Sunday, July 26, 2015

UCW Union City, TN Results for Saturday Night July 25th

    JP Fantastic has been riding an ego-maniacal wave for weeks now. He put Justin Hell out last week with an injury and tonight he challenged anyone that wanted to ...test their skill. Big Red came out and offered JP a challenge, his brother Gage. Gage made his UCW Wrestling debut and was ready to show his brother he has what it takes to make it in this sport. The two seemed to have some unfinished business from growing up together. The match was hard fought, but JP's experience was to much to overcome. JP hit a big boot to the Gage's jaw putting him down for the three count.

    The team RedRIley, Big Red and TJ O'Riley finally got the chance to face The Devils Rejects for the UCW Tag Team Titles. The deck was stacked against Red and TJ... as The Rejects had their entourage with them. Red and TJ took it to The Rejects quickly but Red was cut off from TJ for an extended period of time as the Rejects tried to take Red's knee out. Red was finally able to make the much needed tag to TJ and the two began to recover their momentum, only for Red to be blinded by the mysterious green mist spit out by The Rejects Minion. A double team on TJ allowed The Rejects to eke out a victory over RedRiley.

    Sarge O'Riley searched out a special partner for Dangerous Dylan in his latest battle with The Perfect Storm, Gaylon Ray and Marie Storm. Sarge picked out none ...other than Lil Bit. The crowd was excited to see Lil Bit return to help Dylan. The Perfect Storm were not. Dylan may be inexperienced but he has a lot of heart. He has stood up to Gaylon and Marie for weeks now but has not lost his confidence. With the back up of Lil Bit he was riding high. Unfortunately Gaylon and Marie were ready for the challenge and showed why they are called The Perfect Storm. Even Lil Bit was not enough to gain the win. A hard superkick to the chin put Dylan down for the 1.2..3... Winners The Perfect Storm

    Both the UCW Title and EIW Title were on the line as Joseph Borne and Kilo Faced Sexy Sarge and Houston. These four men have a tainted history with each other and you could feel the tension in the air of the arena. Emotions ran high. Fists and fury flew as Kilo and Sarge traded punches in the middle of the ring. Houston tagged in quickly and put both Joseph and Kilo through their paces. Cheap shots took Houston down with Joseph and Kilo doing their dead best to put Houston out for good. The battle spilled outside the ring with Sarge chasing Kilo to the back. Joseph hit Houston with an F5, putting him down for the count. Houston took exception to Joseph talking to the crowd after the pin and it took security several times to break them apart. Houston was able to catch Joseph on the entrance ramp, but was knocked off to the floor. Joseph tried to lunge at Houston but was caught and powerbombed through the remnants of a casket laying next to the ramp. This left both men lying in a heap of intertwined limbs.

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