Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Rock 100's Jaxx Roxx was the ring announcer.  Jaxx welcomed everyone and introduced the Crossroads Arena Operations Manager, Corey Johnson, who plugged their upcoming events.  For more information, visit Crossroads Arena on Facebook and their website at  The Crossroads Arena had a real cool Halloween themed setup for the show that reminded me of the old school WCW Halloween Havoc pay-per-views. 

Calling all the action was the EPW commentating team of Jerry D. and Tim Holloway.

Opening Match-Nathan Starr defeated Matt Starr with a sunset flip powerbomb to kick off the night-Referee Joey Lynn

Derrick "By God Greater Than Great" King made his way to the ring, boasting about being the star of the hit WGN reality show, "Wrestling With Death" and the four time Wrestler of the Year.  Derrick said he was better than all the good people that were gathered there in Corinth.  Derrick asked his opponent to get out here.  Buzz Harley obliged and entered the Crossroads Arena on his motorcycle along with some friends.  Derrick and Buzz were about to compete in the first of two main events of the evening, a special Casket Match.  Before the match could begin we needed a casket.  A white hearse backed down the entranceway while AC/DC's "Hells Bells" blasted. 

2nd Match-Casket Match-Derrick King vs Buzz Harley-Referee Turtle-This battle came to an unexpected end after Derrick placed Buzz in the casket and it suddenly fell over.  A hush fell over the crowd during this scary moment.  Derrick King was declared the winner as the pallbearers rushed to pick up the casket and place it in the back of the hearse to exit the building.

 "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock and Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor demanded to see Corey Johnson from the Crossroads Arena in the middle of the ring.  They had beef with Corey due to the fact that Neil wasn't advertised on the event poster.  Corey said nobody knows who Neil Taylor is.  One thing led to another with "Hollywood" Jimmy pushing Corey down on his keister.  Corey bounced up and grabbed Jimmy by the neck, sparking Neil to attack Corey.  Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell ran in to save Corey.  Buff told them, "Don't be mad at the crowd because you are fat and I'm Buff!"  The rowdy fans started a "You are fat" chant.  A match was set for later between Buff and Neil.

The Pain Train Vinny Mac, Justin Case and Christian Stone made their way to the ring.  Vinny Mac said he would not tolerate being called "Papa Smurf." 

3rd Match-"Snake Man" Mitch Toretta defeated Vinny Mac and company-Referee Tommy T-Following the match, Mitch brought out his little friend and Justin Case fainted in the ring.  Mitch placed the HUGE snake on top of Justin Case.

4th Match-Kross defeated Raja, who was managed by Smooth-Referee Joey Lynn

5th Match-Jerry "The King" Lawler & "Superstar" Bill Dundee vs "Outlaw" TJ Wells & "The Master of the POW" Chris Lexx managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock-Referee Joey Lynn-"Hollywood" Jimmy said that "Outlaw" was going to throw Lawler over the top rope just like Joe Leduc and Lexx was going to hurt that midget, Bill Dundee.  Jerry Lawler said that he and Jimmy Blaylock go way back, in fact, "While I was driving my car one day, I hit Jimmy.  Jimmy asked why did you hit me with your car?  Lawler's response, "I didn't have enough gas to go around you!  Order a salad every once in awhile, Blaylock!"  The classic duo of Lawler and Dundee picked up the win after "Hollywood" Jimmy went to throw powder in Lawler's face, but he moved and Blaylock hit Lexx instead.  Lawler rolled up Lexx with the school boy to get the victory.  To add insult to injury, afterwards, Lawler broke "Hollywood's" cane off in his backside.

6th Match-"Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher & "All That" Alan Steel defeated Danny Dollar & Nathan Aulridge when Brian connected with the Hip Hop Drop from the top rope on Danny Dollar-After the match, Brian Christopher, Alan Steel and Referee Turtle got down with their bad selves as they bust a move.  Turtle even hit The Worm!  Too Cool!

7th Match-Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell managed to withstand the cheating tactics of Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor and "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock to get the one, two, three-Referee Tommy T

Main Event Cage Match- Pure Destruction, Cody & Brody Hawk accompanied by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs The Pink And Black Attack, Bone Crusher & Kidd Nova and Tysin Starr-"Hollywood" Jimmy told Bone Crusher that he had a big surprise that had went to jail because of him.  "Hollywood" Jimmy introduced Izzy Rotten.  So the sides were now even for this three on three war to begin.  These two teams destroyed each other by using all sorts of weapons including stop signs, mailboxes, crutches, leather belts and thumbtacks.  "Hollywood" Jimmy still managed to get involved by slamming the door on Kidd Nova and Tysin Starr when they would try to escape the cage.  Brody Hawk was handcuffed inside the cage.  Bone Crusher speared Cody Hawk through a table in the corner.  Kidd Nova gave Izzy Rotten an RKO on the tacks while Tysin exited the cage to win the match.  Your Winners, The Pink And Black Attack, Bone Crusher, Kidd Nova & Tysin Starr!!!  After the match, an irate Brody Hawk slammed Referee Tommy T through the tacks. 

Announcers Jerry D. and Tim Holloway thanked everyone and wished everyone a safe trip home as the show came to a close.

Fun night of wrestling.  Loved the setup at the Crossroads Arena.  Hope they will be back there with another show soon.  Good Call!

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