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Results From The SOLD OUT Championship Wrestling Event At Isle of Capri In Lula, MS-September 5, 2015

"The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and The host of The Wrestling A to Z Podcast, "T-Bone" Terrence Ward, welcomed everyone in the sold out crowd to the Flamingo Bay Ballroom inside the Isle of Capri Casino in Lula, Mississippi.  Together they announced all the action that was coming up and even shared that all concessions were going to be only a dollar for the night.  Now that's a Good Call!

Opening Match-"The King of Darkness" Dell Tucker vs "The INKcredible" Tatt2-Referee Turtle-Dell Tucker missed a top-rope elbow drop when Tatt2 moved.  Tatt2 mounted a comeback an attempted the 901, but Dell countered with a rollup for a near fall.  Tatt2 quickly followed with a vicious kick to the side of Dell Tucker's head.  Later in the match, Tatt2 was able to connect with the 901 and followed it up with a slingshot 450 sit down splash off the ropes to get the victory.  Your Winner, Tatt2!!!

2nd Match-Special Tag Team Match Where The Loser Gets 10 Lashes From A Leather Strap-The Pink and Black Attack, Bone Crusher & Kidd Nova vs Stagger Lee & Mitch Toretta-Referee JC Henderson-Stagger Lee and Mitch Toretta sent Kidd flying with a double back body drop.  Mitch Toretta lifted Kidd Nova up into a vertical suplex with some serious hang time.  Mitch continued his onslaught by lighting kids chest on fire with some blazing chops.  The tables turned when Bone Crusher kicked Stagger Lee in the back.  The Pink and Black Attack gave Stagger Lee a double elbow for a two count.  Bone Crusher yelled at Official JC Henderson for counting too slow.  Kidd Nova missed a splash in the corner with Stagger Lee fighting back with a Russian leg sweep.  Mitch Toretta followed with a big splash to get the one, two, three!  Your Winners, Stagger Lee & Mitch Toretta!!!  After the match, a disappointed Bone Crusher expressed how embarrassing this loss was for The Pink and Black Attack.  Bone Crusher advised Kidd Nova that he needed to show the people how a man is suppose to take a whipping and take all ten of them because nobody wants to see him get whipped.  So, Kidd Nova suffered through three severe lashes before he grabbed the mic to shout at Bone Crusher, "Since you are preaching about being a man, how about you show me and take it like a man!"  Kidd took three so there was seven strikes left.  Mitch Toretta lit Bone Crusher up with some excruciating lashes.  Bone and Kidd fled the ring to escape the brutality, but collided into each other while running.  The crowd erupted into the classic, "Whoop that trick!" chant as Bone Crusher and Kidd Nova retreated to the back all the while Stagger Lee and Mitch Toretta were swinging away with some thunderous shots from the belts.

3rd Match-Raja vs Danny Dollar-Referee JC Henderson-Raja took it to Danny Dollar with an arsenal of headbutts, elbow and leg drops.  Danny Dollar slowed down the big Samoan with a Rude Awakening neckbreaker.  Raja raked Dollar's eyes and went for the Umaga running hip attack in the corner, but Danny dodged out of the way and rolled up Raja with a school boy to win the match.  Your Winner, Danny Dollar!!!

Hollywood Clique members, Reno Diamond and "The Prince of Pain" Joe Kane, led by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock made their way down to the ring to speak.  "Hollywood" Jimmy demanded that the good people at the Isle of Capri should stand up and show respect when they see The Hollywood Clique.  Well that didn't go over so well with the audience.  "Hollywood" Jimmy added, "If you keep disrespecting us, we'll come out there and slap everyone of you!  If you keep booing us, we're leaving and never coming back!"  "Hollywood" Jimmy's tirade toward the fans continued with, "You're making me mad!  Get somebody out here!  We'll take on anybody and I mean anybody!" 

WWE Hall of Famer The Boogie Woogie Man, "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant, "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant managed by Captain Joe made their way, dancing and kissing, through the crowd to the ring.  Challenge accepted.

4th Match-Tag Action-The Hollywood Clique, Reno Diamond & Joe Kane with "Hollywood" Jimmy in their corner vs "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant & "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant with Captain Joe in their corner-Referee Turtle-This was a fun, entertaining match that kept the crowd laughing from start to finish!  Soon after entering the ring, "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant snuck up behind "Hollywood" Jimmy and poked his finger in his caboose.  Hilarity followed, with Jimmy Valiant announcing that "Hollywood" is "About a half a quart low!"  "Handsome" Jimmy worked the crowd into a frenzy asking, "Are you ready to rock n roll?  Are you ready to boogie woogie?  Oh yeah!"  Joe Kane challenged "Handsome" Jimmy to a test of strength, but "Handsome" Jimmy ended up tickling his armpit instead.  "Handsome" Jimmy said, "He's strong alright!  He's strong like a mule!" (Holding his nose)  Gary Valiant entered the fray while Referee Turtle's back was turned trying to get Reno out of the ring and punched Joe in the junk.  Moments later, Reno sneaked in to retaliate, but "Handsome" Jimmy kicked him in the head which caused Reno to raise up and headbutt Joe's grapefruits.  The Valiants grabbed both Reno and Joe's by their manhood and then threw their heads together.  Reno pumped the brakes and demanded that "Handsome" Jimmy tag in "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant, by shouting, "I don't want any of him!  He's crazy!  I want his son!"  Well, Reno got his wish.  Gary poured a bottle of water down Referee Turtle's pants.  The antics just kept on coming as Gary Valiant sent Reno Diamond into the ropes and as Reno was running, Gary jumped out of the ring.  After Reno was winded from running he started looking outside the ring for Gary along with the official Turtle.  Gary Valiant snuck back in the ring behind the two and poked Turtle in his tail which caused another chain reaction and more pain to Reno's diamonds.  Reno felt violated, but the tide would soon turn in their favor after "Hollywood" Jimmy started to interfere in the match.  "Hollywood" tripped Gary and later went on a slapping spree with a series of slaps to the "Boogie Woogie Boy."  Gary managed to regroup and double clothesline Reno and Joe in route to tagging in "Handsome" Jimmy.  In the end, Gary Valiant hit Reno with the stunner to get the pin.  Your Winners, "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant & "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant!!!  To celebrate, all the kids joined "Handsome" Jimmy and Gary in the ring to Boogie Woogie!!!

5th Match-Chris Rocker vs The Star of WGN's Wrestling With Death, Derrick "By God Greater Than Great" King-Referee JC Henderson-Before the match started, both men tried to get in the other's head by talking some smack.  Rocker called King a one hit wonder and that he's going to show him what reality is all about.  Derrick King response was, "Here's a reality check for you.  I'm going to kick your teeth down your throat, tonight!"  After the lockup, Rocker slapped King and later would spit on him.  However, Derrick would give Rocker a receipt with a slap of his own.  Rocker took over after a poke to the eye and incorporated a chain into the match, choking Derrick with it.  Rocker had one fan losing his mind at ringside.  Rocker ducked Derrick King's superkick and hit him with the chain for the three count.  Your Winner, Chris Rocker!!!  Following the match, Derrick King told Referee JC that he knows and everybody out there knows Rocker had a chain.  Derrick asked the crowd, yes or no, which sparked a "Yes" chant.  Derrick King challenged Chris Rocker to a Chain on a Pole match the next time they are at the Isle of Capri.

Main Event-Pure Destruction, Cody & Brody Hawk, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs Memphis Wrestling Legends, WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry "The King" Lawler & "Superstar" Bill Dundee with "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant in their corner-Referee Turtle-The packed house chanted, "Jerry!  Jerry!"  It was time to reminisce with "Hollywood" Jimmy as he shared some of his favorite memories.  "Hollywood" Jimmy told Dundee how he loved it when his own flesh and blood, Jamie, jumped him.  "Hollywood" continued by telling Lawler the sheer joy he felt as "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert ran over him and almost killed him in the parking lot of TV 5 and when Joe Leduc threw him out of the ring.  But "Hollywood" Jimmy said his favorite memory of them all occurred on September 10, 2012 during Monday Night Raw when you had a heart attack.  "Hollywood" Jimmy added, "I wish you would have died!"  This sucked the air out of the building as everyone was shocked and couldn't believe what they just heard.  Nobody thought even "Hollywood" Jimmy could stoop so low and be that evil.  He really went over the line with that one.  And afterwards, he had the audacity to tell everyone that he's a, "Good, Christian man!"  Fans chanted, "You suck" and Jerry Lawler agreed. 

Once the action got underway, Dundee stomped on "Hollywood" Jimmy's fingers.  Lawler delivered a dropkick and sent Brody Hawk down with a big wind up punch.  "Hollywood" Jimmy poked Lawler with his cane.  Pure Destruction worked him over in the corner.  Then, the strap came down, so it was on.  Dundee and Lawler defeated Pure Destruction with a double battering ram.  Your Winners, Jerry "The King" Lawler & "Superstar" Bill Dundee!!! 

After the bell, a strange looking lady got in the ring and broke a bottle over Dundee's head.  She looked hideous!  Once the wig was removed the bag lady was revealed to be none other former ECW star, "The Wild Eyed Southern Boy" Tracy Smothers!  "Handsome" Jimmy was handcuffed to the ropes outside the ring and Jerry Lawler was held captive by Pure Destruction.  Tracy Smothers said, "I'm the only real legend here!  I'm a real Tennessean!  I'm not from Mississippi!  This place sucks!  In December, I want Dundee!  Lawler held me down for thirty years!  I beat your son twenty years ago!  Get my helicopter!"

"The Mayor" Oscar Barlow thanked everyone on behalf of the Isle of Capri for coming to Championship Wrestling.  What an awesome night!  Make plans to be in Lula at the next event in December.  You'll have a blast!

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I also had the honor of meeting a talented crew of hard working Pro Wrestling Media Moguls on Saturday night.  Their names are Jon-paul Luis le Blanc of 4CornerPhotography, Newt Cox, Tommy Moore, Koby Rutland of Bodyslam Media Productions and CEO of Big Ramp Enterprises, Big Ramp Kenneth Wade from All Promotional Pro Wrestling Network. 
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Newt Cox said...

I think I was the only person in the room that was cheering on The Prince of Pain Joe Kane. It was a great show. I got video of the Raja vs Danny Dollar match and the Valiants vs Joe Kane and Reno Diamond. Should have them uploaded sometime tomorrow.

Plus it was such a surprise and so great to see a Southern Legend like Tracy Smothers.