Thursday, August 6, 2015

Get to know Jason "The Gift" Kincaid! (Interview)

1.) Who is "the gift" Jason Kincaid?

"The greatest grappler this side of the Golden Era. The in-ring terror, tearer of muscle and breaker of bone. Also, an appreciative human being that counts his blessings, and a lover of the art (and war) of professional wrestling." 

2.) Who are the biggest influences on your career and wrestling style?

"Scotty McKeever (He is one of my trainers and was a helluva wrestler, at one time.), Mark Rocco (I consider him the forefather of the Junior Heavyweight style, of which I owe a lot of my style to.) Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Ultimo Dragon, Randy Savage, Bruce Lee (“Flow like water, have no style” Yes!) Jackie Chan, Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh..." 

3.) Since your debut in 2003 you have came a long way and have been a lot of places. What has changed since your debut till now?

"The World has changed and I have changed with it. Through Social Media the interconnectivity of the human race has exploded, through quiet reflection the interconnectivity of I with my true self has expanded. I feel exponentially closer to my people and myself than I did a decade and some change ago, that’s the biggest difference, I believe."
4.) You have held a various amount of titles, from the NWA smoky mountain title to the NWA junior heavyweight championship. Which title has meant the most to you?

"The title of Professional Wrestler has always meant the most to me. As far as championships go, it’s like trying to choose between your children. The World Junior Heavyweight Championship has the history and prestige, the NWA Smoky Mountain (Now, South Eastern) has the potentiality of legend (Coming up on a 4 year reign.), and the ECWA Super 8 trophy represents how you can sculpt your dreams into reality with chisel of dedication. Knowing that my hard work is paying off is what truly means the most to me, and all my championship wins have been colored by that knowledge, so no need for favoritism." 

5.) From all of the places you have been because of wrestling, what promotion have you enjoyed working for the most?

"That’s a tough one, as well. All the promotions that I have ever worked for, including the not-so-great ones, have helped me live my dream and learn my craft. I can’t pick favorites, but would like to give a shout out to each and every promotion that has ever been kind enough to allow me to express myself physically on a canvas framed with rope." 

6.) Who would you say would be your greatest rival during your career and why?

"Chase Owens. We have feuded over various titles, in various promotions, in various states, in various countries, for the past 6 years."

7.) You have many accomplishments within the NWA, what does it mean to be apart of the NWA today in wrestling?

"I means that I’m connected to the history of professional wrestling, as well as to the future, as the National Wrestling Alliance is set to carve out a new legacy in the sport."

8.) What goes into the creative process to create a move set like yours?
"Obsessiveness (I have pages and pages of potential moves written down), trial and error (my imagination doesn’t always transfer to reality, a lot of times my ideas don’t work at all, but you never know ‘til you try), and testicular fortitude (it takes balls to try something completely different and do it in front of a live audience, but it’s worth it, when it works.)"

9.) What's next for the gift?

"Hopefully World travel, great experiences, great matches, new horizons, and much love."

10.) Thank you very much for the interview, what are your upcoming bookings so we know where the gift will be next?

Thank you! 

8/1:WVCW Princeton, WV
8/2: MEGA Madison, WV
8/8: NWA Smoky Mountain Kingsport, TN (vs Matt Sydal)
8/9: NWA Smoky Mountain Elizabethton, TN
8/12 Big Time Wrestling (Ohio) Urbana, OH
8/15 605 Championship Wrestling Marietta, OH
8/22 WVCW Princeton, WV
8/23 VOW Brownsville, PA
8/29 AML High Point, NC
8/30 AML Winston-Salem, NC

Photo courtesy of: Jimmy Hunt Photography.

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