Wednesday, July 22, 2015

UCW Union City, TN Results from July 18th

    JP Fantastic has been feeding on his own arrogance since his battle with his former partner Big Billy. Justin Hell was ready to take JP down a notch. The match took a terrible turn when Justin injured his knee with a dive outside the ring. Justin was counted out and the match was awarded to JP.

    Sexy Sarge was set to face Showtime's big surprise. The surprise was Hoodtime announcing Sarge would be facing the EIW Champion, Kilo. Sarge and Kilo have an extensive past and this was sure to be a fight. Chris Rocker and Mr. Biro made the match an EIW Championship match, much to the displeasure of Kilo and Hoodtime. The match started as a test of wrestling skills but quickly dissolved into a brawl. With the help of Hoodtime, Marie Storm and Gaylon Ray, Sarge was cheated out of his chance at the championship. Kilo took the win.

    The Medics came in from Arkansas with a bad reputation. Big Red and TJ O'Riley are in line for the UCW Tag Team Championships and are not side stepping any challenge. The reputation of the Medics was more fiction than fact as they were easily defeated by Red and TJ.

    The Perfect Storm, Gaylon Ray and Marie Storm have been waging war on Dangerous Dylan and his former partners the Swag Boys. Dylan enlisted the help of Xander Legend, which on paper seemed like a well thought out plan. Unfortunately for Dylan, Xander was not a partner that could be trusted. The perfect Storm took the win, and Xander showed his true colors when he took his frustration out in a sadistic way on Dylan after the match.

    Showtime led UCW Champion Joseph Bourne to the ring with pride to face Houston for the Title in a 2 out of 3 falls match. The crowd was excited and clearly behind Houston much to the chagrin of Showtime. Joseph took the first fall with Houston following with the second. The third and deciding fall was a sheer battle of wills as both men were showing the signs of the vicious battles of the prior falls. The third and deciding fall seemed to be in Houston's hands when he hit Joseph with two big pump kicks to the face. As Joseph lay face down on the mat, Houston went for the cover. When he rolled Joseph over, Houston saw a white froth spewing from Joseph's mouth. No further photos are available of what occurred next as I immediately entered the ring to render aid to a man I thought was no longer breathing. Houston came in to check on Joseph, when Joseph came out of what was believed to be unconsciousness and rolled Houston up for the 1. 2.. 3... Joseph duped everyone in the building and took the UCW Title home leaving everyone stunned.

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