Thursday, December 31, 2015

OWO Returns To Amory, MS Saturday, January 9th

All-Pro Championship Wrestling Saturday, January 2nd Okolona, MS


VCA Extravaganza 2015 Video Highlights

Memphis Wrestling Legend Wrestler/ Promoter Buddy Wayne passes away

Memphis Wrestling Legend Wrestler/ Promoter Buddy Wayne passed away this morning.   His Grandson Eric Wayne posted this on his Facebook.

Over the years, everyone that came through Memphis worked for my grandfather, Buddy Wayne. He started his career before most of us were even born. It amazes me the amount of people that have a story or quote from him. If I had to pick one, my favorite quote would be a tie between "I'm proud of you" and "I love you"
Today, Buddy finished up his career and joined all his friends.
RIP Buddy

 Our condolences go out to Buddy Wayne's family and friends. We will give you more details when they become available. 


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Twin States Wrestling 'Battle for the Belt' coming to Piedmont, Alabama on January 17th!


Breaking News!! Wrestler Mike Jones will be on Fox & Friends this Friday!!


Be sure to watch Mid-South wrestler Mike  Jones on Fox & Friends this Friday,  Mike will be on the popular Fox News program via satellite from Memphis, Tn.  Mike Jones dancing with his daughters video went viral and the video now has over 52 Million hits from all over the world.  Be sure to check out  Fox & Friends on Fox News this Friday between 5AM-8 AM.   Here's the video if you haven't seen it.


WrestlingNewsCenter Wrestler of 2015 winner is....

We are proud to announce that the Wrestler of 2015 is...

Derrick received 34.99 percent of the votes.

I have witnessed Derrick be the fan favorite to the most hated within seconds. He's definitely been on top this year. He has been the headliner at most big shows in this area. He entertains the fans each and every time he performs. He was featured on WGN's reality tv show Wrestling with Death.

Congratulations Derrick King!

Runner up: Dustin Starr with 27.75% of the votes.
3rd Place: Bill Dundee with 20.61% of the votes.
4th Place: Barry Wolf with 16.65% of the votes.

B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Dec. 26th 2015.


B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Dec. 26th 2015.
 "Road to Resolution"

The night starts with Renegades coming out . Bless takes the Mike and says " Every week Soultaker is up to some kind of savagery putting up against Bishop and then last week that monstrosity Charles Ray put me in the hospital. It doesn't matter . Soultaker doesn't know he is building our popularity by booking us in these matches." Next Soultaker comes over the speaker " ColdBlood go to the back. Kevin Bless your opponent is coming out. Next thing you hear Johnny Thunder's music and out comes the big man to face Kevin X Bless. Bless tried Jumping Thunder but Thunder clotheslines the mess out of Bless. Next he gives Bless a body slam , a big boot to the face, a suplex, a head butt and a power slam. Out runs ColdBlood to save the day. Bless gives Thunder a running knee to the face. CJ Shine runs out to help Thunder. Now it's a Tag Team Match. Bless twists CJ's arm but it's reversed then re reversed . Shine shoulder tackles Bless. Then he gives him a leaping frog hip toss . Bless fights back with 2 arm drags and a dropkick . He tags ColdBlood. They have a punch out. Coldblood gives CJ a uppercut and a head butt. Next he nails CJ with 3 bionic elbows. CJ fights back and slams ColdBlood. 1,2,.....Bless saves. They double clothesline CJ but he manages to tag Thunder. Thunder clotheslines ColdBlood , punches , and dropkicks him. 1,2... Bless cheat saves again. They attempt to double team suplex Thunder but he instead suplexes both of them. Johnny corner smashes Bless. ColdBlood DDTs Thinder. Bless goes to the top and lands a senton bomb. Somehow Bless touches Lenso with his poofy hair and Lenso disqualifies The renegades.

Next a series of 3 videos plays on the big screen.First Bishop Kage comes on " I'm still the champ . Steel pinned me but it wasn't. Fair cause his little buddy T. Streets came out to help. Last week when you claim I had the chair. I was long gone. You had that chair in your hands Steel. T Streets, you better worry about your dirty partner."

Next Alan Steel speaks "I didn't mean to hits streets. I was fighting out on the floor. Bishop brought the chair into the ring to hit streets. I grabbed it trying and tried to hit V but he ducked and I hit you instead . I called Streets all week but no answer. "

Finally T. STREETS speaks "I been trying to keep myself calm. I know there are two sides to every story but when you see with your own eyes there's proof. I hit V Man with the Homicide . It was over. When I turned around Alan hit me with the chair. I didn't see Bishop, I saw you. I thought he was my friend. "

  The next match is the first Bull Rope Match in RSWF history feat. The Soviet Saint Norman Meklakov vs The Iceman Chris Austin. C-Lo ties the 2 together with a rope connect by a metal bell. Austin starts off by stomping and stomping on the big Soviet . Meklakov fights back by hitting Iceman twice with a metal cowbell. Then he does a falling bell drop to Austin. Austin escapes and tries to jump from the top rope but Meklakov jerks him off. Next he chokes Ice really hard with the bull rope. He clubs Iceman with his powerful forearms and backs him to the corner. Meklakov rope chokes Austin with his knee. Then he lands a falling head butt. And drops the cow bell on IceMan's head and shoulder. He shoulder tackles Iceman. 1,2.... He kicks out. He chokes Iceman . While hobbled , Meklakov slides and hits Ice's leg. Meklakov goes to grab Iceman and Ice gives him a stunner in the cowbell for the 1,2,3!!!!!

  The next match was for the U.S. Title. Kaziman Miyamoto vs DJ Brown. It starts off with announce James Jimmy Starr mocking Kaziman by speaking fake unintelligible Japanese. Kaziman puts an arm bar/twist to DJ but he flips out reverses it into a headlock . He kicks Kaz in his big stomach. DJ catches Kaz in a flying head scissors and flips him out the ring. Kaz comes back in and hits DJ with a spinning powerbomb from out of no where. 1,2... Kick out. Kaz chokes DJ, kicks him in the stomach and throws him outside. Back in the ring DJ leg drops Kaziman twice. DJ runs and tries a flying cross body but Kaz catches him and fireman drops him. Then he suplexes DJ hard.He picks him up and does a suplex that turns into an inverted drop. 1,2....Kaz lands a hard inverted DDT. Kaz drops DJ on his face, slams him , and leg drops him. 1,2.... DJ kicks out. He climbs to the top and lands a missile drop kick on Kaziman. 1,2 Kaziman foot is on the ropes. He lands some type of spinning face slam. Kaz grabs the belt to hit DJ but Lenso grabs it. As Lenso is putting the belt back into the corner Kaziman grabs the Japanese flag poll and jabs DJ with it . 1,2.... DJ kicks out. Kaz goes for a suplex but DJ lands on his feet and turns it into a neckbreaker.1, 2...kick out. Kaziman puts his Motu buster on DJ and finishes him off to keep the belt. 

  The next match was your semi main event for the RSWF Tag Team Belts between The Champs Pure Power and The team of Mike Outlaw and Justin Pierre. Pure Power jumps these young bucks and throws them out the ring. They get up and angrily climb back in. Big Charles and Outlaw start it off. He pushes Outlaw, picks him up into a headlock , and shoulder blocks him 3 times. Outlaw dropkicks Charles , ducks, and dropkicks him again. He tags in Justin and throws him into Charles. Next he holds Charles' arm and rope walks him and flips with his leg. Justin flies towards V but V catches him. Outlaw humid off the top rope and flies into V 's head. V drop kicks Outlaw and tags Charles. Charles shoulder blocks Outlaw twice and clotheslines him. 1,2....Charles hurts Outlaw with a powerful sidewalk slam. 1,2....Justin breaks it up. V tags in and puts Outlaw in an old school camel clutch. Justin comes in and pushes V. V -Man clothesline Outlaw hard and tags Charles. Charles lands a deadly fall away slam on Outlaw. 

 He gives a Backbreaker that turns into a powers jam to Outlaw. Charles tags in V. He chokes Outlaw but he escaped and tags Justin Pierre. He comes in and elbows V and Charles. V goes for a choke slam but Misses. Outlaw lands a flyin uppercut to V. Pierre flies off the top but ends up kicking Outlaw. Pure Power doubleteam choke slams Justin and gets the 1,2,3. Enraged at this point Outlaw turns on Justin and kicks him in the head.

  The next match was your Main Event. This was a 3-Way Tussle for The RSWF Heavyweight Title between Champion Alan Steel, The Human Juggernaut Bishop Kage, and T.Streets. 

  Kage starts off by sitting in the audience so Steel and Streets can fight one on one. They lock up and Alan slaps a headlock to Streets. He backs streets in the corner and shoulder jabs him. Streets dropkicks Steel. Kage throws a chair into the ring. Kage comes in the ring gets double team punched . Streets backs Kage into the corner and stomps. Steel throws Streets out the way and stomps Kage. Streets does the same and stomps Kage. Kage falls out the ring. Streets and Steel chest push each other. Streets clotheslines Alan out the ring.Kage flips over the ropes. Steel pops streets with a hard slap . Kage pulls Streets out the ring . Steel flies out of the ring through the ropes and tackles both opponents. Kage chokes Steel. Streets clotheslines Steel. All 3 men are down. Kage covers Steel. 1,2....Streets saves. Steel slams Streets head into the turn buckle .Alan does a second rope elbow drop. Kage slaps Steel in the corner. Alan slaps back. On the floor Steel chops Kage. Kage does a ball punch. Kage slaps steel hard. Kage racks Streets balls on the pole then stomps him in the chest. He does a running back stomp to Streets. 1,2...T kicks out Kage and Steel punch each other. Streets throws Kage in a Texas Clover Leaf. Steel kicks Streets in the head. Streets covers Steel. 1,2...Kage breaks it. Streets stomps both men. Double knee drops to both. Streets climbs to the top. Streets does a flying double head butt that knocks all 3 men down . Kage climbs to top rope. Steel goes for a Superplex that is blocked and turned into a plex power bomb to both men by Streets. Streets covers Steel.1,2.....leg on rope. Streets punches Steel. Kage spears T. STREETS hard . Steel super kicks Kage knocking him silly. Streets goes for the homicide to Steel but Steel blocks it and wraps Streets up in a small package for the 1,2,3!!! Steel is still your RSWF Heavyweight Champ. 

  Join us next week Sat Jan 2nd at RSWF Arena for more cool wrestling and a live performance by my Wrestling Music Band The Bruise Brothers.

Congrats to wrestler Mike Jones for his latest video going viral with over 50 MILLION HITS!!


Congrats to wrestler Mike Jones for his latest video going viral with over 50 million hits seen all over the world.  Mike surprises his daughters Cheyenne & Alyssa  when he started dancing behind them in a video they made this week at their house.  If you haven't seen the video then here's the  link

Here's is another video of Mike talking about his video.

Mike "The Studd" Jones wrestles for Championship Wrestling and oWo. 

Mike will be at the next oWo Wrestling in Amory

 oWo Supershow returns to action January 9th at the East Amory Community Center in Amory, MS. Whats in store now that Dirty has regained 100 percent control of oWo again? What's next for Tony Dabbs after his longtime friends Brett Michaels and Studdtista turned their backs on him? Who will Danny Dollar defend the oWo Championship against? Who will Pure Destruction defend the oWo Tag Team Championship against? What will Curly More do after his brother Dirty and the rest of the Hollywood Clique attacked him at the last show? Also scheduled to appear: Hollywood Jimmy, Barry Wolf, HGH, Bless, Big Daddy Neno and more. Be there to find out what will happen. Doors open at 6:00 P.M., Belltime is 7:30 P.M. Admission $10 adults and kids ages 10 and under $7.

VCA Extravaganza Photos & Results From 12/27/15 Memphis, TN

1) Cymba def Crazy Jack and Jake in a Triple Threat Casket Match
2) Chris Evans def Miraculous King
3) Xander Raines def Johnny Gilbert by DQ
4) Allen Dalton fought Big Tiny to no contest due to time limit expiring in Heavyweight Title Match
5) Brooks and DJ Z def Malik and Sanchez in a Anything Goes Match after Brooks DDT Sanchez on exposed wood
Courtesy of VCA News

Dynamo Pro Wrestling 1/9 in Fenton. MO

Check out the article at the link below:

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wild Fire Wrestling - January 3rd

First time ever! We have a tie at WNC 2015 awards.

First time for everything! From all the years of running the WrestlingNewsCenter awards, we have never had a tie UNTIL now.

Our female wrestler category has a tie, but we can only have one winner.

Paris Kelly received 34.72% of the votes.

Nikki Lane received 34.72% of the votes.

We have extended our voting for this category until Jan 5th, 2016. Go determine the winner now!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Veteran Announcer's TNA contract about to expire

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported this week that veteran TNA announcer Mike Tenay, who hasn't been used regularly in months, will see his TNA contract expire at the end of the year. Tenay has been with the company since they began.


Lance Russell to be inducted into Cauliflower Alley Club

The legendary "Voice of Memphis Wrestling" Lance Russell will be inducted into the Cauliflower Alley Club at the 2016 CAC Reunion in Las Vegas in April. Russell will be inducted by WWE Hall of Fame member Jerry "The King" Lawler.

WWE Hall of Fame member to receive prestigous award

WWE Hall of Fame member Trish Stratus will be the 2016 recipient of the Iron Mike Mazurki Award at the Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion in April in Las Vegas. She will be the first woman to receive the award, which is the highest honor the Cauliflower Alley Club gives to a wrestler.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

From all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas from the writers and staff here at Wrestling News Center. And please, don't forget the reason we celebrate! Please be safe!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

oWo 1/9 in Amory, MS

oWo Supershow returns to action January 9th at the East Amory Community Center in Amory, MS. Whats in store now that Dirty has regained 100 percent control of oWo again? What's next for Tony Dabbs after his longtime friends Brett Michaels and Studdtista turned their backs on him? Who will Danny Dollar defend the oWo Championship against? Who will Pure Destruction defend the oWo Tag Team Championship against? What will Curly More do after his brother Dirty and the rest of the Hollywood Clique attacked him at the last show? Also scheduled to appear: Hollywood Jimmy, Barry Wolf, HGH, Bless, Big Daddy Neno and more. Be there to find out what will happen. Doors open at 6:00 P.M., Belltime is 7:30 P.M. Admission $10 adults and kids ages 10 and under $7.

Global Championship Wrestling 12/26 in Pell City, AL

Global Championship Wrestling
Pell City Civic Center
2801 Stemley Bridge Rd.
Pell City, AL 
Date: December 26, 2015  
On the Card:
Jimmy Rave vs. Spi-Ral.  
Pandora & Jessie Belle vs. Veronica Fairchild & Stormie Lee.  
Plus a lot more!
Tickets are $10.  
Bell time is 7:00 p.m.

New NWA Women's Champion Crowned 12/18

Amber Gallows (formerly Amber O'Neal) defeated Santana Garrett, Bree Ann and Nikki Knight in a four way match at NWA Texoma in Sherman, TX, on December 18, to win the NWA Women's World Championship, ending Santana Garrett's 314 day reign as champion.


NWA Smoky Mountain results from 12/19 in Kingsport, TN

NWA Smoky Mountain, Kingsport, TN, December 19 results:  
Southeastern Heavyweight Champion Jason Kincaid defeated Nick Hammonds in a cage match to retain after throwing a fireball into Nick Hammonds' face.  
Chase Owens w/Ricky Morton defeated Kid Kash in a career vs. career match.  Kid Kash is therefore forced to retire from wrestling.  
Giants of Gehenna (Chris Richards/Travis Lee) defeated Skylar Kruze & Axton Ray to win the NWA United States Tag Team Championship.  
Austin West & Ali Shabazz defeated Dylan Wayne Sizemore & Jordan Kage.  
NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jax Dane defeated Rob Conway to retain.  
Vince Brent vs. Toby Farley ended in a time limit draw.  
The Heatseekers (Elliott Russell/Sigmon) defeated The Hardliners (Jeff Connelly/Bryan Montgomery).  
Octavius Black defeated Wild Bill.

ProSouth Wrestling results from 12/18 in Piedmont, AL

ProSouth Wrestling, Piedmont, AL, December 18 results:  
ProSouth Heavyweight Champion Trever Aeon defeated Big Tomb to retain.  
Ace Haven w/Amy Haven defeated Stupid to become the #1 contender for the ProSouth Heavyweight Championship. (Due to match stipulations, Stupid's career is now over).  
Six man tag team elimination match: Team Britt (Britt Jackson/Steven Michaels/Scott Spade w/Gene Jackson) defeated Team Jed (Jed Johnson/Omega/El Diablo Loco Dos)
James Hardy defeated Victoria Ventress.  
Age of Aeon (Charles Zanders/Eli Daniels w/Mathias Darkthorne) defeated Kevin Ryan & AJ Morgan.  
Dakota Outlaw defeated Semaj Stone.  
ProSouth Tag Team Champions The Aries Brothers (Scott & Andrew Aries) defeated The Brotherhood (Mr. O'Hagan & Mr. O'Malley) to retain.

OVW results from 12/16 in Louisville, KY

Ohio Valley Wrestling, Louisville, KY, December 16 results:  
Rob Conway defeated Ryan Howe to win the OVW Heavyweight championship.  
The Tag Buddies (Adam Revolver & Reverend Stuart Miles) defeated The Van Zandt Family Circus (Dan Van Zandt & Ringmaster w/Scarlet) to become the #1 contenders for the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship.  
Bud Dwight defeated Leon Shelly w/Scarlet and Rump Thump in a triple threat match.  
Elvis Pridemore defeated Eric Locker.  
Big Jon & Mitch Huff defeated Devin Driscoll & Rocco Bellagio w/Josh Ashcraft.

NWA Elite Championship Wrestling 1/3 in Houma, LA

USWA 1/2 in Jacksonville, FL

United States Wrestling Alliance, 
Maxwell Snyder Armory, 
9900 Normandy Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL
Date: January 2, 2016.
On the card:
USWA Heavyweight Champion Dagon Briggs defends against Vordell Walker.  
WrestleBowl tournament featuring:  Kameron Kade, Hayden Price, Eric Wayne, Jason Cade, Martin Stone, Francisco Ciatso, Chance Champion, Jon Davis.  
Ticket prioces are $20 adult VIP, $15 children under 12 VIP, $15 adult ringside, $10 children under 12 ringside, $10 adult general admission and $5 children under 12 general admission.  
Bell time is at 7:30 p.m.

Alternative Pro Wrestling results from 12/18 in Royston, GA

 Alternative Pro Wrestling, Royston, GA, December 18 results:  

Alexander Churchill defeated Sam Kooper.  

Jacob Ashworth defeated Grady Hughes.  

Scott Mayson defeated Troy Hunt.  

Justin Legend defeated Cody McCulley.  

Handicap match: The Masked Mullet defeated James Boulevard & Scott Mayson.

Alternative Pro Wrestling returns to the Royston Gym in Royston, GA on January 1.  
On the card:  
Antone Brewer & Jeremy Vain vs. Brandon Parker & The Masked Mullet.  
Seth Delay vs. James Boulevard.  
APW North Georgia Champion Scott Mayson defends against against Jacob Ashworth. Royston Gym is located at 305 Cherry St. in Royston, GA.  
Tickets are $10.  
Doors open at 7:45 p.m. 
Bell time is at 8:15 p.m.

Ultimate Extreme Wrestling 12/26 in East Ridge, TN

Ultimate Extreme Wrestling
UEW Arena
410 Scruggs Rd.
East Ridge, TN
Date: December 26.
Card to include: Jaxson James vs. Anthony Henry. 
Ticket prices are $7 adult and $3 children.  
Doors open at 7:00p.m.
Bell time is 8:00 p.m.


WWA4 Presents Super Show 3 Friday, January 1st Atlanta, GA

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

B's RSWF Weekly Rundown


B.'s RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Sat. Dec 19th X-Mas Show

The night starts with Edrick Hines walking out with his rival Big Johnny Thunder. Hines says " after we team up and take on these jabronis we can go back to beating the hell out of each other. So it was as Hines and Thunder took on Kaos and C.J. Shine. Hines starts out with a big arm drag takedown on C. J. He tags Thunder and they do a double team clothesline .he tags Hines.C.J. gives a drop kick to Hines. He tags in Kaos and Kaos goes on a punching spree . He goes for the cover, 1,2,......He snap mares Hines. He tags Thunder. Thunder comes in with a clothesline and a head butt . Kaos kicks Thunder but Thunder throws him out of the ring.Hines throws him back into the ring. C.J. Comes in. Thunder lands a killer clothesline and slams him for the 1,2,....3.

Next the Renegades come out. Bless, ColdBlood , and Fleming.Jimmy Starr hands ColdBlood the Mike " shut up and you can hear me. Tonight the renegades are in full effect. Kaziman is on vacation eating sushi with fine women. We are here tonight to take on anybody. No matter who." Next you can hear Soultaker speak over the P.A. " Bless you will be taking on V-Man tonight one on one" Pure Powers' music starts playing and V-Man walks out. Lenso and C-Lo hold him back. Jimmy Starr says things will be happening in paradise tonight .

  The Iceman Chris Austin vs. Norman Meklakov. Austin grabs the mike. "week in and week out I get cheated by the big dumb idiot Russian Norman Meklakov. Last week he draped an America flag over me and walked across it. There is no greater form of disrespect. Tonight he will face me in a street fight. Iceman jumps Norman outside the ring before the bell even rings. He slams Meklakov into the pole and then throws a trash can in the ring. He grabs a yellow plastic wet floor sign and pops Meklakov across the face. Meklakov grabs a crutch and hits Iceman with it. Then he chokes him with it. Austin reverse it , slams Norman into a pole and breaks the crutch over his back. He chokes Norman with a piece of the crutch.Then they go back and forth beating each other with a trash can lid.Norman legs chokes Austin on the ropes but Austin uses the ropes to sling Norman back. Austin misses from the top rope. A punch out ensues. Austin tries a stunner but doesn't get it. Both men fight outside the ring and into the back for a double count out. 

  The 3rd match featured Mike ColdBlood vs Jason Pierre . Starts off with a punch out . Mike puts on an arm bar but it's reversed. He puts a headlock on Pierre. Mike throws Pierre into the ropes and delivers a hard shoulder tackle.Pierre gets up and drop kicks him in the face. Then he throw him in the corner and does a flying kick to the face and chest . Then he launches off the ropes with flying frog elbow . Both men are now on the floor. ColdBlood uppercuts Pierre and throws him in the ring. ColdBlood nails a textbook suplex on Pierre. A punch out happens. ColdBlood headlocks Pierre and then pulls his hair. He elbows ColdBlood and throws him in the corner. Next he hits ColdBlood with an arm drag, a clothesline, and a twisting , neck-breaker face slam. Pierre throws ColdBlood out the ring. Pierre flies full speed and hurls himself through the ropes and onto ColdBlood . They almost take out the first row of fans. Pierre goes back in the ring and does it again. They fight near the announce table. Back in the ring Pierre tries a frog splash off the top rope but misses. ColdBlood goes for the pin with his legs on the ropes . 1,2, 3!!!!

  The 4th match was Mike Outlaw vs DJ Brown. The match starts off with corner to corner reversals. Outlaw jumps out of the ring. DJ confronts outlaw. Outlaw puts DJ in a side headlock.DJ punches his way out. Outlaw give DJ a hard shoulder tackle. DJ does a leapfrog dropkick . DJ climbs to the top for a high cross body. 1,2,..... Outlaw tries to call a timeout. Outlaw jumps DJ. DJ is thrown out of the ring. DJ climbs back into the ring. Mike Outlaw gives a hard knee to the chest and stomps DJ. Outlaw give DJ a hard back elbow. Outlaw leg chokes DJ on the neck. DJ kicks Outlaw in the face. He tries a high cross body. Outlaw then gives DJ two back breakers. DJ van climbs to the top of the rope and lands missile drop kick. DJ clotheslines Outlaw twice and DDT's him hard. Bless comes out and distracts the ref. ColdBlood sneaks up from behind and face slams DJ. He goes for the pin but DJ wraps him up in a small package and gets the 1,2,3!!!

  Match 5 featured V-Man vs Kevin Bless. Charles Ray and Bishop Kage are banned to the back. It starts off with V throwing Bless hard across the ring. Next a test of strength trick that ends with Bless kicking V and backing him to the corner. He runs and flies toward V but is caught mid-air and thrown . V then clotheslines the heck out of Bless and follows it with a sling-shot suplex. V gives him a big boot to the face. Next V lands a hard fall away slam on Bless. Bless falls out the ring . Back up on the apron , V suplexes him back into the ring. Bless super kicks V hard twice. But V punches back and drops Bless. Bless stands on the apron and V Choke Slams him up over the ropes and down hard in the ring for the win.

  The next match was your Main Event of the evening featuring Bishop Kage and Charles Ray vs T. Streets and All That Alan Steel. It starts out with everyone brawling. Charles gets double team shoulder tackled. Steel hip tosses Kage and clotheslines him and tags Streets. Streets backs Kage to the corner. He gives Kage to falling fore arm smashes but misses with an elbow from the second rope. Charles slams streets and lands a big leg drop. He throws Streets to the corner. Next he shoulder blocks him and clotheslines him twice. He twists Streets arm and tags Kage. Kage misses a clothesline and Streets clotheslines him and tags in Steel. Steel misses a drop kick. Kage tags Charles and they double team shoulder tackle Steel. 1,2...Charles gives Steel to shoulder tackles and a clothesline . He tags in Kage. Kage chest slaps Steel in the corner. Steel punches back.Charles comes in and gives Steel a hard back breaker and holds it. Kage comes back in a puts a camel clutch on Steel.Steel punches Kage in the nuts. Charkes tags in. He elbows Steel and goes for the cover 1,2,.....Charles tags in Kage and he kicks Steel in the head. On the floor Steel is choked by Charles and thrown back into the ring. Kage gives Steel a fall away slam. Some how Steel fights back and tags Streets . Streets comes in an cleans house. He gives Charles a spine buster. Then from out of the back V runs in and throws powder in Streets eyes. The ref calls for the bell. Blinded, streets does a spinning, falling DDT to Steel. He almost does Steel in but thinks twice . What a finish.

This coming Sat is the next big RSWF show, Road to Resolution. Be there at 8:00pm for more cool wrestling action.