Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Vince Hates Us All- 11/18/15: by Gene Jackson

(The views expressed here are those of Gene Jackson and ONLY those of Gene Jackson and DO NOT reflect the opinions of Jimmy Blaylock or anyone else associated with WNC.)

Well once again it's been a while but I've promised myself I'm going to get back in the habit of writing here at WNC because I enjoy it and I've been told at least of few of the readers enjoy it as let's touch on some random topics, shall we.....


There's been a lot of talk online the past few days about the controversial comment that Paige made about the late Reid Flair during a segment of RAW this week with Charlotte.  An already controversial line was made more controversial upon the revelation that not only was Charlotte and Reid's Mother not made aware this line was gonna be said, it wasn't mentioned to, or ok'd by her father Ric Flair either.  This seems a bit surprising given how closely Flair has worked with WWE recently in promoting his daughter's career and considering the friendship of Flair and Triple H.  Here's what I see as the biggest problem with this sort of "cheap heat" (I know, ironic coming from me) type today's television wrestling world....this type of thing being said for the sake of an angle no longer puts ANY HEAT on the person who actually said only puts heat on the Creative Team and the Company.  So unless they are looking to sell Ric Flair and his ex-wife vs. Creative, it really served no purpose because Paige hasn't gotten one thing out of it and I doubt it's caused one single person to be more interested in a match between the two.  Granted I think a lot of fans want to see the match....but IN NO WAY does Paige mentioning Charlotte's late brother do anything to make the match more marketable.  It merely wreaks of desperation on the Company's part and makes them look heartless towards a family who still to this day is coping with the loss of their son/brother.  Had this same promo happened in the late 90's, the internet would be abuzz with speculation that Paige "shot" on Charlotte and no one knew she was gonna say it, but that never even goes into consideration with today's nearly 100% scripted promos.

It's time for wrestling companies to realize that the way the average fan views the product has completely changed from the way they viewed it even during the Monday Night Wars era, everything is looked upon as coming from "creative" and not from the actual wrestler.  That's why things on Twitter cause such a stir because that's the only interaction that fans see as "real" from the wrestlers.....that's one of the reasons Kevin Owens is one of the few workers in the WWE with any real heat because he trolls fans and celebrities alike and fans believe in his character and feel it's an actual representation of his true self.  

It's not just "TV Wrestling" either, for instance....when most fans go to a "death match" show...they don't react to it or view the violence in the ring in terms of "wow, that guys crazy for doing that to his opponent", they view it as "wow, that's guys crazy for LETTING that guy do that to him."  I guess most don't care cause either way they are buying a ticket to watch it, but it's a very different perception than what's intended (in my opinion).  So, I guess what I'm trying to say is there's really no sense in scripting lines like the one Paige said on Monday because it doesn't do anything to help either participant, the match, or the show it's merely puts heat on focus on the "creative" team and we all saw how well it worked out when Vince Russo tried to make the creative team heels with the 'Powers that be' angle in WCW in it's dying days.


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