Friday, August 21, 2015

oWo in Amory this Saturday Night...BE THERE!!

 oWo Supershow returns to action August 22nd East Amory Community Center in Amory, Ms 7:30 P.M. What will be store for new oWo champion Danny dollar? Hollywood Jimmy issues a special challenge to Tony Dabbs.

Mitch Toretta and CT Jordan make their owo debut.

 Will co-owners Dirty and Ollie be able to work together.

Also on the card: Studdista, Nick Grymes, Diana Taylor, Curly Moe, Brody Hawk, David Cox, Neno, Bless and more.

Remember if between 218 and 256 tickets are sold co-owner Oliver Bradford will get his head shaved bald, if its between 256 and 367 tickets are sold co-owner Terrell Daonedirty Moore will get his head shaved bald. And if its more than 367 tickets are sold Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock will get his head shaved bald. So spread the word!! If you wanna buy tickets just to see one of them get their head shaved bald contact John Knight.

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