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Saturday Night Live Results-Saturday, August 15th Kosciusko, MS

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock was the special guest announcer for the night and demanded that everyone in the building respect him or he was going to slap everybody.  "Hollywood" Jimmy mentioned Kosciusko being the home of Oprah Winfrey and that it didn't take her long to pack up and leave the place. 

Opening Match-DJ Brown vs "The INKcredible" Tatt2 with None other than "The Outlaw" JD McKay serving as Referee-Fast pace contest as both men went tit for tat, back and forth with each other.  Tatt2 picked up the win with the 901 followed by a splash.  After the match, both warriors shook hands as Tatt2 sang, "Why can't we be friends?"

2nd Match-Ashton Starr defeated Owen Knight with the eat defeat finisher

"Hollywood" Jimmy called a lady an old hag and said he would tell her to act her age, but he's afraid she would roll over and die.  "Hollywood" Jimmy added, "I hate old people!"

Jade Haven made her way to the ring proclaiming that she was suppose to wrestle ODB, but she missed her flight so that makes her the baddest woman here.  "Every Man's Dream and Every Woman's Nightmare" Precious had something to say about this and confronted Jade Haven.  This led to a quick scrap that sent Precious storming back to the locker room.

3rd Match-6 Man Battle Royal-7 if you count Referee JD McKay-Participants included: Chuck McMullen, Max Glory, "Dynamite" Jay Andrews, Kid Seen, Bone Crusher & Kidd Nova-"Dynamite" Jay Andrews won the battle royal by playing possum and holding the rope while in the fetal position throughout the match until the end.

4th Match-"Super Ego" Stitch Osiris vs Joe Heiken-Referee Prume-This match reminded me so much of something straight outta Mortal Kombat.  At the beginning of the match, Referee Prume found knives and other weapons hidden in the wrestlers' tights and kneepads.  In other words, business was really about to pick up!  At one point, the two combatants blindfolded themselves and continued to battle each other.  Later on, Stitch Osiris would blast Joe Heiken with a Brogue Kick.  Stitch Osiris went up top, diving off with a swanton, but Heiken would put his knees up.  Joe Heiken would finish Stitch Osiris off with a vicious piledriver to gain the victory in this epic encounter.  The two would shake hands afterwards as a code of honor.

5th Match-Mike Outlaw vs Matt Justyce-Prior to the match, Justyce got the crowd chanting, "Go Matt Go!"  Then, all the kids in the place gathered around ringside to catch Matt Justyce's official "Go Matt Go" t-shirt.  Great marketing.  Mike Outlaw tried to persuade Referee Prume to take his side by putting his shirt on him.  Matt Justyce took the shirt off the official.  Mike Outlaw would later tease the kids about throwing out his shirt, but the joke was on him because a lil boy wound up grabbing his shirt anyway.  Mike Outlaw had to get out of the ring and make the kid give his shirt back.  Outlaw said it was his last one.  Matt Justyce won with a superkick.   

Brother Love said he's wrestling Buff Bagwell and he don't care if he's Buff because when he gets out here, I'm going to beat him up til I can't get enough.  Buff had fun dancing with a lady in the crowd wearing Brother Love's hat. 

6th Match-Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell vs Brother Love-Buff collided with Referee JD McKay in the corner, which gave Brother Love the opportunity to grab a chair.  Back inside the ring, Brother Love tossed the chair to Buff and then fell down as Referee JD McKay turned around.  Therefore Referee JD McKay saw Buff holding the chair and disqualified him, awarding the match to Brother Love.  After the match, Buff got some revenge on Brother Love and Referee JD McKay was followed to the locker room by a swarm of angry kids that were letting him know that he made a Bad Call.

"Hollywood" Jimmy introduced wrestling legend, Porkchop Cash, who took pictures in the ring with fans

Main Event-6-Man Tag Match-"Total Protection" Mr. Hughes, "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware & Precious vs "The Son of Junkyard Dog" Mike Carter, Tag-Team Champions CJ Cash & Cameron Valentine-Koko asked the trio if they were going to wrestle or shake everybody's hand in the audience.  Koko ain't got time for that.  Mr. Hughes said he was going to beat the black off both CJ Cash and Mike Carter and the white off of Cameron Valentine.  Matt Justyce joined "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock to announce the main event.  These two went back and forth because of course "Hollywood" Jimmy sided with the team of Mr. Hughes, Koko B. Ware and Precious.  A sissy chant echoed throughout the coliseum before Precious could disrobe.  Mike Carter paid tribute to JYD by crawling on all fours and headbutting Precious.  Koko threw powder in Cameron's face.  Cameron would manage to overcome the powder and deliver a superplex on Precious.  Precious would later hit Cameron with a curling iron.  CJ Cash decimated Precious with a massive spear to get the 1-2-3!  Your winners, Mike Carter, CJ Cash & Cameron Valentine!!!  Matt Justyce chased "Hollywood" Jimmy to the back.  Mike Carter, CJ Cash and Cameron Valentine celebrated with all the great fans at ringside to end the show.  The crowd was loud all night long!

Got to see some new talent on this show that were trained by Mr. Hughes at WWA4 in Atlanta.  For more information on his wrestling school, visit

Also check out tons of WWA4 matches on YouTube.  Love hearing Mr. Hughes on commentary!

Tia has posted her first set of awesome pictures from this event!  You can view them @


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