Monday, August 10, 2015

Vince Hates Us All: August 10, 2015 by Gene Jackson

(The views and opinions expressed are only those of the "King of All Wrestling Media" Gene Jackson and do not reflect those of Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock or anyone else associated with Wrestling News Center.)

It's been a long time since I've posted a column and I'm determined to get back into the swing of writing on a regular basis.  Some will be all one topic while others (such as this one) will just be random things I wanna goes.


I was sad to hear one of my favorite indy wrestlers "The Kentucky Gentleman" Chuck Taylor has announced he's retiring this year.  Many have speculated that it's all a ruse and that he was signed to a WWE contract after his recent tryout in Orlando, however he insists on Reddit that while he thought the tryout went well, he was not signed.  He also stated that since "none of the big shows like WWE, TNA, ROH, and Lucha Underground want me" that it's time to move on with his life and find a career.  While I think Chuck Taylor is one of the most talented guys in the business in the past 10 years, I have to say I respect the fact that he's thinking about his "real life" and career rather hanging onto the "wrestling dream" for too long and regretting it when he's 45 years old trying to start a real job somewhere , or scraping by as an indy guy when he's 60 years old.  I wish him the best of luck and hopefully this is all a work and he'll turn up in NXT by the end of the year.  For more info on Chuck Taylor, click this link to read more or ask a question of your own and he'll likely answer it. 


For those of you who have been messaging me and emailing be about the IWF wanting to know where it went? Is it coming back? etc. etc.  I will be doing an episode (or perhaps 2) of 'Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio' with Mr. Sensational where we will discuss the IWF in detail....the whole story, if you will from the beginning to the end...hopefully once this airs there will be no more questions left to ask about the IWF.  For more info on that upcoming episode as well as the every past episode I've ever done.  Check out the brand new website at!


Wanna see some great wrestling action from some of the brightest young stars in the Southeast. Check out ProSouth Wrestling in Piedmont, Alabama every Friday night at 7pm at the ProSouth Arena on Southern Avenue.  Can't make it all the way to Piedmont, Alabama but still wanna check it out?  Go subscribe to the ProSouth YouTube Channel and check out the matches updated weekly and share them on social media.  


I intended to write a column on Roddy Piper right after he passed away here at WNC but there was so much being put out there at the time I just decided nobody needed my take on it....but since this is my column, I can't just not write anything about THE most influential heel in professional wrestling history.  Roddy Piper was not just a "bad guy" wrestler in the 80's and 90's, he was a pop culture ICON, he transcended the wrestling business....even if you weren't a wrestling fan...if you were alive in the 80's you knew who "Rowdy" Roddy Piper was.  As a heel, Piper was everything a heel should be...he knew when to be strong and he knew when to back peddle and be the coward to get maximum heat (something I think Kevin Owens has mastered in present day like no one else has since Piper).  He was smart enough to protect his character so that he kept his heat and didn't just get used up and cast aside like so many other good heels did when it was time to go down to the Hulkster.  In doing so he allowed that feud from WWF in the 80's to be picked right back up by WCW in the late 90's and made money with it all over again.   I would say he's the 2nd most successful wrestler turned actor behind the Rock as he played in some big movie and television roles and was more believable as a character than Hogan in doing so.   I was such a huge fan of Roddy Piper growing up and he's been such a major influence on me over the years and how I tried to work and do promos as a heel.  

The thing that I will always remember about Roddy Piper more than anything.  Over the years, I've had the opportunity to meet and spend some time around a lot of my childhood heroes, some have lived up to expectations while others were huge disappointments that forever tarnished my childhood memories of them.  I was nervous when I found out I was gonna get the chance to meet Roddy Piper because I really didn't want to ruin my image of him....however, I'm happy to say that I ended up getting the opportunity to meet and be around Roddy Piper on two different occasions and he is hands down one of the sweetest people I've ever met in my life. He was so nice to Rosey and I, and to everyone I seen him come into contact with...he took to the time to speak with everyone, ask who they are, where they are from, what they do....he genuinely seemed as happy to meet us as we were to meet him and that's something that I will never ever forget.  With all the things he's done in life, he could have easily been one of these snobbish a**holes who don't have time for anybody....but if you ask around you'll find that no one had those types of experiences with Roddy Piper, everyone has a similar experience to ours with him being a nice, thoughtful, genuine human being...and that more so than all the great things he did in wrestling will be what I remember most when I remember Roddy Piper..and I know like many of you, I intend to remember him often.  R.I.P. HOT ROD!

Thank you for reading, check back next time where I'll have more to talk the debut of New South Pro Wrestling from a couple weeks big Steel Cage Match I just had with Big Tomb at ProSouth Wrestling and whether or not it may have been my last wrestling things I recommend you watch on the WWE Network...and much more!!

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