way. What's the most troubling for me is the phrase "Violation of this provision shall be grounds for discipline.” The Office of Athletics uses language toward free adult citizens that you would use with children. As if to say that they are the only authority, if you have a promotion of any kind in Missouri, it's not really yours, they seize total ownership of it. They have no right or authority to do these things. For years they have used threats, and intimidation to keep their grip tight around the throats of the promoters in this state. Everyone needs to remember, promoters are people, just like everyone else. They're hard working folks, just trying to make a living, and trying to bring good quality entertainment to their fellow citizens. The Missouri Office of Athletics only goal is to ensure that our entertainment businesses do not prosper, and the Office of Athletics must be stopped. We face many worries in the world today, there are many threats of terrorism on our homeland. It is inherently wrong for any state bureaucracy to practice these tactics. We are a breath away from total government control if we allow this to continue. Be courageous, however, government can not and does not control us, it is very much the other way around. I urge you all to call your representation in the state legislature, tell them of the importance of our freedoms being restored to us by abolishing these oppressive regulations. It's time we tell the director of the Office of Athletics that no, you do not have any authority over us, we are in charge in this state. We are the voices that when we speak with a calm, overwhelming majority, yes, even you Mr. director will obey the people, because the state belongs to we... WE THE PEOPLE

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