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RSWF Results from Nov. 7th 2015


RSWF Sat. Nov 7th 2015

 If you are an old school Memphis Wrestling fan you missed a good one . The action started with an appearance by new RSWF United States Champ Kazuma Miyamoto .He came to the ring with his little henchman Kevin Bless from The Insurgents. Bless blabbed on for several minutes about how "there is gold in our group still", speaking of Kazuma's US belt. All of a sudden Stuntin Like my Daddy starts playing and DJ Brown flies to the ring. DJ tells Kevin Bless "shut up little punk " and calls Chris Fleming out for his actions last week and challenges him to a match. The 1st actual match featured long time USWA jabroni Edwin Hines against Big Johnny "Thunder". That's about a 400lb weight advantage for Johnny. This match consisted of Thunder throwing Edwin on his booty really hard, given him a big boot, and finally sidewalk slamming Hines to the mat. Hines mounted a comeback just enough to use a foreign object while the ref's back was turned and get the win. Hines had stated earlier "I'm tired of losing."

  The 2nd Match featured Kevin Bless vs Kidd Nova. Nova told Bless "get your nappy soakin ass hair in the ring . That led to Bless jumpin Nova from behind. There was a biting arm bar, a series of 4-count throat-step chokes by Bless on Nova. It went back and forth with Bless throwing a running knee to the face of Kid. Kid was able to punch his way back into the match. He had Bless on his back and decides to climb to the top rope. All of a sudden that no good Kazuma comes out and pushes Nova off the top resulting in a DQ win by Nova. The Insurgents do anything to win. Sounds fishy to me. The next match was Chris-X vs DJ Brown. Of course Chris had Bless and Kazuma with him. Early on DJ gives Chris one heck of a drop kick and a vicious clothesline that sends. Chris over the top rope. Amazingly he lands on his feet. Chris goes back in the ring attempting a suplex that gets blocked. Seconds later DJ Brown does a flying back body splash flip to Chris X in the corner. Chris countered with a firemen's carry head drop into the turnbuckle. DJ pulls out the win with a flipping RKO off the top rope. The next match featured Kazuma and Kevin Bless vs The Pink and Black Attack. This one was a tag team war that started out with The Pink and Black slinging Kazuma into Bless. After that it was an all out brawl with everybody stomping and punchin. Bone Crusher whooped Kazuma in the corner for a while before landing a falling fist drop and giving him a nasty rope burn. Kid Nova lands a killer dropkick on Bless and super kicks Kazuma. The Insurgents fought back hard. Kazuma tries to hit Nova with the U.S. Belt but he ducks and hits bless instead. Soon after Nova takes Bless out with a powerbomb from hell. 1, 2,....3!!! 

 The next match was a semi- main event featuring RSWF Tag Champs Pure Power vs "The Ice Man" Chris Austin and T. Street. Charles Ray starts the match beating the crap out of Austin with repeated shoulder rams and a killer leg drop. V Man tags in and continues the beating. Pure Power continuously double teams Austin whenever the ref is distracted. All of a sudden V throws Austin in a Figure Four. After a while V releases it and gives Austin a fall away slam. Finally T street gets in and whoops tail even giving Charles a vicious suplex. The match is broken up when Soultaker runs in from the back and starts whoopin Pure Power with Mr. Kendo. 

 The Main Event was RSWF Heavyweight champ Bishop Kage vs "All That" Alan Steele. This one was a doozy . Steele starts by rubbing his nasty sweat towel in Bishop's face. He jumps Kage and beats him in the corner. Then there is a back and forth chest slap battle. Bishop gives Steele a hard boot to the face, a leg drop, and pulls his nose hard. Then a punch battle happens with Bishop going wobbly legged while Steele mocked him. They take to the floor with Steele gettin rammed into a pole. Kage tries a clothesline but misses and hits a pole instead. They go back in the ring . With Bishop still reeling Steele lands a monster sit down powerbomb and gets the 1, 2 ....3!!! C-Lo hands Alan Steele the belt but Bishop grabs the Mike. " he won the match but this was never sanctioned as a title match. Give me back the belt." And just like that Steele was no longer the champ. Be there next week for a fan lumberjack strap match feat. Soultaker and T Street vs Pure Power.

Brandon Harbor Owens

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