Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Scott Hudson on wrestling commentary

"Well first, Michael Cole sucks. That guy couldn't call a one-horse race. Unfortunately, the best announcer they have on RAW is Byron Saxton, and they don't let him show his stuff. JBL...he's terrible, he's horrible...They don't know what to do, but then again I'll give Cole at least a little bit of credit in that he's doing what he's told. If he wasn't doing what he was told, he would be working for Joey Styles at the dot com office. And that's sad, is that they've got the best announcer in the last twenty years on staff not announcing. The guy for New Japan, Mauro Ranallo, he's the best announcer in wrestling and it's not even close. He's fantastic. The guys on Ring of Honor, Kevin Kelly and the rest of that bunch, they're good, too. But the announcing on basically every WWE product across platforms is atrocious. I've gotta say this, I'm a huge mark for The King (Jerry Lawler); he could read things out of the phone book and I would listen. So I love The King, take him out of that equation, otherwise the announcers there are worthless. But, to their everlasting credit, they're doing what they're told. And Vince (McMahon) is happy as a clam, watching ratings...and viewership and everything else and gimmick sales go right in the tank."

-Scott Hudson, from his comments on In Your Head Wrestling Radio, 11/17/2015

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