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B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Dec. 26th 2015.


B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Dec. 26th 2015.
 "Road to Resolution"

The night starts with Renegades coming out . Bless takes the Mike and says " Every week Soultaker is up to some kind of savagery putting up against Bishop and then last week that monstrosity Charles Ray put me in the hospital. It doesn't matter . Soultaker doesn't know he is building our popularity by booking us in these matches." Next Soultaker comes over the speaker " ColdBlood go to the back. Kevin Bless your opponent is coming out. Next thing you hear Johnny Thunder's music and out comes the big man to face Kevin X Bless. Bless tried Jumping Thunder but Thunder clotheslines the mess out of Bless. Next he gives Bless a body slam , a big boot to the face, a suplex, a head butt and a power slam. Out runs ColdBlood to save the day. Bless gives Thunder a running knee to the face. CJ Shine runs out to help Thunder. Now it's a Tag Team Match. Bless twists CJ's arm but it's reversed then re reversed . Shine shoulder tackles Bless. Then he gives him a leaping frog hip toss . Bless fights back with 2 arm drags and a dropkick . He tags ColdBlood. They have a punch out. Coldblood gives CJ a uppercut and a head butt. Next he nails CJ with 3 bionic elbows. CJ fights back and slams ColdBlood. 1,2,.....Bless saves. They double clothesline CJ but he manages to tag Thunder. Thunder clotheslines ColdBlood , punches , and dropkicks him. 1,2... Bless cheat saves again. They attempt to double team suplex Thunder but he instead suplexes both of them. Johnny corner smashes Bless. ColdBlood DDTs Thinder. Bless goes to the top and lands a senton bomb. Somehow Bless touches Lenso with his poofy hair and Lenso disqualifies The renegades.

Next a series of 3 videos plays on the big screen.First Bishop Kage comes on " I'm still the champ . Steel pinned me but it wasn't. Fair cause his little buddy T. Streets came out to help. Last week when you claim I had the chair. I was long gone. You had that chair in your hands Steel. T Streets, you better worry about your dirty partner."

Next Alan Steel speaks "I didn't mean to hits streets. I was fighting out on the floor. Bishop brought the chair into the ring to hit streets. I grabbed it trying and tried to hit V but he ducked and I hit you instead . I called Streets all week but no answer. "

Finally T. STREETS speaks "I been trying to keep myself calm. I know there are two sides to every story but when you see with your own eyes there's proof. I hit V Man with the Homicide . It was over. When I turned around Alan hit me with the chair. I didn't see Bishop, I saw you. I thought he was my friend. "

  The next match is the first Bull Rope Match in RSWF history feat. The Soviet Saint Norman Meklakov vs The Iceman Chris Austin. C-Lo ties the 2 together with a rope connect by a metal bell. Austin starts off by stomping and stomping on the big Soviet . Meklakov fights back by hitting Iceman twice with a metal cowbell. Then he does a falling bell drop to Austin. Austin escapes and tries to jump from the top rope but Meklakov jerks him off. Next he chokes Ice really hard with the bull rope. He clubs Iceman with his powerful forearms and backs him to the corner. Meklakov rope chokes Austin with his knee. Then he lands a falling head butt. And drops the cow bell on IceMan's head and shoulder. He shoulder tackles Iceman. 1,2.... He kicks out. He chokes Iceman . While hobbled , Meklakov slides and hits Ice's leg. Meklakov goes to grab Iceman and Ice gives him a stunner in the cowbell for the 1,2,3!!!!!

  The next match was for the U.S. Title. Kaziman Miyamoto vs DJ Brown. It starts off with announce James Jimmy Starr mocking Kaziman by speaking fake unintelligible Japanese. Kaziman puts an arm bar/twist to DJ but he flips out reverses it into a headlock . He kicks Kaz in his big stomach. DJ catches Kaz in a flying head scissors and flips him out the ring. Kaz comes back in and hits DJ with a spinning powerbomb from out of no where. 1,2... Kick out. Kaz chokes DJ, kicks him in the stomach and throws him outside. Back in the ring DJ leg drops Kaziman twice. DJ runs and tries a flying cross body but Kaz catches him and fireman drops him. Then he suplexes DJ hard.He picks him up and does a suplex that turns into an inverted drop. 1,2....Kaz lands a hard inverted DDT. Kaz drops DJ on his face, slams him , and leg drops him. 1,2.... DJ kicks out. He climbs to the top and lands a missile drop kick on Kaziman. 1,2 Kaziman foot is on the ropes. He lands some type of spinning face slam. Kaz grabs the belt to hit DJ but Lenso grabs it. As Lenso is putting the belt back into the corner Kaziman grabs the Japanese flag poll and jabs DJ with it . 1,2.... DJ kicks out. Kaz goes for a suplex but DJ lands on his feet and turns it into a neckbreaker.1, 2...kick out. Kaziman puts his Motu buster on DJ and finishes him off to keep the belt. 

  The next match was your semi main event for the RSWF Tag Team Belts between The Champs Pure Power and The team of Mike Outlaw and Justin Pierre. Pure Power jumps these young bucks and throws them out the ring. They get up and angrily climb back in. Big Charles and Outlaw start it off. He pushes Outlaw, picks him up into a headlock , and shoulder blocks him 3 times. Outlaw dropkicks Charles , ducks, and dropkicks him again. He tags in Justin and throws him into Charles. Next he holds Charles' arm and rope walks him and flips with his leg. Justin flies towards V but V catches him. Outlaw humid off the top rope and flies into V 's head. V drop kicks Outlaw and tags Charles. Charles shoulder blocks Outlaw twice and clotheslines him. 1,2....Charles hurts Outlaw with a powerful sidewalk slam. 1,2....Justin breaks it up. V tags in and puts Outlaw in an old school camel clutch. Justin comes in and pushes V. V -Man clothesline Outlaw hard and tags Charles. Charles lands a deadly fall away slam on Outlaw. 

 He gives a Backbreaker that turns into a powers jam to Outlaw. Charles tags in V. He chokes Outlaw but he escaped and tags Justin Pierre. He comes in and elbows V and Charles. V goes for a choke slam but Misses. Outlaw lands a flyin uppercut to V. Pierre flies off the top but ends up kicking Outlaw. Pure Power doubleteam choke slams Justin and gets the 1,2,3. Enraged at this point Outlaw turns on Justin and kicks him in the head.

  The next match was your Main Event. This was a 3-Way Tussle for The RSWF Heavyweight Title between Champion Alan Steel, The Human Juggernaut Bishop Kage, and T.Streets. 

  Kage starts off by sitting in the audience so Steel and Streets can fight one on one. They lock up and Alan slaps a headlock to Streets. He backs streets in the corner and shoulder jabs him. Streets dropkicks Steel. Kage throws a chair into the ring. Kage comes in the ring gets double team punched . Streets backs Kage into the corner and stomps. Steel throws Streets out the way and stomps Kage. Streets does the same and stomps Kage. Kage falls out the ring. Streets and Steel chest push each other. Streets clotheslines Alan out the ring.Kage flips over the ropes. Steel pops streets with a hard slap . Kage pulls Streets out the ring . Steel flies out of the ring through the ropes and tackles both opponents. Kage chokes Steel. Streets clotheslines Steel. All 3 men are down. Kage covers Steel. 1,2....Streets saves. Steel slams Streets head into the turn buckle .Alan does a second rope elbow drop. Kage slaps Steel in the corner. Alan slaps back. On the floor Steel chops Kage. Kage does a ball punch. Kage slaps steel hard. Kage racks Streets balls on the pole then stomps him in the chest. He does a running back stomp to Streets. 1,2...T kicks out Kage and Steel punch each other. Streets throws Kage in a Texas Clover Leaf. Steel kicks Streets in the head. Streets covers Steel. 1,2...Kage breaks it. Streets stomps both men. Double knee drops to both. Streets climbs to the top. Streets does a flying double head butt that knocks all 3 men down . Kage climbs to top rope. Steel goes for a Superplex that is blocked and turned into a plex power bomb to both men by Streets. Streets covers Steel.1,2.....leg on rope. Streets punches Steel. Kage spears T. STREETS hard . Steel super kicks Kage knocking him silly. Streets goes for the homicide to Steel but Steel blocks it and wraps Streets up in a small package for the 1,2,3!!! Steel is still your RSWF Heavyweight Champ. 

  Join us next week Sat Jan 2nd at RSWF Arena for more cool wrestling and a live performance by my Wrestling Music Band The Bruise Brothers.

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