Thursday, August 6, 2015

"Tornado" Tony Kozina One on One interview!

1.) Tony Kozina, you have been in the business over 15 years now and have worked pretty much for everyone. What is it like to look back on your accomplishments?

" I don't think about it very often, actually. I suppose it's great to have all those experiences in my life. All of the travels, and the life experiences. It's one of those things that no matter what, no one can take that from you."

2.) What is your personal highlight of your wrestling career?

 "I wouldn't know where to begin. I've had such a strange journey with wrestling. There are many many personal highlights, the last being my involvement with TNA during the One Night Only  pay-per-view this past February. But there's just been so many and I honestly can't pick one that stands out more than the rest right off hand.."
3.) Explain your experience with tna's gutcheck?

 "It was a fantastic experience. So great to catch up with old friends and meet a lot of new positive people. And to wrestle in front of real professional wrestling fan is a treat like no other. That's where I belong, in front of those kind of crowds.. and locker room and management were fantastic as I expected it to be. Very welcoming. But, you see, going in, I know so many of the guys involved, so they're happy to see me when I show up out of the blue . I mean some guys I haven't seen in 10 years, so you can imagine their surprise. It's always so nice catching up with everyone.. The match itself was flawless. I always work best under pressure, and that night was no exception. Like I said, that's where I that level."

4.) Many people know you trained tna's Davey Richards, do you enjoy helping and training young guys for the business?

 "I've always enjoyed helping and teaching. It's amazing to see young talent develop."
5.) Who would you say has impacted your career the most?

"Overall, there's no question that Davey has influenced me the most.. We have played off each other, helping, pushing, teaching, training, and always looking for a way to change and improve ourselves..  That goes for inside and outside the ring. Just becoming a better human being.. "

6.) What is your favorite match of your career?

 "Ahhh, see.. again, there's just so many!! I can't name one, but I can give you some favorites. & I forget and remember some of these with every interview I do it seems, hahaa.. The finals of the 1st ECCW Pacific Cup against Asian Cougar.. My 1st WWE match in the TacomaDome. In fact, many of my WWE matches were memorable.. I was lucky to be able to go all over the west coast, and into British Columbia working for them, and they just didn't throw you out there..Even in dark matches, Sarge would have a direction for the match to yield the best results.. I'd definitely say my TNA match with Davey is right up there, as well as the shoot-style match we had in Ring Of Honor."

7.) What keeps you ticking and going in the wrestling business?

"What keeps me ticking and going? I love it. I F'IN love professional wrestling. Every aspect of it, except for the politics.. I don't do all that stuff.. But, as I was told by a few of the top performers in the business just a few weeks ago, at the highest levels, it's an ongoing political nightmare. And, I love the creative side of wrestling, but it's not about trying to insert myself into every top spot, know what I mean??  Ha!! Maybe I've done it wrong all these years!"

8.) What part has the NWA played in your career?

 "The NWA was instrumental in putting my name on the map. Its so funny to think of the world pre-internet. But going back to when I started in 97, and the few years after, you must realize that the Internet was slowly evolving and expanding.. so for the first time, everyone was realizing, oh my goodness there's independent wrestling in Nashville, or Boston, or British Columbia. And the one thing that some of these promotions had, was that NWA banner. So even though it didn't mean what it did years before, it was an immediately recognizable logo and everyone paid attention. So we (ECCW, in British Columbia) started cross promoting with NWA Canada, based in Winnipeg.. I looked at it as you had regional champions national champions and a world champion.. So after winning five Northwest Jr titles, I asked if I could challenge for the Canadian Jr title, and then immediately after winning the Canadian title in Winnipeg, I issued a challenge to the NWA World Jr Champion, as I held both belts up. To my knowledge nobody was using the NWA like that, at that time, and with the Internet able to spread info immediately, my name was spreading without me being a part of one of the big national promotions..."

9.) What's next for tornado Tony Kozina?

 "More shows, more opportunities.. I'm hoping to talk to Jeff Jarrett before too long. I like what he's doing with Global Force, and I should be a part of that.. I keep in touch with TNA a little bit. A little bit of KOZINA on their shows would do them a world of good. I still will be going everywhere I can.. New places..Texas was great.. West Virginia and eastern Tennessee has been good. Crazy loud and excited crowds... I will continue, as I always have, and I'm STILL waiting to invade Japan, and WWE. This is such a nutty industry, you're only a fool if you don't understand "Never Say Never.""

10.) Thank you very much for the interview, what are your soonest upcoming events? So our fans know where to find you next.

"Heyyy, thank YOU. And thank you to all those who I've worked with through the years, and especially to those good people who have paid their money to see me perform..It's been one amazing journey, and it's far from over.. As for upcoming shows, August 8-9 I'm returning to NWA Smoky Mountain in Kingsport, TN for 2 good shows. Oh jeez, lots of stuff lined up through October.. Ive got tentative dates in Dallas, TX again first weekend of Sept. and looking to return to Dayton, and Detroit the 1st weekend of October, as well as debuting in Oklahoma... then heading back to Vernon and Kelowna in British Columbia Canada over my birthday weekend in October.. Plans change often, shows fall through, and new opportunities pop up in a moments notice..You've gotta stay on your toes, and keep your bags packed, ready to roll.. Hope to see everyone at the shows!!"

"...also, you can keep up with all of my hyginx, including the movie ill be shooting in Chicago in September... Find me on Facebook and I'm also on twitter and instagram at @TTKozina1"

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