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RSWF Results November 21st!

Saturday November 21st 
RSWF Results:

The night started with a 10 bell salute to Nick Bockwinkel, Show Stopper , and the French tragedy. 

Fresh off his loss to Bishop Kage, former USWA "star" Edrick Hines starts off the wrestling action against big Johnny Thunder. Thunder throws Hines around at first like a rag doll but Hines soon resorts to a dirty eye rake to gain the advantage. He tries to throw Thunder from the corner but Thunder holds the ropes. Thunder charges out of the corner with a killer clothesline. Then he throws Hines into the ropes and gives a big boot to the face. Thunder throws Hines scrawny butt to the floor. Once back in the ring Thunder finishes Hines off with a running Powerslam.

The first match featured long time USWA "star " Edrick Hines.versus big Johnny Thunder. The match starts off with Johnny Thunder throwing Hines around the ring like a rag doll. Hines fights back by raking Thunder's eyes. He backs Thunder into the corner and punches him and tries to grab him by the arm and sling him into the other corner but Thunder holds onto the ropes . Thunder charges out with a monster clothesline that knocks Hines off his feet. Thunder follows up with a boot to Hines face and then a power slam. He throws Hines to the floor. They battle a minute then climb back in the ring. Thunder finishes Hines off with a running power slam.

Next Blaylock's former lawyer , John T. Screwem comes out to apologize to Bonecrusher's wife Michelle. He calls her to the ring and says I'm sorry for taking that scumbag Jimmy Blaylock's side . Then Bonecrusher comes out and he apologizes to him as well. Then he demands Bonecrusher to apologize back to him. Bonecrusher responds by choke slamming the heck out of Screwem and giving him a hard leg drop. C-Lo, Lenzo, and Ronnie have to help Screwem out of the ring. Things start heating up when RSWF mainstay "The Iceman" Chris Austin goes up against "The Soviet Saint" Norman Meklakov. Starts off with a lot of posturing and staring . Austin backs Meklakov into the corner but breaks when the ref starts counting. They lock up again and you can hear announcer Jimmy Starr say "there ain't gonna be a lot of hair-pullin in this one." Iceman hip tosses Meklakov and then drop kicks him onto the floor. Iceman then tries a head butt to Meklakov's big noggin. Seems to daze Austin for a second but then he grabs the big Russian and slams his head into the turnbuckle . This doesn't faze the Soviet Saint. He head butts Austin and gives him a side walk slam from Russian Hell. Then he stands on Austin's throat and chokes his neck on the ropes .Meklakov then snap suplexes Iceman. Then he gives Austin a Stinger splash in the corner. Iceman retaliates and slams Meklakov's head to his head and gives him a stunner out of nowhere for the 1,2,3333333!!! 

 The next match featured Kevin Bless and Kaziman Miyamoto RSWF United States Champion in a handicapped match against DJ Brown. This match was unfair from the beginning.It starts off with DJ getting double teamed in the corner by Bless and Kaziman. Kaziman jokes the mess out of DJ brown then tags Bless. Bless puts an arm bar on DJ and drops it to the mat. Then he drops a knee to the arm. Bless throws DJ into the ropes and gives him a spinning elbow followed by a knee to the face. DJ tries to fight back but is double teamed .Kaziman puts DJ in a headlock. At this time Chris X starts lurking around the ring. Kaz gives DJ a elbow and a monster belly to belly Suplex .1, 2, ...DJ kicks out and throws a mad DDT on Kaziman. Bless comes in and gives DJ a sling into the corner followed by
a gangsta knee to the face in the corner.Bless then gives DJ a Stinger splash in the corner.DJ comes back with a back suplex and a swinging neck breaker. Kaziman jumps in and slams DJ. Then he gives DJ a leg drop followed by a sitting arm bar.Bless missed a backflip splash. Then Kaziman comes in and the double team doesn't stop. Fleming comes in and the ref rings the bell. Another interference involving the Insurgents. Who would've thought.

Next Jimmy Starr comes to the ring and calls out "All That" Alan Steele and RSWF Heavyweight Champ Bishop Kage for a contract signing for the belt. Alan took the mike and went off " every time you come through the curtain you got 2 goons with you...let the man do something on his own...2 weeks ago I beat you but you found a loop hole and kept the belt...just know I don't always fight fair either...I'm the baddest man walkin...I'm tired of you walking around here like you own the place. They own the place, the fans. You are facing a dangerous wrestler. I might not wait for the bell. Then Steele flips the contract table and they go at it with Steele slamming Kage to the mat. They fight in and out of the ring until all the wrestlers come from the back and it finally settles down. Eventually the contract is signed . It's gonna be a great match for old school Memphis Wrestling fans.
Next Jimmu Starr calls Jimmy Blaylock and Pure Power out. Blaylock tells Jimmy Starr he stinks, needs to take a bath, and leave the ring. Blaylock calls DJ Brown to the ring. Blaylock says " we been partying on Beale street with women in Limos...we fixing to celebrate and open this 300 Dollar bottle of wine and then go to Tunica and pull some slots. Now we all know you are the son of Danny B. Good. I didn't like your daddy but I like you. If we dress you up a little, give you some real chains, you got potential. Put your trust in us . We are good Christian people. Join us . What is your answer?"

Jimmy then pours a glass of wine and hands it to DJ. DJ takes a sip and says " I already made my mind up before I came out here. Fat boy, steroids, Pillsbury Doughboy , the answer is no. That's when Jimmy assaults DJ with a glass wine bottle across his head. Blood and glass shoots out everywhere. T. Street and Chris Austin come from the back with chairs and clear the ring. Blaylock says "Nobody interferes with business. That was the biggest mistake of your life boy." Blaylock and Pure Power finally head to the back. On the way Blaylock offers old Joe a glass of wine.

 The Main Event featured RSWF Champs Pure Power with scoundrel manager Jimmy Blaylock vs Soultaker and T. Street. Soultaker takes the mic and says "DJ is not doing well. I'm gonna knock you out!" T. Street starts off dominating Charles Ray with a slam followed by a dying fist drop of the middle rope. Then he tags in Soultaker and they double team Charles in the corner but he manages to tag in V Man. They double shoulder block T. Street off the ropes. Then V whoops up on Street and gives him a thug drop kick. Ray tags in and takes T Street's head off with a clothesline . I, 2, ....Street kicks out. Street ends up outside of the ring where he is illegally choked by manager Jimmy Blaylock while Charles Ray stomps. Charles throws T. Street back in the ring and V starts choking him. Street tries to come back but V puts the boot to his face. Blaylock tells an older lady on the front row " Change your diaper old hag!" They throw Streets to the ropes and he comes off with a double clothesline to Pure Power. Then Ray shoulder slams Street twice. Then a clothesline . Then 2 leg drops. 1, 2, ... Kick out. Pure power double teams as Charles throws Strret I to the corner while V clothesline X off the top rope. Somehow Street fights back and delivers a Spine Buster and tags in Soultaker. Taker comes in but is double teamed in the corner and Blaylock throws a chair in the ring. V man wraps his chain around his hand and hits Street with it. Lenzo calls for the bell. Another DQ for Pure Power. Pure Power double choke slams Soultaker onto a metal chair and leg drops him onto the chair twice. Soultaker and T. Street lay there injured and motionless. Blaylock grabs the Mike and says "Soultaker is dead. There lies your hero."

Report by Brandon Owen Harber 

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Awesome night of wrestling. Nice reporting Macho Bran Panty Sniffage.