Sunday, August 16, 2015

UCW Union City, TN A Matter of Respect, Results Aug 15th

A Matter of Respect.

    The #1 Contender spot for the US Title was up for grabs as JP Fantastic faced Gage. The new #1 Contender is Gage.

    The Swag Boys faced Mikey Mcfinnigan and Zakk Sawyers in a well titled Grudge Match. The fight in both teams is what makes UCW great. The Swag Boys came out as the victors when Zakk Sawyers hit Weezy with a low blow.

    Dangerous Dylan was given the opportunity to face the current UCW Champion, Houston. Dylan was shown why Houston is the Champ, and was soundly defeated.

    RedRiley took their final opportunity at the UCW Tag Team Championships held by The Devils Rejects. The past meetings have ended with The Devils Minion spraying... the green mist into the eyes of Red and TJ. This time the tables were turned and Red gave the Minion a taste of her own medicine. RedRiley are now the New UCW Tag Team Champions.

    A Matter of respect was on the line. Becky Biro led Sexy Sarge and Chris Rocker to the ring to face Kilo and The Perfect Storm, Gaylon Ray and Marie Storm. Beck...y was out to teach the little cry baby, Marie, some much needed respect. That is exactly what happened, with Marie running to the back like a whipped puppy. Becky, Sarge and Rocker were victorious.

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