Monday, October 19, 2015

Match results from Harley Race's World League Wrestling 10-17 in Troy, MO

I have been without my weekly wrestling fix since I moved up here to St. Louis in May. So I decided to check out Harley Race's World League Wrestling in Troy, MO, this past Saturday night.

Now, let me say I went to Troy expecting to see a good show, knowing the reputation of this organization. The show I saw did not disappoint. It was awesome.

The Race Wrestling Arena is a very nice facility for wrestling. The staff there is friendly and helpful. I was somewhat surprised that the crowd was small, approx. 75 would be my guess. Considering the great show they presented, I would expect the crowd to be standing room only. One thing that I suspect hinders them is the fact that they do not have a weekly or bi-weekly show there in Troy. WLW travels around the state of Missouri quite a bit doing shows.

Anyway, on to the match results:

Opening match was WLW Champion Leland Race taking on Kevin Lee Davidson in a non-title match. This was an excellent opening match. Race was out sized in this match and had a hard way to go. Davidson weighs in at around 350 #, and he gave Race quite a beating for most of the match, but in the end Race's quickness enabled him to gain the upper hand and the pin.

Next was Brandon Espinoza vs. Dustin Bozworth. This was an excellent match, fast paced and very entertaining. Both of these men are excellent wrestlers. The match ended up with both men battling outside the ring. Bosworth was able to get back in the ring before the count of ten, but Espinoza was not able to beat the count. Winner by count out: Dustin Bozworth.

Next was ladies action, Miss Monica vs. Paloma Starr. Now, all of you know how much I love ladies wrestling, so this was an added treat. It was a decent match which saw Starr cheat her way to victory, getting the pin over Monica with her feet on the rope.

Next up was Kyle Roberts vs. Karim Brigante w/Monica. Another excellent match. Both of these guys are excellent wrestlers. Initially, Brigante got the pin with help from Monica, but they were caught cheating and the match was re-started. Roberts was able to win the match by pin fall. Again, this was a great match. Both of these guys are very, very talented.

Main event: Tag team action, The Black Hand Warriors vs. Elite Aggression. I did not catch the names of the members of each team, but they put on one heck of a match. It was wild and fast paced from the beginning, and entertaining from beginning to end. The match ended in a double-pin draw, which was a little disappointing to me. As good as the match was, I would have liked to have seen a clear winner. After the match Elite Aggression was obviously not finished, and they put quite a beat down on The Black Hand Warriors until Leland Race ran in and made the save.

Like I said, this was a very good wrestling show from beginning to end, and I very much enjoyed it.

The next WLW event is Saturday, November 7 in Richmond, MO. Their next event at the Race Wrestling Arena in Troy is Saturday, November 14, and I am told that will be their final event of 2015.

I am going to try to make it to the 11/7 show in Richmond, and will for sure make it to the 11/14 event in Troy. While I am there I will try to get some photos.

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