Sunday, August 23, 2015

UCW Union City Aug 22 results

    The first woman to hold the US Title, Marie Storm, put the title on the line against Gage. No one knew how far Marie would go to keep the title, but it was obvious, as far as she needed to. Marie took the win with vicious cross face.

    The Swag boys came to the ring with their smallest member, Swag C. The Swag Boys try to bring smiles to the fans even though they knew that they were in for a tough contest. Gaylon Ray and Dylan were not amused, but were unable to get the control they desired in the match. Dylan was put down with a off the ropes, Code Breaker and a vicious kick to the head. The Swag boys were the winners.

    Showtime Daniel Thomas lead his newest find to the ring, the team called American Made. They were brought in the face RedRiley for the UCW Tag Team Titles. American Made's formidable size was still not enough for Showtime's plan to bring home the Titles. RedRiley handily won the match, but were not so fortunate to walk away unassisted.

    Houston was set to defend the UCW Title against Kilo. The battle that ensued is what makes UCW the best money spent for your Wrestling dollar. It was unclear who would take the fall as pin attempt after pin attempts was kicked out of. All seemed lost as the referee was kicked to the mat by Kilo. This gave Marie Storm an opportunity to rush to the ring and attack Houston. Fortunately Houston had people watching his back also. First Oshawn and then Big Billy helped to even the odds. Houston was able to make the pin to retain his UCW Title.

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