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CWA Night Of Legends Tippah County Fair Results-CWA Coming To Booneville, MS Thursday, August 13th For The Prentiss County Fair Featuring Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell

After the national anthem, Rodney "Mega Man" Grimes informed the audience that the wrestling world has lost another legend with the passing of WWE Hall of Famer "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.  He was honored with a moment of silence.  Still shocked and saddened by the news.  Piper was one of the nicest and most genuine wrestlers that I've ever met.  He was just as much interested in getting to know you as you were in awe of him.  Thanks for the memories, "Hot Rod"!

Opening Match-"The Snake Man" Mitch Toretta & "As Seen on WWE" Danny Dollar defeated The Hale County Misfits, Chop & Jai Webb when Mitch Toretta crushed Jai Webb with a big boy swanton from the top-rope

2nd Match-Bo Sensation defeated Holly Hood with a school boy roll up after Holly Hood missed a splash in the corner

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock led The Hale County Misfits, Chop & Jai Webb back to the ring, telling Rodney Grimes they were cheated in the first match.  Jimmy added, "We don't need a snake in the ring, we already got a midget!"  With "Hollywood" Jimmy in their corner there is no way they are losing again.  In closing, Jimmy told Rodney that his breath smells like a toilet.

3rd Match-Memphis Wrestling Legend "Superstar" Bill Dundee & "Ripley's Own Hometown Star" CT Jordan defeated The Hale County Misfits, Chop & Jai Webb when "Hollywood" Jimmy threw powder at Bill Dundee, but he ducked out of the way and hit Jai instead.  Dundee got the pin.

4th Match-"Bullwhip" Ballard & Lonnie Brown defeated The Playboys of Pain, "Stepdaddy" J-Rage & "Big Papa" Devon Raynes when Bullwhip rolled up Raynes

5th Match-"Hollywood" Jimmy and Kilo came to the ring, saying how much they disliked Ripley and everyone there.  "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant made his grand entrance, going all over the Tippah County Fairgrounds, from ringside to the bleachers, dancing and kissing everybody.  "Hollywood" Jimmy expressed his hatred for the entire Valiant family.  Once the match got started, Kilo with "Hollywood" Jimmy in his corner used every underhanded scheme they could think of to gain an advantage.  From "Hollywood's" cane to even a prosthetic leg.  However, the crowd would rally behind "Boogie Woogie Boy".  After grabbing a handful of Kilo with a grapefruit claw, Valiant got the win with a cutter.  Following the match, "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant got the fans in the ring to celebrate.

6th Match-WWE Hall of Famer "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware defeated Nathan Aulridge with a ddt

Semi Main Event-Former NWA Triple Crown Champion, "Tokyo Monster" Kahagas managed by Former WCW Superstar and Leader of The Dungeon of Doom, "The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan was impressive in defeating DJ Brown with a brutal clothesline-Afterwards, Kahagas continued his onslaught on DJ Brown, prompting the ref to ask Kevin Sullivan to get him to stop.  Kevin Sullivan shouted, "That's your job!"  Sullivan pushed the ref, which brought Rodney Grimes into the ring warning him not to touch him again.  That didn't phase Kevin Sullivan as he shoved the ref and Kahagas applied the claw on Rodney Grimes.  CT Jordan, "Bullwhip" Ballard and Lonnie Brown tried running in to help, but they were left laying as well.  Danny Dollar and "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant made the save forcing Kahagas and Kevin Sullivan to exit the ring.  Kevin Sullivan referred to Danny Dollar as "Muscles" and said he would like to see him battle his "Tokyo Monster", but it would not be there in Ripley because that's the last time they will ever be here.  Rodney Grimes reversed the decision, awarding the match to DJ Brown and informed Kevin Sullivan that he would indeed be back because of the contract he signed.  Rodney added that if Kevin Sullivan does not honor the contract, he will see that he never wrestles anywhere ever again.  Kevin Sullivan threatened Rodney Grimes by saying, "If I signed something that I didn't know about, there's going to be hell to pay!"  Rodney Grimes said he's not going to let Kevin Sullivan run over him, "I'll bring in Jerry Lawler, Doug Gilbert, Carlito, Chris Masters...doesn't make no difference!"

Main Event-Special 2 Ring Triple Chance Battle Royal featuring Danny Dollar, "The Snake Man" Mitch Toretta, "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant, CT Jordan, "Bullwhip" Ballard, Lonnie Brown, DJ Brown, Nathan Aulridge, Holly Hood, Kilo, Chop, Jai Webb, & Devon Raynes-When a participant is eliminated over the top rope from the first ring they must move on to the second ring until there's one person remaining in each ring and then they will battle it out to see who the winner is.  Nathan Aulridge was the winner of ring number one.  In ring number two, the final three were Holly Hood and teammates from earlier in the night, Danny Dollar and "The Snake Man" Mitch Toretta.  Dollar and Toretta worked together to eliminate Holly Hood and then it was Danny Dollar getting the better of his partner eliminating Mitch Toretta.  Danny Dollar won ring number two.  Now, it was down to the winners from both rings, Nathan Aulridge and Danny Dollar.  Dollar blasted Aulridge with a superkick.  Aulridge was sent threw the ropes to the outside, but wasn't eliminated since he didn't go over the top-rope.  Aulridge managed to sneak back in and eliminate Dollar, throwing him over the top.  Nathan Aulridge was the sole survivor and winner of the colossal 2 Ring Triple Chance Battle Royal!!!

Rodney Grimes ended the night by reminding everyone that CWA Championship Wrestling will be in Booneville, MS on Thursday night, August 13th as part of the Prentiss County Fair at the Agri Center.  Former WCW Superstar, Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell will be in Booneville and tickets are only $6!!!

I always enjoy the CWA shows.  Great turnout and nice weather.  The mosquitoes weren't biting either so that was an extra bonus.  My night was made when I got to meet "The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan and share with him my story of seeing him in Tupelo at a WCW house show back around 94.  I was ten years old and sitting in the front row with my mom.  Kevin was wrestling his brother, Dave Sullivan at the time.  Well, Kevin ended up using a chain to cheat and win the match.  Mom wasn't happy and started yelling at the referee, "He cheated!"  As Kevin Sullivan got out of the ring, he heard Mom and shouted at her, "Sit down and shut up, Bitch!"  I'll never forget that.  Even got him to sign, "Sorry Mom" on the 8 x 10.  Moments like these are what makes it so great to be a wrestling fan.

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