Friday, July 31, 2015

One on One with 3G Eric Wayne! (Interview)

1.) What's new with the one and only, 3G Eric Wayne?

"Right now? I'm riding through Iowa, I think, coming back to Memphis from South Dakota. Just living the dream!"

2.) Will you shed some light on what you and Kevin Nickels 1 hour graduation match was like for you?

"Long! It was really emotional because we had put a lot of hard work in just to get to that point."

3.) You take a lot of pride in being a 3rd generation wrestler, but you take your own road. Have you always been that way?

"Kinda, not really. It's always been something that is mentioned and I appreciate the recognition, but over the years, I've just tried to be my own person instead of relying on something that I feel most casual fans don't care  about."


4.) You do a lot around the Memphis area, what all projects are you involved in, in and around memphis?

"I have local comedian Josh McLane hosting KO Radio with me every Thursday at 5pm and OnDemand when you download the Local X Radio app. I also work with the station on other events. I'm preparing to give stand up comedy a shot also, we can blame Josh McLane for that!"

5.) I had the pleasure of shooting the WrestleJam event you put on in Memphis, is there any chance of more promoting from you?

"Maybe. WrestleJam was my first venture in actually promoting an event. I had previously ran one benefit at my dad's NEW building but that was a different situation. I had a great team during this event but it was still the most stressful thing I've been a part of! I jumped in the deep end head first on WrestleJam and came out of it learning a lot. I'm proud of how it turned out and can't thank everyone enough, including yourself."

6.) What is your opinion on the current state of memphis wrestling?

"Without tv on a major station, it's hard to be successful in Memphis. However there are a few promotions right now that have been doing good business without a major tv deal. There's a lot of opportunity for the guys to create the next version of Memphis wrestling but only time will tell with how successful it can be." 

7.) What is the most important lesson you have learned from your father about the business?

"Being professional and still treating what we do like a business. A lot of people treat this like a hobby and that's ok. But to let it be visible to your fans is what makes it tough for everyone. Your average fan knows WWE and when they see local guys that don't even compare, they'll lose interest. What I mean is, you don't have to be 6'4 and spend hours in the gym to be comparable. But you have to take this seriously and set yourself apart from the fans somehow. Whether it's your appearance, your work, or even how you carry yourself..the fans know the difference in someone that just wrestles because it's fun and someone who has a serious passion."  

8.) So, I see you're bringing the fanny pack back, any chance of custom 3G fanny packs for sale?

"I never thought of that! I just needed a place to carry all my things and dug out the one I got in Wyoming. But you might be on to something."

9.)What was it like working for your fathers promotion N.E.W. in west Memphis?

"Amazing. Besides what came across on tv, it was an incredible learning experience. From learning how to time matches and promos to being more creative in the ring, it was great. We had a lot of unique talent from all over the country come through which created some memorable tv. I still have people that ask me if we'll ever start back because they either worked at NEW or have seen matches on YouTube. "

10.) Thank you very much for your time, what are your next bookings so we know where 3G will be next?

"Thank you for the chance to ramble on about this crazy business. Aug 1 I'm in Okolona MS for APCW. Aug 7 I'll be in Union City TN for NWA Mid-South and the next night in Jackson TN at the Oman arena with a stacked card, I'll be wrestling former TNA star Crimson. The following week I'm in Douglasville GA wrestling the Rock N Roll Express. I have a few more things going on, adding me on Twitter (@ericwaynesucks) is the best way to keep up."

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