Tuesday, December 22, 2015

B's RSWF Weekly Rundown


B.'s RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Sat. Dec 19th X-Mas Show

The night starts with Edrick Hines walking out with his rival Big Johnny Thunder. Hines says " after we team up and take on these jabronis we can go back to beating the hell out of each other. So it was as Hines and Thunder took on Kaos and C.J. Shine. Hines starts out with a big arm drag takedown on C. J. He tags Thunder and they do a double team clothesline .he tags Hines.C.J. gives a drop kick to Hines. He tags in Kaos and Kaos goes on a punching spree . He goes for the cover, 1,2,......He snap mares Hines. He tags Thunder. Thunder comes in with a clothesline and a head butt . Kaos kicks Thunder but Thunder throws him out of the ring.Hines throws him back into the ring. C.J. Comes in. Thunder lands a killer clothesline and slams him for the 1,2,....3.

Next the Renegades come out. Bless, ColdBlood , and Fleming.Jimmy Starr hands ColdBlood the Mike " shut up and you can hear me. Tonight the renegades are in full effect. Kaziman is on vacation eating sushi with fine women. We are here tonight to take on anybody. No matter who." Next you can hear Soultaker speak over the P.A. " Bless you will be taking on V-Man tonight one on one" Pure Powers' music starts playing and V-Man walks out. Lenso and C-Lo hold him back. Jimmy Starr says things will be happening in paradise tonight .

  The Iceman Chris Austin vs. Norman Meklakov. Austin grabs the mike. "week in and week out I get cheated by the big dumb idiot Russian Norman Meklakov. Last week he draped an America flag over me and walked across it. There is no greater form of disrespect. Tonight he will face me in a street fight. Iceman jumps Norman outside the ring before the bell even rings. He slams Meklakov into the pole and then throws a trash can in the ring. He grabs a yellow plastic wet floor sign and pops Meklakov across the face. Meklakov grabs a crutch and hits Iceman with it. Then he chokes him with it. Austin reverse it , slams Norman into a pole and breaks the crutch over his back. He chokes Norman with a piece of the crutch.Then they go back and forth beating each other with a trash can lid.Norman legs chokes Austin on the ropes but Austin uses the ropes to sling Norman back. Austin misses from the top rope. A punch out ensues. Austin tries a stunner but doesn't get it. Both men fight outside the ring and into the back for a double count out. 

  The 3rd match featured Mike ColdBlood vs Jason Pierre . Starts off with a punch out . Mike puts on an arm bar but it's reversed. He puts a headlock on Pierre. Mike throws Pierre into the ropes and delivers a hard shoulder tackle.Pierre gets up and drop kicks him in the face. Then he throw him in the corner and does a flying kick to the face and chest . Then he launches off the ropes with flying frog elbow . Both men are now on the floor. ColdBlood uppercuts Pierre and throws him in the ring. ColdBlood nails a textbook suplex on Pierre. A punch out happens. ColdBlood headlocks Pierre and then pulls his hair. He elbows ColdBlood and throws him in the corner. Next he hits ColdBlood with an arm drag, a clothesline, and a twisting , neck-breaker face slam. Pierre throws ColdBlood out the ring. Pierre flies full speed and hurls himself through the ropes and onto ColdBlood . They almost take out the first row of fans. Pierre goes back in the ring and does it again. They fight near the announce table. Back in the ring Pierre tries a frog splash off the top rope but misses. ColdBlood goes for the pin with his legs on the ropes . 1,2, 3!!!!

  The 4th match was Mike Outlaw vs DJ Brown. The match starts off with corner to corner reversals. Outlaw jumps out of the ring. DJ confronts outlaw. Outlaw puts DJ in a side headlock.DJ punches his way out. Outlaw give DJ a hard shoulder tackle. DJ does a leapfrog dropkick . DJ climbs to the top for a high cross body. 1,2,..... Outlaw tries to call a timeout. Outlaw jumps DJ. DJ is thrown out of the ring. DJ climbs back into the ring. Mike Outlaw gives a hard knee to the chest and stomps DJ. Outlaw give DJ a hard back elbow. Outlaw leg chokes DJ on the neck. DJ kicks Outlaw in the face. He tries a high cross body. Outlaw then gives DJ two back breakers. DJ van climbs to the top of the rope and lands missile drop kick. DJ clotheslines Outlaw twice and DDT's him hard. Bless comes out and distracts the ref. ColdBlood sneaks up from behind and face slams DJ. He goes for the pin but DJ wraps him up in a small package and gets the 1,2,3!!!

  Match 5 featured V-Man vs Kevin Bless. Charles Ray and Bishop Kage are banned to the back. It starts off with V throwing Bless hard across the ring. Next a test of strength trick that ends with Bless kicking V and backing him to the corner. He runs and flies toward V but is caught mid-air and thrown . V then clotheslines the heck out of Bless and follows it with a sling-shot suplex. V gives him a big boot to the face. Next V lands a hard fall away slam on Bless. Bless falls out the ring . Back up on the apron , V suplexes him back into the ring. Bless super kicks V hard twice. But V punches back and drops Bless. Bless stands on the apron and V Choke Slams him up over the ropes and down hard in the ring for the win.

  The next match was your Main Event of the evening featuring Bishop Kage and Charles Ray vs T. Streets and All That Alan Steel. It starts out with everyone brawling. Charles gets double team shoulder tackled. Steel hip tosses Kage and clotheslines him and tags Streets. Streets backs Kage to the corner. He gives Kage to falling fore arm smashes but misses with an elbow from the second rope. Charles slams streets and lands a big leg drop. He throws Streets to the corner. Next he shoulder blocks him and clotheslines him twice. He twists Streets arm and tags Kage. Kage misses a clothesline and Streets clotheslines him and tags in Steel. Steel misses a drop kick. Kage tags Charles and they double team shoulder tackle Steel. 1,2...Charles gives Steel to shoulder tackles and a clothesline . He tags in Kage. Kage chest slaps Steel in the corner. Steel punches back.Charles comes in and gives Steel a hard back breaker and holds it. Kage comes back in a puts a camel clutch on Steel.Steel punches Kage in the nuts. Charkes tags in. He elbows Steel and goes for the cover 1,2,.....Charles tags in Kage and he kicks Steel in the head. On the floor Steel is choked by Charles and thrown back into the ring. Kage gives Steel a fall away slam. Some how Steel fights back and tags Streets . Streets comes in an cleans house. He gives Charles a spine buster. Then from out of the back V runs in and throws powder in Streets eyes. The ref calls for the bell. Blinded, streets does a spinning, falling DDT to Steel. He almost does Steel in but thinks twice . What a finish.

This coming Sat is the next big RSWF show, Road to Resolution. Be there at 8:00pm for more cool wrestling action.

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