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RSWF Results from Sat Nov. 14, 2015


RSWF Sat Nov. 14, 2015

Holy Mackerel, what a fun night to be a wrestling fan in Memphis , TN at the RSWF Arena! Memphis announcing Legend James Jimmy Star did the honors of commentating.

 The first match featured Announcer turned Wrestler, Chirs X against the hardest working wrestler in Memphis DJ Brown. 400+ lb Johnny Thunder comes out of the dressing room and demands it be a 3-Way dance. Chris X got his butt handed to him in the beginning. DJ kicks and punches the heck out of him in the corner and Big Johhny Thunderrrr gives him a side walk slam. Then Thunder clothesline DJ like a maniac. That's when Chris X attacks everyone. DJ puts a stop to it with a vicious DDT only to get up and receive a belly to back Suplex from Thunder. DJ gets up and snap suplexes X. Then it's Suplex City as Thunder does a stand up slightly delayed suplex to Chris X. A little brawl results in Thunder on his back. DJ climbs to the top and delivers a killer Frogsplah. Thunder ends up on the floor and DJ gives a top rope flipping neck breaker to Chris X. Getting the 1, 2, 3!

Next long time USWA jabroni Edrick Hines comes out and gets on the mike. "I've wrestled Lawler, Dundee, The Moondogs...I challenge RSWF Champ Bishop Kage to a match tonight. I want a title shot...I'm not Flava Flave watched me for years on TV. I was trained by Jeff Jarrett." Bishop responds by saying " I've watched you lose for 15 or 20 years on TV, so I guess I can dedicate 5 minutes of my life to whoopin yo butt one more time.."
After Bishop agrees, Edrick says "I'm the new Flava Flave , Living Legend, Old School."

 Next match was wild. Kazima Miyamoto and Kevin Bless vs The Pink and Black Attack. Bone Crusher starts by whoopin Kevin Bless tail all around the ring .Corner to corner Stinger splashes , a falling fist to the face, a giant falling elbow...then Nova whoops up on Bless with a backdrop and then a hard chin lock. Bless manages to tag Kazima . Kaz chin locks Nova then let's go and gives him a series of karate chops to the chest.Nova punches his way out and tags bone. They double clothesline Kazima and Bone delivers a spinning corkscrew elbow. The he punches Kaz three times. Bless spits on Nova . Now all 4 men are brawling . Charles Ray from Pure Power comes out and holds Nova's legs and Kazima and Bless get another dirty win.

 Next That "I'm The Man" song comes on and that low down " "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock comes out still in a wheelchair with his lawyer John T. Screwem . The Lawyer says " the money goes in the bank Wednesday ." Then the RSWF start chanting "Where's your neck!." Over and over talking about Blaylock. Blaylock said " I've got something on my mind. I call out Soultaker . 20 years ago you teamed with Brickhouse Brown in Dyers Berg and Corinth. You always took the falls. That makes you a loser. You are the one who caused Bonecrusher's wife Michelle Toget hurt. All you do is kiss butt and you are a low life." The he goes on to call fan Rene Easterwood a skank,call me Brandon Owen Harber a homeless man, and tell Soultaker that he kisses Kevin Conlee's butt." Soultaker gets so mad that he grabs Jimmy by the coat and shakes him. John T. Screwem reminds Soultaker that he will call the police and sue. All of a sudden Pink and Black attack comes out and backs up Soultaker. Bone takes the mike and says "I saw Blaylock trying to make money selling Obama necklaces at a Flea Market. The only good manager named Jimmy from Memphis was Jimmy Hart , "The Mouth of the South" , you are just "The Mouth of North Mississippi." Bone pushes Screwem a tiny bit and Jimmy dates Bone to hit him.

 INTerMiSSION Dance Challenge Featuring C-Lo.C-Lo's Mom challenged her son to a dance off in the near future. She told me " Watch out RSWF fans. Mamasita says she got something up her sleeve for C-Lo."

Next match Edrick Hines vs RSWF Champ Bishop Kage. Not really much of a challenge for the champ in this one . He throw a Hines all around the ring, slaps the hell out of his chest, suplexes him 20 feet across the ring... Hines best moves were moving out of the way so Kage runs into a poll, Raking Bishops eyes, and an attempted Piledriver that ends up being turned into a hard standup powerbomb by Bishop Kage for the win.

The Main Event was RSWF Champs Pure Power vs Soultaker and T. Street in a fan strap match. I got chosen to use a strap so this review is from my memory. The match starts with T Street whooping up Big Charles Ray pretty good .I got to whoop Charles with my belt hard a couple of times when he fell my way.Charles finally turned the tide and and tagged V-Man. Street gets shoulder tackled, suplexed, elbow dropped, and leg dropped . Finally he manages to tag Taker. Taker comes in and punches wild at everybody. V gets a hold of taker while the ref is turned and Charkes hits V-Man with a chain my mistake. Taker covers and gets the one, two, Three. Then Pure Power jumps Taker and Streets and tries to break Takers arm with a chair. Blaylock walks out of his Wheelchair and kicks And punches people while they are down .Pink and Black attack come out and eventually only Pure Power and Blaylock are left standing. A lot of fans got to whoop during the match and that made it extra awesome!!!! My highlight of the night was when Lawyer John T. Screwem sees Jimmy Blaylock walk and realizes Blaylock has been a lying, no good cheat his whole life. Screwem even apologizes to Michelle , Bonecrushers wife later after the show.

  Credit:  Brandon Owen Harber

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