Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Powerslam Productions Wrestlefestivus 3 Results From Meadville, MS 11/07/15

Powerslam Productions presents Wrestlefestivus 3
Meadville MS

Match 1-Princess Kristen vs MIss Sockitoome In Kristen's first match in a year she fought he long time foe. Yeah Mr Sockitoome donned a cheap wig and stuff some balloons in his gi to pretend to be a woman. Fun match and Kristen won.

Match 2-Nate The Boss Moss vs The Real Deal James Veal James was about to win when Nate's buddy Lukas Frost interfered and helped Nate win. This of course caused Jame's PSP Tag Team Championship parter Reggie Krimsyn Matthews to come out and challenge Frost/Moss to a match for the tag team titles.

Match 3-Big Ramp Enterprises(James Veal/Reggie Matthews) with Big Ramp VS Lukas Frost/Nate Moss Damn good tag match with the champs,BRE,winning.

Intermission ended and Calvin Rose came out with a chair. He put the chair in the middle of the ring sat in it and started talking about how he has never gotten a rematch at the PSP heavyweight title he lost earlier this year. "And I am not leaving this ring until I get a shot at my title!" This caused Wes Adams to come out and challenge Calvin to a #1 contenders match.

Match 5-Calvin Rose vs Wes Adams Seen these two face each other live at least 4 times and each time it gets even better.

Main Event-PSP Champ Blade Beaudreaux vs Sassy Vegas. Sassy came out first and spent 10 minutes messing with the crowd.Then Blade came out and the match started. Damn good match. Blade won and retained the title. Then Calvin Rose came out and him and Sassy started to double team Blade. So out comes Wes. Who then chases Sassy all over the gym and up a set of bleachers. After the faces cleared the gym,they got on the mic and challenged Rose and Vegas to a tag team match at the next PSP show. Thanks to everyone from PSP for the great show tonight.

Credit: Newt Cox

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