Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fan of 2015 Nominees!

Congratulations to the top 4 nominees for Fan of 2015! All the fans are wonderful, but these four received the highest nominees. They all have one thing in common. The love they have for wrestling! The top 4 nominees are:

Hunter Moore's mother sent in:
  Hunter Moore is a 15 yr old in 10th grade with cerebral palsy. He doesn't get to do much cause of limited mobility...He got interested in wrestling when he met Bobby Brantley.
This award would be an honor to win for he likes wrestling..Thanks to all the wrestlers that has took time with him.

Brandon Harber sent in:

My wrestling life started around 1980 at Grandmaw Harber's house on Bill Knight Road in Millington , TN. We were watching Memphis Wrestling while she baby sat me one Sat Morning. She said " Don't trust that dirty Tojo Yamamoto!" I was hooked on Memphis Wrestling ever since. Lawler, Dundee, Jimmy Valiant, Jimmy Hart, Kamala, Jackie and Tojo, KoKo.. I occasionally got to go to In studio and the Coliseum until I was a little older and had my 87 Duster.

 I got hooked on live shows when USWA and WWF were in their talent exchange period. I followed WWF from about 84-2003 and was a big fan of Jim Crocket era NWA and later WCW. ECW became a favorite of mine after the fact and I watched the videos. I saw my first 3 Wrestlemanias on videos I rented from Video Barn in Millington.I collect 1980's Remco AWA figures . My Mom bought me The Road Warriors 3 Pack with Precious Paul Ellering as my first at the Bells Factory outlet Mall in 1986. My first LJN Hogan figure was bought in 1985 at Family Dollar in Millington.

After WCW and Memphis wrestling were no longer were on the air I was very sad. I went to occasional spot shows and legend reunions .but mostly just moped and watched Memphis Wrestling Videos , and old VHS WCW nitro re runs.and drew wrestling pics .IWA got me excited about live shows again around 2011. Jason Hall , Reno Diamond, Symba, Chris Lexx, Syn....I started traveling to see Bert Prentice shows and stars like Mike Rapada, Ricky Morton, Steve O, and Lawler. I started going to WFW Kevin Lawler shows to see Dustin Starr and Eric Wayne and Will Gibson and then SGWA to see Dundee and TJ O 'Riley and Justin Case and then followed Soultaker over to RSWF.

RSWF has really given me hope about old school wrestling surviving in this city. SGWA does a lot too to bring in CWA and USWA legends along with a solid stable of weekly wrestlers. I think my contempt for "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock is a fun facet of my wrestling life. I draw pics of Memphis Wrestlers all the time and I have a band, Bruise Brothers Memphis Wrestling Band. that is working on a Memphis Wrestling EP that will have originals on it like Kamala and Memphis Wrestlng rap. It means soooo much to be in the top 4 with a SUper Fan like Mr. Kevin Conlee. Thx WNC and everyone who voted for me.

Our next nominee is Donna Ratliff.

by Donna Ratliff. ..It would be the greatest honor to be named Wrestling Fan of 2015!Every Saturday morning as a young girl growing up in Smithville, Mississippi my grandfather and I would be glued to Channel 5 Memphis watching Lance Russell and Dave Brown!!I really enjoyed it so much!!When I finally got old enough to drive they had it every Friday night in Tupelo,Mississippi. .Wow was this the best shows ever!!I got to meet such great legends as Bill Super Star Dundee,Jerry the King Lawler,Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton. . (The Rock and Roll Express),Tommy Gilbert,Eddie Gilbert (remember seeing Doug before he started wrestling. .)and many many more!!They would even come to surrounding areas close to my home town..I have had the opportunity to go to Channel 5 studios, Mid South Coliseum, Jackson,Tennessee Coliseum ,Amory, Mississippi. .just to name a few!!Last but not least my husband Jearl and I enjoy the local matches now in our area.Thanks to the OWO shows and APCW shows we are truly entertained!!I have friends from the "old" days of wrestling and met "new" friends from the new shows! !If chosen it would be one of the greatest honors ever in my lifetime!!!I WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYBODY FOR THEIR VOTES!!!

 Kevin Conlee:

Kevin Conlee sent in 
I grew up in a home where my mom and dad were both wrestling fans.when to my first live event at age 5 from that time on we went every Monday night to the auditorium and then to the coliseum when it moved.It was always a family affair back then.I love it today just as much as I did 51 years ago when I attended my first live event.Today I go to between 85 and 100 live events a year.I always look forward to being ringside.

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