Sunday, July 12, 2015

UCW Union City, TN Results and Pics from July 11th

    UCW faced an uncommon foe, an invasion from the the Land of Lincoln. It started with The "Scumbag" Dalton Diamond facing Justin Hell. Justin was able to defend UCW and defeat The "Scumbag" in a hard fought match.

    Perfect Storm, "Southern Perfection" Gaylon Ray and Marie Storm were supposed to Face The Swag Boys, Dangerous Dylan and Biscuit. Biscuit was not able to be at ...the event and a replacement was announced by Mr. Biro. Sexy Sarge was announced to the pleasure of the crowd. Marie and Gaylon threw out the rules and tried to take every advantage they could. Sarge and Dylan were on the verge of a comeback, when Marie hit Dylan with a devastating code breaker for the win.

    Showtime announced that he had a huge opponent to take Houston's US Title. Houston came out to find out who it was. Out came Braykin Bones, Showtime's hired mercenary. Bones may not be the epitome of "huge" but he is a dangerous man who has little fear. The two took each other to the limit that the no average man could endure. Houston was finally able to over come the efforts of Bones and Showtime to put him down with a well times pump kick to Bones face for the win.

    The Illinois invasion continued with Mikey Mcfinnigan and Zack Sawyers coming in to become the #1 contender for the UCW Tag Belts. The team they were facing was... Big Red and TJ O'Riley. Mcfinnigan and Sawyers felt they had advantage as tag teams go but Red and TJ showed them why UCW is the hotbed for tag teams. It was not an easy task, but TJ and Red overcame the Illinois assault defeating Mcfinnigan and Sawyers.

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