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Vince Hates Us All: August 16, 2015 by Gene Jackson

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This week's column is mostly about me, but it also involves a few other subjects in the process. Here we go:


On August 1st, New South Pro Wrestling made it's debut in Hartselle, Alabama.  A crowd of over 300 rabid wrestling fans turned out for what was one of the most fun wrestling events I've been a part of in quite some time.  Just some of the great talent on the card: Nick Traimer, Jeremy Flynt, Jaxson James, Cody Ward, Auctavia, Will Owens, Ace Haven, Donnie Primetime, Britt Jackson, Dump Sanders, Mike Posey, Corey Hollis, Chrisjen Hayme and ROH star Moose. 

New South returns to action in Hartselle, Alabama on November 21st with another great card and promises even more surprises and great action than the first show delivered...I'll bring you more info here at WNC as it becomes available. Add them on Facebook at


Not many things in wrestling get a proper build up these days, whether it's the WWE or on the indy level.  The storyline between Big Tomb and Gene Jackson at ProSouth Wrestling built up for well over a year before the "blow off" took place last week at Uprising in a steel cage match in Piedmont, Alabama.  The build up was worth the wait as the show drew one of the biggest crowds in Piedmont in quite some time, even drawing a bigger gate than the A.J. Styles vs. Jimmy Rave match which had $10 ringside and $8 general admission ticket prices....for this show ALL tickets were $10 each....a loaded card plus the promise of seeing the much hated Gene Jackson finally "get his" after years of tormenting the fan favorites in ProSouth paid off in a big way.

Of all the matches I've ever had, I think I'm most proud of this one....not because I wrestled a great match personally but just because we did a LOT of stuff to give it an epic feel for the fans watching and we managed to involve nearly everyone that I've had a storyline with in the past year....which made for quite the roller coaster ride of emotions for the fans who at different points in the match thought that once again Gene Jackson was gonna get away without paying for his sins against ProSouth and it's the end after a number of swerves and a face turn from my "nephew" Britt Jackson, the fans got the moment they had waited for and that I had dreaded for months....Big Tomb gave me the "World's Blackest Slam" (a/k/a Mark Henry's World Strongest Slam) and got the 1-2-3. 

From a storyline perspective Gene Jackson was dead at ProSouth for now....from a real life perspective...Gene Jackson may not have been dead but his insides were certainly f'd up.  As I laid there on the mat afterwards I knew I was injured but I wouldn't find out to what extent til I went to the Doctor the following Wednesday.  Last July, I had my ribs cracked during a match....I had a big match the next month that I wasn't willing to miss and I ended up having those same ribs broken in that match.  I took off from actually wrestling (continuing to manage while injured) til October and started back wrestling again.  In February, I injured my shoulder in a match and again had to take some time off from getting in the ring til June.  Now here it is August and the results of my steel cage match with Big Tomb are a cracked sternum, the same two ribs broken again, and a severely bruised kidney. 

I've suffered more injuries in the past year that I did in all the years I've wrestled since 1997.  I love wrestling but I'm getting older and these injuries have wreaked havoc on my personal life causing me issues with my job, medical bills, inability to sleep, and all sorts of other things that wrestling does not pay me enough for to deal with on this frequent of a basis.  So, that being said this will conclude the actual getting in the ring and wrestling portion of my "career".  I will continue to be a manager and do color commentary and other behind the scenes stuff for IWA Deep South, New South, and other promotions that I work for but the days of Gene Jackson getting in the ring and actually wrestling are over. I think being in the Main Event Cage Match of one of the highest drawing ProSouth shows in a huge angle with tons of build up is a great way to go out from a wrestling perspective and it's something I'm very proud of.  Again, I may return to ProSouth sometime in the distant future but it will be strictly as a manager.  Now, I know reading this there will be many of you asking yourself a question that you'll be messaging me about soon so for the first time ever, I'm gonna address this here as well to show you I'm serious about this....and here's that question....


So, this is the first time I've ever acknowledged this in a public forum....but yes "Mega Star" Memphis Monroe will be retiring. He may turn up sometime down the line but not as a wrestler unless I manage to get in some kind of tremendous physical shape and we all know that's not likely to happen so Memphis Monroe may be A.W.O.L. forever unless someone wants him to manage or something like that.  I'm thinking of maybe recording a podcast soon if there's any interest telling the story of Memphis Monroe and how and why he came about.  I'm still puzzled by the whole thing as either a LOT of people didn't recognize it was me, or people are just far more respectful of gimmicks and kayfabe than most folks think because during the entire run of that character no one (well one or two but they quickly deleted it off Facebook) called me out about it.....there were shows where I would come out as both Gene Jackson and later Memphis Monroe and not one fan called me out for it....which I never expected and it actually forced me to work harder to try and keep the two separate.  However at this point I don't feel there is a need anymore and even if Memphis Monroe turns up somewhere in the distant future it can just be one of those things people know like how Steve Corino is Mr. Wrestling 3 or Jerry Stubbs is Mr. Olympia.  Again, some people may find the whole story of Memphis Monroe and how he came to be interesting and it's way more than I wanna type so perhaps I will record a podcast telling the whole story soon.

Speaking of the podcast, I hope to get it back going soon....the Mr. Sensational interview is still in the works, he's just been super busy lately with other things and we haven't been able to schedule it.  Look for more episodes soon and they will be posted here at as soon as they are available.

Next week: I'll be back with a new column and among the topics to be discussed will be the lost art of the manager in wrestling and things you need to do to add to the match as a manager rather than put the attention on you and take away from what the wrestlers are doing in the ring.

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