Tuesday, July 7, 2015

T.W.E. Promoter is now this new Deputy Commissioner for state of Mississippi... WHY??


This was on the T.W.E. Facebook Page

T.W.E. - Total Wrestling Explosion


Effective immediately, Mr. Mike Grossman is the new Deputy Commissioner for the Mississippi Athletic Commission.

Mr. Grossman will have the same responsibilities as the late Sammy Hall. Mike understands that these are big shoes to fill, but he is up to the challenge. As those of you know, Mr. Grossman is very honest, trustworthy and is extremely fair and will take these traits and apply them to his new position. Mike Grossman has met with John Lewis numerous times to discuss territories, responsibilities and the general guidelines that he will need to adhere to and need to apply the regulations to all promotions, including, but not limited to; Total Wrestling Explosion, LLC.
At the understanding and agreement of Mr. John Lewis, Mike will remain the Promoter of Total Wrestling Explosion, LLC. In addition and concurrent will be the new appointment of Mr. Kevin L Aldy to Promotor. Mr. Aldy will act as Promotor in the absence of Mr. Grossman, as needed and required.

Mr. Mike Grossman will follow The Rules and Regulations adapted by The Mississippi Athletic Commission, which can be found on their website at msboxing.org You will be able to obtain a license via the website or from the Promotor of the show you are working. Licenses are to be renewed every January. The Commission is not offering half year licenses at this time.
If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact Mike Grossman directly. He will be happy to answer any of your questions.

I would like to take a moment and wish Mr. Mike Grossman all the best in this new role. We at Total Wrestling Explosion, LLC all know that he will do an amazing job while being fair and just. We also know that Mr. Grossman will ensure that everyone remains safe and works within the guidelines required by The Mississippi Athletic Commission.

Thank you for your time.

Why would the Mississippi State Athletic Commission allow a local wrestling promoter  in the same area  be the new Deputy  Commissioner?  That's definitely a conflict of interest for the T.W.E. promoter (who runs shows all over the state) to go to their competition and try to regulate the rules and regulations of wrestling. I don't see this working at all and I don't see this a good move for T.W.E.  There has already been several post against this and several wrestling companies in this area said they will not allow this to happen.  If I was a wrestling company in the area I would be outraged with another promoter that runs all over North Mississippi  even being allowed in my dressing room.  Most of the promotions like EPW , SGWA and oWo have been running in the area a lot longer than T.W.E.   This seems to be unfair for the other promotions in the state and hopefully they can ban together and eliminate this decision of the T.W.E. wrestling promoter being a Deputy Commissioner.  


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