Wednesday, July 8, 2015

MACW Fourth in the Forest Results

  • Results sent in by Craig Stone. Photos by Carla Duerr. Thank you both for the contribution.

  • Over 1,000 fans surrounded the MACW ring at Fourth in the Forest! In the first match The L.A. Hustlers retained the MWA Tag Titles as Brad Mercury shocked the crowd when he hit his own brother with a superkick and left him laying in the middle of the ring for the Hustlers. So now we will see Briar Mercury Vs. Brad Mercury on July 18th at MACW Arena! Nikki Lane out powered Ms. Jessica in the second match and win the Women's Mid-South Championship! The Third match was a Rumble Style Gauntlet match for the MACW Diamond State Championship. Kid Krazy and Ricky Andrews started off the match and every 2 minutes a new guy entered the ring. Kid Krazy out lasted Diablo, Ricky Andrews, Cataclysm, and Josh Cross. then it came down to just Mike Anthony and Kid Krazy. Kid delivered a German suplex to Mike Anthony and held on as both Ref Mike Elliot and Ref Danny Jackson gave the 3 count. the problem was both Ref's were counting different contestants. As Ref Danny Jackson said that Kid failed to keep his shoulders up, resulting in a double pin. Therefor in order to determine a New Diamond State Champion MACW General Manager Dr. Love has made a match July 18th at MACW Arena between Mike Anthony and Kid Krazy in a latter match!
  • Dustin Starr with Maria took on crowd favorite Derrick King in the fourth match! This match was one of the best MACW matches we've seen this year. it was back and fourth until DK got the upper hand and Maria came in to help her man, but DK caught Maria and bent her over his knee pinned Dustin quick before the Power couple got up and took out Derrick then as Dustin held the ref Maria slapped the taste out of his mouth. The Semi Main was for the MACW Heavyweight Championship Between Idol Bane and Deadly Dale. this was a good match and it looked like Dale was about to get his title back as he hit Idol with the backpack stunner and got the pin but when the Ref raised his hand he saw a chain that the crowd says Idol planted. Ref David McCall overturn his ruling and Idol retained his Title by DQ. If Dustin vs. DK was one of the best wrestling matches we've seen then the Main Event was the best Fight we've seen Austin Lane Vs. Brandon Baxter in a Jonesboro Street Fight. These guys beat each other to a pulp. And broke chair after chair over each other.But in the end Brandon Baxter pulled off the win!

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