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The Axeman Speaks 7-27-2015

One of those rare occasions when all the grand kids are together in one place. I am blessed!

The opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Wrestling News Center, the Webmaster, or anyone else connected with this site. They are mine and mine alone. However, everyone should always agree with me, because I am the quintessential example of wrestling knowledge and expertise in the most puristic form.

Greetings, Axmaniacs! I have several topics to address today, but first I will answer an email. Suzy from Selmer, TN, writes: "Axeman, I thought we had this straightened out years ago. However, you are again using the word 'puristic' in your opening paragraph. I told you before, that is not a word. Really, Axeman, you need to stop trying to invent words and just stick to the English language." OK, Suzy, I don't know who appointed you to be in charge of what words I use, but I will have you know that the word puristic is in fact included in Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary. So please find another hobby. You do not know as much as you think you know.

Now, on to other things....

Hulk Hogan, you been a baaaaaaaad boy! It has come to light that Hulkster used the "N" word at some point in the past. It was a stupid thing for Hogan to do. He should be smarter than that. It was not the first time a wrestler has said something stupid, and it won't be the last. What Hogan said was wrong, and he knows it.

When the comments came to light, in a classic example of WWE over-kill, WWE fired him and erased any and all references to Hogan from the WWE website. They even removed his name from the WWE Hall of Fame.

Are the powers that be in the WWE trying to make an example of Hogan? They should look a lot closer to the top of the WWE totem pole to find someone to make an example of... Like, maybe, Vince himself! Yes, Vinnie Mac is also guilty of dropping the "N" bomb. Don't believe me? Check this out:

Shock! Gasp! He said it! He really said it! Yes he did, but he is still employed by WWE. Why, you might ask? Vinnie Mac is still there because he is the boss, the top dawg, the big cigar.

When WWE fired Hogan, they issued the following statement: "WWE terminated its contract with Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan). WWE is committed to embracing and celebrating individuals from all backgrounds as demonstrated by the diversity of our employees, performers and fans worldwide."

When the footage of the boss using the "N" word surfaced, what did WWE do? Nothing of any substance. WWE supposedly issued a statement saying the skit in which the "N" word was used was "an outlandish and satirical skit involving fictional characters, similar to that of many scripted television shows and movies."

Hmmm.... So, Hogan used the "N" word several years ago in a situation that did not even, as far as I can tell, involve WWE, and WWE fired him for it. Vince, the head man at WWE, used the "N" word in a WWE skit during a WWE broadcast, and WWE issues a weak, pathetic little statement trying to do damage control.

Does anyone see a double standard here?

WWE has, for years, not been shy about crossing racial boundaries and creating controversy. Now, suddenly, WWE decides to do an about face. Hmmm... Given WWE's history of crossing the line with reference to racism, their actions with regard to Hogan seem strange.

Now, I am not in any way in favor of using the "N" word or any other racial slur. No organization should allow the use of racial slurs. When someone violates the policy, the situation should be dealt with. Period. The policy and the punishment should apply equally to everyone from the top down.

While Hogan's words were very wrong and cannot be defended, his ejection from the WWE Hall of Fame is not warranted. No matter what stupid remark he may have made on some two bit tape in the past, his contribution to wrestling, and specifically to the success of WWE, cannot and must not be ignored. WWE cannot re-write its history.

One of two things should happen: Either WWE should reinstate Hogan and add his name back to the WWE Hall of Fame... OR... Vinnie Mac should resign immediately or be fired from WWE, and any and all references to him should be deleted from the WWE website. The same should apply to any other WWE star, past or present, who has crossed the line. To fire one and not the other for the same no-no is an injustice, and WWE knows it. For that matter, everyone else knows it, too.

On to another topic:

Speaking of WWE, they have managed to do something right! They have kicked up their Divas division about ten notches with the addition of the ladies from NXT. Now, I really hope this is a sign that WWE is finally going to take ladies wrestling seriously instead of just using the Divas as eye candy and involving them in gimmick matches that are just plain stupid. These ladies from NXT, as well as a number of the Divas, can actually work, and WWE would be wise to realize that and proceed accordingly. In fact, WWE would be wise to drop the term "Divas" and maybe use the term "Female Wrestlers."

Moving on:

Who would have thought Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling and TNA, the company he helped start and the company that gave him the royal shaft, would be working together on anything? Well, it is not really as much of a surprise as one might think. Jarrett still, as far as I know, owns a chunk of TNA. He stands to lose some money if TNA goes under, which they are dangerously close to doing. Jarrett being involved with TNA again can only help TNA as they try to climb out of the huge hole they have dug for themselves. On the other hand, GFW is about to take off and enjoy lots of success, and a working relationship with TNA gives them access to the TNA talent roster, which can only help GFW. It is a win-win situation.

Moving on:

I have been keeping up with the various promotions in the Mid-South area. I am happy to see all of them doing well. I want to wish EPW well in their upcoming event, "AIWF Showcase." This should be an awesome event, and you should plan to see it if at all possible. I wish I could be there.

That's all for now, my friends. Thanks for stopping by. If you have any comments or feedback, good or bad, email me at axemanchopchop@yahoo.com.

The Axeman has spoken.

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