Sunday, September 13, 2015

UCW Saturday Sept 12 Results The First UCW Women's Champion crowned

The US Title was put on the line in a three way dance between, Champion, Gage, Gaylon Ray and JP Fantastic. The young Champion had his hands full but was able to overcome the odds with a well placed spear into the gut of Gaylon Ray for the win.

"I Quit" rules. Slade Sludge challenged OShawn in an attempt to regain some dignity after last weeks match where Slade tapped out. Slade realized that Oshawn was not going to give up and exploited Oshawn's sense of decency by threatening referee Brandi Lee. Oshawn gave in and quit believing that he was going to save Brandi from being hit with a chair. Slade then did the unthinkable and bashed Oshawn with the chair and then turned his rage on to Brandi Lee knocking her to the mat. Due to his actions Slade was suspended by Mr. Biro.

Houston was granted a rematch for the UCW Championship now held by Shabba Shabazz. Shabba was led to the ring by Showtime, who was set to do what he had to in order for Shabba to keep the belt. Houston did everything he could to take out Shabba, but was taken down by a taser shot from Showtime. Shabba Shabazz retains the UCW Championship.

J Weezy came to the ring with Hoodtime and announced that his partner Biscuit was not able to be there due to illness, and that the Tag Titles would not be defended. NRG came to the ring with a replacement of their own, TJ O'Riley stepped in to take Anton's place. Due to the belts not being on the line, NRG decided a good replacement for Biscuit would be Hoodtime. Reluctantly agreeing, Hoodtime agreed and the match was set. What they lacked in size, Weezy and Hoodtime made up for in cheating. They used a chain against their opponents and turned the tables on Brandon Barbwire when he clearly got the win by powerbombing Weezy. Hoodtime placed the chain in the rear of Branden's trunks and when the referee saw the chain hanging there, he reversed the decision awarding the match to Weezy and Hoodtime.

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