Monday, August 31, 2015

UCW Union City, TN Results Saturday Night Aug 29th

    The Swag Boys were led to the ring by their newest member, Lil C-Swag to face American Made. Dangerous Dylan had other plans. Dylan told American Made not to sh...ow up because he had an issue with The Swag Boys. Dylan announced he had a new mentor, Showtime. Showtime came out and let Dylan know he had a Fantastic partner for him to beat The Swag Boys. Out came JP Fantastic. The teams clashed violently, but with the help of Lil C-Swag, The Swag Boys came out with the victory.

    Oshawn made his return to UCW set to face Slade Sludge, formally known as Braykin Bones. Slade was accompanied by Luscious Leo, a devious individual with a questionable mental state. Slade put Oshawn to the test but was not able to overcome the high flying Oshawn. Oshawn hit a high cross body off the top rope for the win.

    Gaylon Ray is known as Southern perfection and has been strutting around UCW like he owns it. Sexy Sarge, takes offense to this type of behavior and was ready t...ake Gaylon down a notch. Charlie Brown, the referee, has been tormented by Gaylon for years and tonight, Charlie fought back. Sarge enjoyed the show while Charlie exacted a bit of revenge against Gaylon. As the match spiraled out of control, Marie Storm came to her partners aid, attacking Sarge. The match was declared a no contest.

    Marie Storm defended her US Title against the young man known as Gage. Gage has been experiencing great backing by the UCW fans while Marie is known as UCW's "cry baby". Marie may "cry" about things but she is the US Champion for a reason, and tonight she put Gage through his paces. Marie was distracted by a very loud fan that had great dislike for Marie's tactics. Marie invited the fan to come in the ring, but when the fan jumped the rail, security quickly carried her out of the building. This distraction was enough for Gage to hit a spear and get the three count. UCW's new US Champion, Gage.

    Big Billy challenged Kilo last week to see who was the biggest "Dog" in UCW. Kilo accepted and the match was set for tonight. Billy, who knows Kilo is not above having outside help, asked the Biro's for a special referee that could control any interference. To the fans pleasure, Houston came out as that special referee. Houston called the match down the middle giving a lot of latitude for the fight the two competitors engaged in. Just like Billy knew would happen, out came JP Fantastic trying to distract Billy. Houston cut JP off and as Kilo lined up to attack Billy from behind, Kilo's and Jp's plan did not go as planed. Kilo rushed Billy but was Billy sidestepped Kilo, throwing him into JP. Billy hit Kilo hard and got the pin. Houston mistakenly awarded Billy the EIW Championship. This led to confusion after the match which had to be settled by Mrs. Biro.

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