Tuesday, August 4, 2015

UCW Union City, TN Three Stages Of Hell Match Aug 1st results "Match of the year contender"

Joseph Bourne challenged Houston to a 3 minute match. If Houston won he would be allowed to progress to the next two Stages of Hell for the UCW Title. Houston more than accepted, he took Joseph down in the final seconds of the match.

Stage 2 of the Hell Joseph Bourne planned for Houston was set. A tables match. The match is inheritently dangerous, but with the help of Showtime, Joseph made the match unwinnable. When Joseph was about to be put through the table by Houston, Showtime held Joseph down allowing Joseph to put Houston through the table for the win.

The final Stage of Hell planned by Joseph for Houston, a Ladder match. The battled started before the bell rang and a tackle into the ring almost dislocated Houston's knee and chances to become champion. Houston's no give up style kept him going and his desire to become UCW Champion gave him the will to continue. The two beat each other the likes that has not been seen for some time in UCW. Try as they might, nethier Houston nor Jospeh could get to the top of the ladder before being knocked off by the other in a spectacular fashion. Houston took one final risk and speared Joseph througha table from the top of the cage beside the ring. With a huge pump kick to follow, Houston ascended the ladder and was able to retrieve the sought after prize, the UCW Championship.

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