Monday, December 7, 2015

Brandi Lee passed out during training session at UCW.

 Brandi Lee passed out  and started having seiziers this past Saturday during a training session with Sarge O'Riley  at the UCW arena in Union City, Tn.    Brandi is now in the ICU at LeBohner, according to reports she had bleeding in the brain and severe swelling that is not going down.

  This is from  her Mom's Christy Lee Facebook this morning

"Some guy on the ICU team came in and did a physical exam on Brandi Lee seeing if she was numb and what she could move...she could feel the touches on her leg but not able to tell which leg he was touching without looking. Said if the neuro doctor says so she may move to a normal room...He said that he's gonna tell the doctor that she's like tingly numb.. He never said nothing about the results of her MRI"

 Update on Brandi Lee...
Her MRI was normal... She still has bleeding on her brain.. The Dr said it will dry up on its own and in time the swelling will go down... SO NO SURGERIES!! They gonna move her to a room up on the floor sometime today.. The Dr said she has to wear the neck brace for 3 months... She can't go back to school until after Christmas... The Dr said this is gonna be a long process of healing but my baby is a fighter and will continue to fight... Thank everyone for all the prayers!! They are very much appreciated...

The crew would like to wish Brandi Lee a speedy recovery and pray she feels better.  


Ashley Mcdaniel said...

Hey girl get better.i am praying for u

Ashley Mcdaniel said...

Hey get better I am praying for u