Tuesday, August 4, 2015

UCW Saturday Aug 1st results

Gage came back for another chance at his brother, JP Fantastic. Gage is beginning to show he has what it takes to become a top contender n UCW and JP is none to happy about it. JP's attitude is that he should be at the top, and all others should just step aside. Gage did not just step aside, he stepped up. Unfortunately JP's experience allowed him to sqeek out a victory once again.

The war continues to wage between Perfect Storm, Gaylon Ray and Marie Storm, and The Swag Boy, Dangerous Dylan. Tonight Dylan called in reinforcement. J Weezy made his return, much to the delight of the fans. Marie wanted to show how tough she was, but only wond up running everytime Weezy came into the ring. Gaylon, was about to be pinned by Weezy when he was hit by a low blow from Marie. A huge superkick to the later and Weezy was pinned by Gaylon instead. Defeated, but not down for good, Weezy let Dylan know he would be here until the Perfect Storm turned into a lite drizzle

Sexy Sarge was given another opportunity at the EIW Championship held by Kilo. Sagre had his sights on the title and Kilo as well. These two have pent up hatred for each other not only from recent events but past as well. This was not a catch as catch can match, this was a fight. Kilo tried his best to put Sarge down for good, when he blasted Sarge in the face with the EIW belt. Sarge was able to dig deep and started to defend himself against Kilo's onslaught. This was cut short by Kilo's daughter, Marie Storm, when she rushed the ring attacking Sarge as well. The two began to double up on Sarge, when Chris Rocker came to the ring and stopped them in their tracks. This allowed Sarge to fight another day.

Due to the way the Devils Rejects won the match last week, by spraying Red in the face with green mist, Mr. Biro granted a rematch for RedRiley. Big Red and TJ were ready and took the initial advantage in the match. The Devils Rejects were able to double team TJ and began a beating that took the breath out of the momentum. Both teams threw their bodies around in an attempt to keep the other down. TJ climbed to the top rope to deliver a leg drop but was cut off by 666. As TJ lay on the ropes the Rejects minion spewed the green venom once again, but this time into TJ's eyes. blinding him. The Rejects took the win.
Following the match, TJ could not regain sight in his right eye. I have been told TJ went to the hospital and has been told to take two weeks off to allow the sight in his right eye to return fully.

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