Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sunday Outlaw Wrestling Results From Centralia, IL!

Sunday Outlaw Wrestling Results From Centralia, IL
-The Hooligans(Devin & Mason Cutter) d. Dustin LeVay & Slade Sludge(w/ Winston McNastybones) to retain the Full Impact Pro Tag Team Titles when Devin pinned LeVay after a sitout Tombstone/top-rope double-stomp combo (10:32).
-Lethal Injection(Brad & Briar Mercury) d. Danny Adams & Randy Ray; Adams walked out on his partner, leaving him to be pinned by Briar after a wheelbarrow/advanced curbstomp combo (7:15).
-Cash Borden won a hardcore triple threat match with Hellspawn and Weylin The Mangler when he pinned Weylin after a double-underhook DDT (9:20). (EDIT to correct the third participant's name.)
-"The Alternative" Ozzie Gallagher d. Manimal when Danny Adams distracted the referee, allowing Gallagher to knock out Manimal with his own bone before scoring the pin (6:51).
-Blake Belakis won a triple threat match with "American Viking" Alexandre Rudolph and "Zesty" Zakk Sawyers; Rudolph chokeslammed Zakk off the top rope, but Belakis took out Rudolph with a palm strike and finished off Sawyers with a steel chair (19:00).
-Chris Mack d. Jeff Gant after a cannonball into the corner followed by a standing moonsault (2:16). Mack demanded a real challenge and was confronted by Alexandre Rudolph, who challenged him to a match at the next show(October 11th).
-The Goon Squad(Deadly Dale & Idol Bane)(w/ Luscious Leo) d. The Viking War Party("The Gordiest Viking" Frank Wyatt & "The Littlest Viking" Jake Parnell) to retain the Tag Team Titles when Dale choked out Wyatt with a plastic bag (15:05). Rudolph saved his Viking teammates from further damage after the bell.
-Bull Bronson d. "The Big Mustache On Campus" Mikey McFinnegan(w/ Zakk Sawyers) to retain the Heavyweight Title; it was essentially a two-on-one situation as Sawyers interfered freely, even breaking up a potential pinfall after Bronson hit the Vader Bomb. However, Bull fought off the numbers game and pinned McFinnegan with a sitout powerbomb (15:27). Dustin LeVay & Slade Sludge attacked Bronson after the match along with the members of Roscoe Eat Lisa, but that brought out The Hooligans...followed by The Goon Squad...followed by The Viking War Party until it turned into a huge locker room-clearing brawl to end the show!

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